Open House

Dear Parents,

We would like to invite you to our Open House for the 2017-2018 school year. It is only for parents to attend. You will get to know the teachers and staff that will be working with your children throughout the school year and get to see a little more about their learning environment. This event takes around 45 minutes, so each group will come at a specific date and time. Please check below:

Monday, September 4

Big Bears 7:30pm

Terrific Tigers 8:00pm

Wednesday, September 6

Busy Bees 7:30pm

Tiny Turtles 8:00pm

We look forward to seeing you there!


Mr. Mike

School Box Items

Dear Parents

We had a great week! The children did better than expected and are adapting quickly to our daily routine. This week our main topic was “School Items”. During exploration time they are having so much fun with the blocks, balls, puzzles and nails! The Turtles are adapting more and more every day and dancing more during our morning routine.

Our Tiny Turtles had a lot of fun in creativity class, enjoying using different sensory materials. Physical development class with Miss Mely was all about getting to know the different parts of the body, which is a perfect introduction for next week’s topics. Turtles got to be active and danced pretty cool songs such as: “Listen and Move”, “Shake Your Sillies”, “Shake Your Bean Bag” and “One Little Finger”. At the end of their PD routine we enjoyed “relax time”, where everybody gets to cool down.

We would like to remind you of our Open House event that will be held on Wednesday, September 6 at 8:00 pm for parents only. We look forward to seeing you there!

Our topics for next week will be: Review body parts: hands, face (happy) / Shoulders, face, tummy, clothes (sad) / Feet, toes, legs, knees, socks and shoes (angry) / Review face: flannel board faces (sleepy).


Miss Nadia, Mariana & Martha

Welcome to TinyTurtles!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Tiny Turtles group! The kids really enjoyed these days playing and getting to know teachers and friends!

This week children learned about their teachers, classroom, friends, calendar, table, chairs and cubbies. Tiny Turtles had a blast with this week’s activities, including construction with blocks, texture balls and playing with the shakers.

During creativity, they experienced different textures and materials, such as crayons, paint and PlayDoh. Finally, they enjoyed story time with the “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” book. They were really excited with the story; such an exciting week!


Beach Fun in the Sun!

Summer is here! We’re ready for its sunny and warm days! This week, the Tiny Turtles learned about summer activities like snorkeling, surfing, biking, skating and traveling. They are participating and having fun during the routine.

During exploration, time we did some fun activities with sand, like finding coins in the sand with strainers. Also, we played and explored different kind of sea shells, The kids really enjoyed this summer topic. They pretend to be on the beach, swim  like fish, and walk like crabs!

During creativity, the Turtles made a Popsicle using water colors. They like using different materials. Also they made sand castle, by using glue and sprinking sand on a printed sand castle.

In physical development class the wore some sunglasses and pretended to be surfing. The kids liked dancing “Surfin Safari” and “Surfun USA” We also taught them how to walk like crabs, and swim like fish.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany, Roby and Mariana


Surfing into Summer

This week we finished all about sea animals. The kiddos really enjoyed it! Now, summer is here and the Tiny Turtles are going to enjoy lots of fun summer topics!

This week they learned about summer, sun, sand, sea, fun at the beach (sunglasses, sunscreen), shovel, pail, castle, snorkeling, swimsuit, and surfing.

Also on Wednesday we had our “Trolls” the end of the year program. Our Tiny Turtles danced “Hair up”, “Hamster Dance” and “Move your Feet”. We couldn’t be more proud! They did their best and they rehearsed very hard for this. Many of the got to experience their first time on stage! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

During exploration, we worked with sand,  The kids also played with puzzles. They were really into our “sand box” filled with sea creatures.

In creativity, the Turtles made a whale using water colors. They really enjoyed this first experience using water colors and paint brushes.

We also did a fun rubbing activity by placing a sand paper star under a sheet of paper. The kids colored over the star with crayons and it ended up being a textured sea star.

Finally, for the summer topic, the kids made a sun coloring a coffee filter with some markers and splashing water.

In physical development class the kids got to practice rolling a ball from one to another. They also did the “Crab Walk” and they rolled across some cushions.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany, Roby and Mariana


Under the Sea!

Tiny turtles took a dive into water world with our new topic, “Under the Sea.” They are learning all about sea animals.

We changed our bulletin board to portray sea life and some of the animals that we may find in the ocean. The kids are very excited with this topic!

This week, they learned about fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, octopus, jellyfish, crab, lobster, mermaid, starfish and seahorse.

