Preparing for our Frozen Winter Festival!

We have been talking about Christmas and everything related to this very special season! Vocabulary words that we have been reviewing include gifts, giving, toys, elves, candy cane, stockings, Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments,Santa´s workshop, sleigh, and train.

For each one of these vocabulary words we have been relating them in our classroom. During Creativity Class they were able to wrap some gifts while we explained that this is a season of giving and that Santa brings toys to the boys and girls who behave themselves! Most of them were able to tell us what they would like Santa to bring them: motorcycles, ipads, cars, swings,& dolls were some of the items mentioned…..

When we talked about elves, or Santa´s helpers, our Terrific Tigers got dressed up as elves and they were happy to pretend to be one of them! They enjoyed “helping” Santa prepare all the toys!  We got to see a little part of the wonderful movie:”Frozen” which is a beautiful movie related to this Christmas time!

During Creativity Class they have been busy working on our Christmas gifts for mom and dad, a lovely “Frosty the Snowman”!

Physical Development has been all about practicing and rehearsing for this special presentation we will have on Tuesday.They are excited about presenting for you and have been dancing and dancing!

Stories that have been read to them this week include titles, such as Spot´s First Christmas, Merry Christmas Mom and Dad, Mickey Mouse Santa´s Helper, Santa´s sleigh, My Santa Claus, Little Critter Christmas Book, Ho, Ho, Ho, Wee Mouse,&Christmas Day.

We are looking forward in having our Christmas Festival on Tuesday, December 13th at Candy Gum . (Plaza San Pedro) Our little ones have been practing very much and will be so happy to be able to perform for you!

Halloween Week!

This week was such a fun experience for the Terrific Tigers! They really enjoyed dancing to all the Halloween songs like “The Scarecrow”, “Dem Bones”, “Happy Halloween”, ” Witch Doctor”,  and “Witches `Brew.”  During Physical Education they danced and used hula hoops, pon-poms, tamborines, and even dressed up in different costumes!

Our students also had a blast working on a spider web and pumpkin in Creativity Class.

Mr. Mike´s Circle Time was a favorite this week, as usual. The kids enjoyed dancing and role playing as goblins, ghosts, and spiders. They also love getting spooked!

Stories read to them this week included Pumpkin Faces, It´s Pumpkin Time, Halloween Treats, What is Halloween?, Who’s there on Halloween, and The Biggest Pumpkin Surprise Ever. They really enjoyed listening to these Halloween stories.

We practiced walking slowly and carefully for our parade on Thursday  and they were really excited about this important event.  Most of them were able to let us know what costume they would wear for this special day at school!

Finally, we had our Despicable Halloween Parade and Party on Wednesday.  It was wonderful to see all the kids dressed up and sharing candy with each other. The candy give-away made for a great sharing exercise.

It was very nice to see all the parents who were able to make it to the costume parade.  We even saw some of our students´ grandparents, too! All the kids were excited, and were able to walk through the “haunted house” and get some great pictures.

We want to give a special thanks to the parents who helped out with food and beverages this year. Also, a big thank you to ALL of you parents who dressed their child up for the party. Great job! Your kids all looked adorable! (more than usual).

Our Mystery Bag activity continues to be such an excitement for our kids and we really appreciate your helping your child in bringing something special from home when it is her/his turn!

November is almost here and we are ready to learn more about sharing and caring, about food, and of course, about being appreciative and giving thanks.

Once the weather changes and your kids start bringing sweaters to school, it is very important for them to have their names on them so they will not get misplaced at the end of the day.

We hope you have a fun and wonderful weekend, and are looking forward to welcoming your little ones to school again on Monday!

Teacher Orientation 2016

  • You must have a warm, smiling face that makes every child feel special and loved.
  • You must be able to laugh at jokes that you don’t understand, or you don’t find funny. Child humor can be a confusing minefield to navigate.
  • You will preferably have a little bit of quirkiness. If a child requests that you be the captain of a pirate ship, you will be the best pirate captain you can be.
  • You must feel comfortable telling everybody in the same room as you, that you are going to use the bathroom.
  • The ability to sing in tune is not necessary, however the ability to sing out of tune in front of a crowd is essential.
  • Some knowledge of Frozen, Minions, Spiderman, Ariel, Peppa Pig, Octonauts, Thomas the tank engine and Sofia the first would be advantageous.
  • A high level of multitasking is essential. If something would normally take 5 minutes to achieve, you must be comfortable with it taking 15 minutes or longer.
  • You must be able to distribute warm hugs as required.
  • Possessing the skills required to rapidly count the heads of numerous moving small people is of utmost importance.
  • Must be comfortable entering public places on the way home from work with unknown substances on your clothing.
  • You must have a high level of comfort around talking about bodily functions. You must also have a strong sense of smell to enable you to respond swiftly to said bodily functions.
  • You preferably do not have an aversion to an environment that at times resembles the aftermath of a tornado.
  • You must be able to remain focused in environments with high noise levels.
  • Pretending to eat playdough creations realistically is required, this is a skill that may develop with time and experience.
  • The ability to remember the names of 40+ children, their parents, siblings, grandparents, pets and special soft toys is a key component of this job. Again, this is something that will develop over time.
  • You must feel comfortable sitting on furniture that does not contain all of your behind.
    • A high level of comfort with being asked personal questions by children is essential. You will regularly be asked questions regarding what you are having for lunch, whether you are willing to share said lunch, whether or not you are married, and if not, why you are not married, where you are going (as you walk into the toilet), and what you did in there (the toilet).
    • You must have an understanding that the small people you have a strong relationship with during the week, may completely and utterly refuse to talk to or acknowledge you when they see you at the local store. Your feelings must not be easily hurt.
    • You must have the ability to read a ten page fairytale with at least one interruption per page.
    • Authentically showing an interest in and curiosity for bugs and creepy crawlies is essential, even if they are your biggest fear on earth.
    • You must be prepared to have a lot of fun in the workplace. Laughter is something you can expect to engage in for a large part of your working day.
    • Finally, you must be prepared to feel loved, special, and important to many young children and their families. There is simply no other job quite like this one.

