Bye Bye Tiny Turtles!

Our school year is oficially over! It is so sad to say goodbye and see you all go. But we are very happy because we know that you are all ready and will do great in whatever comes in the future!

This week, we enjoyed summer activities and the best part was the last day of school! We got to play outside with fun water slides and sprinklers! You also made a gift for your dads and it came out great! Happy Father’s day!

We learned so many things this year! Your kiiddos know how to count from 1 to 20. They know all the colors and shapes, the ABC songs and many dance routines. It was an amazing year! So many wonderful memories! We shared great moments together, first steps, first words, first little steps of success for our little champions!

We hope that you remember your teachers and the good times we had. Please feel free to come and say hi next year!

Have a great summer and please take care! We love you!

Miss Yana, Miss Euge & Miss Isa

Fun In The Sun!

This week we learned about beach related items and activities such as: sea shells, beach balls, surf and kite, swimming pools and towels. We also asked the kids about their vacations to the beach, and many commented about nice times in Cancun and other similar places.

During Creativity, we made a beautiful picture of the sea shore with our foot prints on the sand. Additionally, we used our fingerprints to color a beach ball and helped decorate a sensory bottle of the ocean with adorable fish stickers. It was filled with sand, sea shells and marbles.

Our school year is almost over, and we are sad to realize that we will have to say goodbye soon. Next Thursday, June 13th, we will have our summer activities with water. Kids will have fun outside with big bubbles, inflatables and water guns. It’s going to be so much fun! Please send an extra set of clothes (and water diapers if needed) for that day.

Have a great weekend!

Sea World!

This week we learned about sea creatures such as: fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, belugas and octopodes. The Turtles had a chance to listen to the sounds these animals do and imitated them.

In Creativity, our kiddos made several crafts! For instance, they crafted a baby shark using a paper plate. They also created a cute whale and a dolphin. We love watching them working independently on their art projects.

On Wednesday, we had our Preschool of Rock festival. The kids did an amazing job performing for you, and the Turtles were incredibly excited about it! Boys danced to “Hey Hey We’re the Monkees” by The Monkees, and girls danced to “Rockin’ Robin” by The Jackson 5. Afterwards, everybody danced to “I’m a Believer” by The Monkees.

Next week we will learn about beach activities.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, see you soon at Parent Teacher Conferences!

I Have A Pet!

This week we learned about our lovely pets! Kiddos told us about their dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters and rabbits. We even got to meet some! Our mommies brought their dogs to the kinder and everybody had a chance to pet them! It was very cute!

During Creativity Time we made several projects, such as: a bulldog using a paper plate, a cat that has whiskers using pipe cleaners, a cute colorful turtle and a delicious hamster! Oops! Yes, we ate it, cause it was made from sweet Twinkies with chocolate chips and fruit loops. Kids had so much fun!

During Physical Development Tiny Turtles are practicing for our Festival, that will take place on Wednesday, May 29th. We are so excited and feel so proud of them!

Next week we will start learning about sea animals.

Have a great weekend!

Let’s Go To The Zoo!

This week we learned about different animals that live in the zoo, such as: hippos, pandas, camels, kangaroos and parrots.

During Exploration time we played with little animal toys, our kiddos enjoyed imitating their movements and sounds.

This week, our Creativity projects included working with glue to paste the hippo’s teeth and paint to color the kangaroo’s belly.

Mr. Mike taught us about baby kangaroos that are called joeys in Australia. We role played kangaroos to the rhythm of “5 Little Monkeys” changing the words to “5 Little Joeys”. It was a lot of fun!

Today we had the Vet visit kinder and our turtles had a great time learning about different pets and how we have to treat them.

Next week we will learn more about pets. If you want to bring your pet, please let us know!

Dear parents we are so grateful for all the warm gifts from you for teachers day! Thank you very much, it was a great day to spend with your children!

Have a great weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day!

This week we learned more about jungle animals, such as: monkeys, lions, giraffes, zebras and snakes. The Turtles had a chance to imitate different animal sounds and movements. They love to role-play!

At Creativity time, our kiddos made several crafts! First, they made a monkey eating a banana, they really enjoyed this activity. Then, they created a friendly lion, a cute giraffe, a happy zebra and a wiggly snake. We love watching them enjoy every different materials and techniques used.

The activity that was more exciting for our Turtles was creating their Mother’s Day gift. Each one had a chance to pour and mix several ingredients to create a special natural scrub for their mommy’s.