We also had two super kids. We celebrated Tico’s and Nico’s birthday! They both turned 2. Their parents brought some cupcakes to share with their friends. (Thank you!) Mr. Mike made a super special birthday crown for them!

Exploration time was such a great experience for the kids! They we’re pleased and surprised with the activities we made. For example, free play with inflatable fish, sensory boxes with kinetic sand and plastic sea animals, and playing with puzzles.

During creativity time, the Tiny Turtles made some handprints to make a crab. They really enjoyed using paint. They also made some celery stamps simulating fish scales, using different techniques to develop their sensory skills. The Kiddos started a jellyfish project using a paper plate. They used different color paints and brushes and they loved it!!

The Turtles love to dance to videos about the vocabulary words they’re learning, This week, we showed them: “Baby Shark”, “Baby Beluga” and the  “Crab dance.” This is great for the little ones because they get to name and identify the sea animals they’re learning about.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany, Roby and Mariana.

In the jungle…

We just finished the last week of jungle animals!  Tiny turtles learned about the crocodile, monkey, bear and rhinoceros. They enjoyed this theme a lot, always imitating the animal sounds, and loving the books that had pictures of them.

In exploration time, the kids had fun with a sensory box that had different kinds of pasta and plastic jungle animals. The Tiny Turtles were happy to play with our jungle plush animals and with the “tower of zoo” toy with a ball.

In creativity time, they finished their “Jungle” project, kids pasted the “estopa” and pasta for the trees. They had a blast making a zebra, giraffe, lion, monkey and tiger using different techniques and materials. They loved the experience!  They also started making a bear with fork prints. They liked working with different textures and materials.

We want to thank you all for the kind appreciation we felt on Teacher’s Day! We feel fortunate to be involved in your child’s education and blessed for the amazing opportunity of growing and learning together every day. We love being teachers and we want to thank you for trusting us with the most important and valuable treasure of all: Your kids!

It was superkid Loreto’s birthday on Thursday! Her Mommy and Daddy brought some doughnuts to share with her friends. (Thank you!) Mr. Mike made a super special birthday crown for Loreto, and her dad carried her to take her on a magic rocket ride! What a fun day!


We look forward to “taking a dive” into our nextr topic: The Sea!

Hope you have a great weekend!

With love,

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany, Roby and Mariana

We’re Going to the Zoo!

We continued this week with jungle animals, the main topic of the month. We also talked about zebras, snakes, tigers, rhinos and kangaroos. The Tiny Turtles were very excited to learn more about these animals,

The kids had a lot of fun in exploration time, playing with plush zoo animals and puzzles. They also had lots of fun painting some pasta with green paint so they could use it for their jungle project and painted some “estopa” with green food coloring. The turtles really enjoy working with different textures.

During creativity, we continued working on our “Jungle” using different materials to create some of the animals we’re learning so much about. Next week we are going to hand it out so the kids can take it home.

In physical development, we are rehearsing for our end of year program, The kiddos are all into it and really enjoying it. We are sure you’re going to love it!

On Friday, we celebrated Maria’s Birthday!  She is going to turn 2 in July, so we had an early celebration. Her Mommy and Daddy had a “Frozen” and a “Gallinita Pintadita” show the kids enjoyed a lot! They also brought some flautas and cupcakes to share with all the kids at kinder (Thank you!) And Mr. Mike made a super special birthday crown for Maria, and he carried her on a magic rocket ride!

What a fun day! Everybody have so much fun!

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany, Roby and Mariana



In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

We are now in the month of May! Zoo and water animals are the main topics of the month, and this first week we talked about the jungle, monkeys, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and lions. The Tiny turtles are leaning more about these animals, the sounds that they make, as well as their features.

This week we also celebrated Paulina’s Birthday! She turned 2! Her Mommy and Daddy brought some cupcakes to share with her friends. (Thank you!) And Mr. Mike made a super special birthday crown for Pau, and he carried her up high on a magic rocket ride! What a fun day!

Your little ones had a lot of fun during exploration time, playing with plastic and plush zoo animals. The kiddos enjoyed making animal sounds. They also had lots of fun with the magic grow capsules; They loved watching how the animals grow with the water.

In creativity class we started our “Jungle” using different materials to create the animals we’re learning so much about. Next week the kids will finish it and take it home.

In physical development the kids enjoyed dancing to “The Monkey Dance,” “The Elephant,” and “Just can’t wait to be king.” We are also starting to rehearse for our end of the year program. You’re going to love it!

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany, Roby and Mariana