Spooky Monsters!

This week was all about Halloween characters such as: friendly cats, witches, ghost/goblins, spiders, bats and Haunted House.

Mr. Mike taught the Tiny Turtles a fun Bat Poem. Here it is, so you can review at home.

Two Bats

“Two little black bats

Sleeping in a cave

One named Danny

And the other named Dave.

Wake up, Danny!

Wake up, Dave!

Fly away, Danny

Fly away, Dave.”

The kids had a lot of fun making a spider cookie! Of course, as soon as they saw the Oreo cookie, pretzel sticks, m&m´s and Nutella their eyes popped out! Not sure if they had more fun making the spider, or eating it!

We also made funny ghosts and monsters. It was wonderful to see how the Tiny Turtles love to create their art!

During Physical Development we’ve been dancing to “Halloween Freeze Dance” song and kids really love it!

Halloween is next Wednesday, October 31st, and we will be having our “Vintage Halloween” parade. We are so excited to see Tiny Turtles wearing all kinds of costumes!

Here are some reminders:
1. Kids arrival time is at 9:00am, please do not send lunch boxes. Just a bag to collect goodies and treats.
2. Admission for the 10:30am parade will be 2 people per family.
3. Parking is limited (consider Uber).
4. Please leave the kinder without entering the classrooms. This is to avoid disturbing the children.
5. If it rains, the parade will be held for students only.

Have a great weekend and see you soon!



Halloween Mood Is On!

Halloween is coming!! This is why, during the week, we learned more about Halloween, with topics such as: Jack-O’-Lantern, Ghosts, Haunted Houses, and Witches.

The Tiny Turtles were quick to learn about Halloween since we have been reading Halloween books, and working on activities related to the topic.

We were hid toys inside some pumpkins during Exploration, we danced the Halloween Freeze Dance during Physical Development, and of course we made different crafts related to Halloween during Creativity Time by gluing paper and making using different shapes.

They also practiced their fine motor skills making pumpkin prints during art! We cut apples in half and with orange paint they made pumpkin prints. We also reviewed the feelings by making those pumpkins happy, sad and angry.

Some of the books we read to them this week included titles such as: “Plumply Dumply Pumpkin” and “The Biggest Pumpkin Surprise Ever”. It’s wonderful to see how much they like Story Time.

As you can see, the Turtles are enjoying all the fun activities prepared for them everyday!

Have a great weekend!

Colorful World Around Us

This week the Tiny Turtles learned about lines and colors. Now they know Primary Colors and Secondary Colors. We taught them how colors can mix and, the highlight of the week, was learning about the beautiful rainbow! Red, orange, green and blue, shiny yellow, purple too. All the colors that we know live up in the ra-a-ainbow!

During Exploration, the kiddos were looking for colors everywhere in the classroom, as well as checking their clothes and finding out what colors they were wearing.

The Turtles are learning so much! They are beginning to say the colors out loud! It is so wonderful to see them learning so fast!

Creativity time is always full of surprises and kids love working on their projects. This week, they got to experiment with color mixing and matching. They also made a rainbow with fruit loops! It was a busy week, but we enjoyed it so much!

On Wednesday October 31st, we will have our Vintage Halloween Party. Please remember to send your children with something to collect their sweets (it can be a bag or basket). In case you want to send treats for their classmates, we have 12 kids in Tiny Turtles (5 boys and 7 girls).

Our topics for next week will be: Pumpkin – Jack-O’-Lantern /Cat – witch/ Ghost –Goblin/ Spider/ Haunted house/ Costumes & makeup.

Have a nice weekend!

Getting “In Shape”

This week our main topics were shapes: triangle, circle, square, rectangle and oval. We introduced these topics using flashcards, shape toys, boards and different items around the classroom  – windows, doors, cubbies. It’s so cool to see the kids are beginning to identify shapes all over the place!

Our creativity class helped reinforce these topics with projects that also help develop their fine motor skills. The kids used sponges and toilet paper rolls to print circles on paper. They had so much fun! We also used tongs to sort pom poms by color. They really enjoy this activity!

Circle Time is always exciting! This week, Mr. Mike showed us how to dance to the song “Let’s Do The Numbers Rumba” and the children loved it!

Another song they really enjoy dancing to is “One Little Finger”. It helps review the different parts of the body.

The Tiny Turtles worked on their gross motor skills this week using balls (to review circle) and bean bags (to review square).

As you may already know, on Wednesday October 31st, we will be having our “Vintage Halloween” party and parade. We would like to encourage you to start looking for costumes so your child can participate. Try to find simple costumes for their own comfort. If possible, use make up instead of a mask, so it won’t obstruct their sight.