Summer Camp 2016

Captura de pantalla completa 20052016 113944 a. m.

As in previous years, this summer we will be offering a six week Summer Camp for children up to age 8. This year all activities are based on the Pirates and Princesses theme. Kids are grouped by age levels and will be rotating through centers for active music, story telling and dramatization, creative arts and crafts, circle time, snack and outdoor play. For further information on dates, schedules and costs, please call 8356-8344 & 8356-8330 from Mon-Fri 8:00am to 2:00pm and Mon-Thurs 3:00pm-5:00pm.

Creepy Crawlies!

We started this week with a new theme: bugs! For some interesting reason, they really like to hear about them! We talked about insects and they learned that they have six legs and three body parts. Spiders, however have 8 legs!

Vocabulary words seen this week include: ladybug, grasshopper, cricket, caterpillar, butterfly, ants, and anthill.  They were able to look at pictures of these bugs and get to see and “play” with toy bugs. One of the things they liked the best this week was talking about how a caterpillar comes from an egg, and eats and eats to get big and fat and then makes a “house” (cacoon) and having a butterfly come out of it is amazing for them! They really understood this concept! Some of our students enjoyed wearing butterfly wings and pretending they were butterflies!

Our Creativity Class was lots of fun as well… they have been practicing their open-close movements with training scissors and worked on their “bugs” project, using their fingerprints in order to make different bugs, such as ladybugs, bees, and made caterpillars, ants and grass and a blue sky. It turned out really cool!

During physical development they explored jumping through hoops and crawling through a  tunnel like ants. They hopped like grasshoppers to songs like “Grasshopper Hop” and “Bugs.” They marched into and out of the Gym class to the music of “The Ants go Marching”!

Stories read this week were Ten Little Ladybugs, Quick as a Cricket, The Very Hungy Caterpillar, Percival, the Plain Little Caterpillar, Busy Bugs, Munch Munch, The Ant and the Grashopper, The Icky Bug Alphabet Book.

Our leaders this week were Lilia María, Emilia and Federico.

Of course, how can we not mention our Childrnen´s Day Party! On Thursday we celebrated our little ones on their special day.  We had our normal routine activites until 10:30 and then we all went outside and had a nice picnic with the snacks and beverages provided by some of the moms. After this fun picnic time, there were several activities that the kids enjoyed in the playground. Making “mud with worms” , using chocolate pudding and Oreo cookies with gummy worms, which  was one of their favorite activites! Other activities included a piñata, swat the bees, water and sand, and a special “Zumba” lesson provided by Miss Mely! Most of the children liked this music and danced with us! Seeing our students happy is our greatest thrill! Congratulations to all of them on their special day!

We hope you have a very special nice and long weeked with your family. We are looking forward in seeing all of our students on Monday!

April Week 3

During this week, Big Bears learned all about planting, flower parts and some creepy crawlies. We saw how these insects are all different: some have hairy legs and tiny wings while others have long antenas and yellow rings, and different number of legs. Big Bears also learned that a flower has a stem, leaves, and roots.

If you look around you can find lots of insects anywhere inside or outside of your house.

They had such a great time with the farm animals! During creativity with Ms. Cristy, they were very excited to complete the farm animals in the barn project!!

During Circle Time with Mr. Mike they role played this theme.They all wanted to make different sounds and pretended to be their favorite animal.

Next week we will continue with the creepy crawlies: lady bugs, caterpillars, grasshoppers, butterfly and ant hill.
I am looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday April 26 to talk about your child’s progress. If for any reason you won’t be able to attend, please don’t worry as we will meet in June before summer break.
On April 28 we will have ourChildren´s Day Party. We also remind you that on Friday April 29 there will be no classes due to Labor Day weekend.

We had such fun with Mr. and Mrs. Cadena on Tuesday! The kids were really excited with this pair of awesome story tellers. Thank you for coming!

Have a nice weekend.
Ms. Caya & Miss María Elena