Next week we will have a special visit. A Vet is coming to the kinder to teach us more about pets and animals.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

Welcome To The Jungle!

We were so happy to see you all back at kinder! Everyone is so much taller, faster and louder! The Turtles are not so tiny anymore!

We started this week with the jungle animals theme. Kids already knew so many words, such as: zoo, lion, monkey, tiger and zebra. They also learned about an alligator and an elephant.

During Exploration Time, we played with stuffed animals and puppets. The kids loved hugging them and making the sounds of several jungle animals.

Our Creativity projects were an elephant and an alligator. They already know how to use a brush and a sponge. Each one picked their favorite colors to paint their crafts.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Children’s Day and the kids had a blast! They had a delicious snack, watched a wonderful puppet show, danced to the famous Disney songs and got many gifts from the teachers and Mr. Mike. Everyone left super happy!

Next week we will continue learning more about the Jungle.

Have a great weekend!

Easter Week!

It was an exciting week and our Turtles had so much fun during our Easter Party and Parade! Everyone brought lovely decorated vehicles and enjoyed the fun games outside! Thank you, parents for all your efforts in helping your kids decorate. They all looked great!

During exploration and recess we were looking for hidden toys, so kids could practice for the egg hunt.

Our creativity projects were Easter egg and bunnies. The kiddos used sponges for coloring, yarn and cotton for pasting.

The last project was a cute bunny with a photo of each child, it came out extremely cute and each kid recognized himself/herself. (Thank you so much for helping out with the pictures!) Hope you liked the result!

This week we also celebrated Mr Mike’s birthday! Kids sang “Happy birthday” to him and were very excited that he had a party too! The Turtles took turns to hit the piñata during Circle Time. Our kiddos loved it!

Remember we have Semana Santa and Easter vacation the next couple of weeks. We hope you enjoy your children.

Classes will resume on Monday, April 29th and we will start learning about jungle animals.

We hope you have a great time and please take care of yourself and your loved ones during the Spring Break.

Easter Bunny Is Coming To Town!

This week was dedicated to Easter vocabulary: bunny, eggs, hop, hide, seek, find and basket. The kids found many bunnies and colorful eggs all around the classroom and the bulletin board.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike introduced an Easter Bunny to us and we played many different games with him. One of the activities was wearing Bunny ears and hiding eggs in the gym. The Tiny Turtles enjoyed these activities so much.

In Physical Development, we listened to many songs related to Easter and danced to them. Turtles absolutely love the Bunny Hop song and danced to it with joy. They also love the B-U-N-N-Y version of B-I-N-G-O song and it’s a good opportunity for them to learn the letters while dancing to it.

The art projects we made this week were very cute and everybody enjoyed making them. Especially making the foot prints that turned out to be bunnies and also adding finger prints as flowers.

Next Wednesday, April 10th we will have the Easter Parade at the Sierra Madre Park. Can’t wait to see you all there! It will be so much fun! We have many activities prepared for the kiddos.

Have a great week!

Grandpa’s Farm

This week, the Turtles have been enjoying and learning new things about the farm. Vocabulary words were: farm, cow, horse, sheep, pig, mud, rooster, hen, chicks, ducks.

For Exploration, we played with some plastic animals and explored a sensory box, which they really liked. We also searched for new animals on the bulletin board. Every day, the kids learned about a different animal on the farm.

During Creativity class, we worked on a horse, using paint and brushes, as well as some yarn to imitate the horse’s mane. We also made a cute sheep using cotton balls and a duck decorated with real feathers. Kids loved to work on their beautiful art projects.

Physical Development Class has also been lots of fun for them since the music has been related to the farm. The kids love songs like When Pigs Get Up In The Morning, and Grandpa’s Farm.  They have also enjoyed riding stick horses and galloping to songs like Cotton Eyed Joe. 

During our morning routines, we have been reviewing numbers and parts of the body using different songs such as Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, as well as the Number Rock. Most of the kids are already able to count up to 20 all by themselves!

We are very excited about our Easter Party that will be on Wednesday, April 10th at Colonia Sierra Madre Park. Here is the agenda for that day:

9:45 am – arrival at the park

10:00 am – photo session with Easter Bunny

10:30 am – Parade of decorated scooters, trikes, cars or bikes (please assist your child in preparing it at home – check our website for ideas)

10:45 am – snack (provided by Spring room mothers)

11:00 am Egg Hunt (keep in mind your child needs a bag or basket for this activity)

As a friendly reminder, please remember to send confetti filled and colored egg shells for our party.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend with your adorable children.