Our topics for next week will be: Primary and Secondary Colors and also we will learn about Christopher Columbus for Columbus Day!

Have a nice weekend!

What’s In My House?

This week, the Tiny Turtles learned all about their house: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and dining room. We took the kids outside so they could play with the kitchen and also with the playhouse.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed them some furniture toys, that belong to different rooms of the giant doll house. In creativity class, we made a house with 4 rooms. Kids decorated the rooms with water colors and glitter. At Physical Development the children played with the balls and they had so much fun! They are learning to “Listen and Move” to action songs and they get to practice how to march around the classroom.

We had a Mime visit this week. Kids absolutely loved his performance! They learned how to clap in silence and watched how the Mime applied his makeup, so they were not scared at all! He showed us so many magic tricks, it was very exciting!

Next week we will be learning about lines, shapes, colors, and Columbus Day!

Have a great weekend!

I Love My Family!

The Tiny Turtles learned all about family this week, and we had special activities designed for them, in which they played and had fun learning at the same time.

We read many stories about family, like “Mommy Bear, I Love You!” and “I’m a Big Brother Now”. We also talked about our own families, little and big brothers, sisters and of course our grandmas and grandpas.

Thank you for bringing a family photo this week! The kids had a blast making a little house and placing their family members inside!

In the process, the kiddos learned how to mix colors, they reviewed shapes and parts of the house.

Our theme for next week, will be everything related to our home. We will also have a Mime visit on Wednesday, September 26th, and will be reviewing feelings and emotions with his fun presentation.

Have a nice weekend!


Mime Time 2018

A traditional presentation of classical and modern mime techniques performed at Toddler Tree in a developmentally appropriate style through an acting technique that conveys emotion through non-verbal communication: this is Mime Time.

Occasionally referred to as ‘the art of silence,’ pantomime relies on facial expressions, body language, gestures and movements to convey a message or tell a story or create an illusion. People performing pantomime are known as mimes or clowns. With pantomime, kids can enjoy themselves while learning valuable social and communication skills.

• Pantomime incorporates techniques to convey emotion within facial expressions. When expressing happiness, the actor will raise his brow, curve his lips upward, parting the mouth slightly in addition to squinting to appear as if he is smiling with his eyes. Surprise is conveyed by opening the mouth to an O-shape, raising the brow and opening the eyes as wide as possible. Conversely, anger is expressed by turning the brow and mouth downward, while firmly setting the jaw in a dropped position. Sadness is conveyed by turning the mouth, the brow and the eyes downward, while allowing all the muscles in the face to sag.

• The chest is the central point of all action in pantomime. Actors will use the entire body to react and express emotion. Gestures in pantomime are exaggerated. When expressing positive emotions, actors will create free-flowing movements, maintain an elevated chest and gesture broadly. Negative emotions are expressed through restrictive gestures and a chest that is drawn inward. The body will appear tense and rigid.

Mime Time will take place next Wednesday, September 26th and it is packed with elements of surprise, adventure, music, dancing, excitement and, of course, audience interaction and participation. This enriching experience will exercise both the mind and the body of our youngsters.

Happy, Sad, Angry or Surprised?

This week was so much fun! Kids met their new teacher Ms.Yana and learned about feelings. Tiny Turtles were clapping their hands when they were happy, making a crying face when they were sad, stamping their feet when they were angry, saying “oh” when they were surprised and covering their mouth when they coughed.

In Creativity, all kids made 4 feelings masks. They had so much fun playing with these masks!

During physical development Turtles ran, jumped and danced a lot. We are also learning the movements of the “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” song, which they really love!

Next week, we will be learning about everything regarding family. Tiny Turtles will surely have a blast!

Today we celebrated Mexican Independence Day and our kiddos made Mexican Flags with their little hand prints.Have a nice weekend and remember that on Monday, Sep 17th, we don’t have classes due to the anniversary of the Mexican Independence. We hope to see you all on Tuesday!

Movie of the week: “Inside Out”

Vocabulary words: Happy, Sad, Angry, Mad, Sick, Surprised.

All About Me!

Dear Parents,

It was wonderful meeting and having you at our Open House! Here is some extra information you might want to know about me! 

We are sure it will be a great school year, filled with new memories, fun experiences, and lots of knowledge.

This week, we had the opportunity to learn about the different parts of the body. Our Tiny Turtles enjoyed drawing, coloring and identifying the parts of the body. Now they are even using their new pointers to learn more!

In Physical Development, they also carried out different activities to continue developing their fine and gross motor skills.

Next week, we will explore different feelings and learn how colors, facial expressions and body postures are related to them.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Ms. Yana