Merry Christmas!

What a great week, full of joy and excitement! Turtles practiced really hard, and their hard work paid off! They did great at our Toy Stories Christmas show! We are so proud of them, and we hope you enjoyed it, too.

We had a super busy week. Our Tiny Turtles were working hard like Santa’s elves! This week during art, we were making the Christmas gift for mommy and daddy. Children loved footprinting! Also they made a reindeer ornament by painting  3 sticks with brown paint and pasting some eyes and nose. Kiddos had a blast!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

This week was all about practice, practice, and practice for our Christmas program during physical development. Children danced to the beat of the songs and put on their best dance moves. Tiny Turtles are working hard on it and they’re very excited to show mommy and daddy their Christmas show.

For exploration time turtles played with cars and balls and also the review the topic of the day with our bulletin board, kids love our Santa and his reindeer.

During art kids were super exited with the art projects they made a paper plate Santa, they used a plate, peach color and red paint and cotton simulating the beard. Kiddos really enjoyed using paint and brushes; they are getting more and more interested for art every time.

Kids enjoyed story time a lot; we saw books related to the season, like “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and “My Santa Claus”.

Vocabulary words: Gifts-Giving/ Toys-Elves/Santa’s workshop and sleigh/ Train- Polar Express/ Review Christmas vocabulary

Our topics for next week will be: Wreath/ Christmas program/ Chimney-Fireplace/ Stockings/ Cookies-Candy Cane-Candy

Little Turkey

This week was all about introducing Thanksgiving and various concepts related to this topic.  In order to role play when we danced the “Five Little Indians” song, turtles made an Indian headdress. They enjoyed making it , using glue and pasting some feathers. Also, they had a blast pretending to go “fishing” using some fish with magnets and a “fish pole”.

In creativity class, our turtles had a fun time with play dough.This week they used crayons and also paint to decorate it. Also they made an Indian hand print; they use purple, red, orange and yellow paint for the feathers. They experienced new materials by using markers on a coffee filter and then they sprayed water, and the colors started to mix, they loved it!

On Wednesday we had our Thanksgiving celebration and it was filled with fun, games and happy faces! Tiny turtles loved the Thanksgiving buffet: corn, turkey, cranberries, gravy, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. Everything was delicious, and the kiddos enjoyed their tasty meal very much.

Mr. Mike dressed up as a pilgrim and Miss Mely as an Indian. After our yummy snack, we had some fun Thanksgiving games: pasting the feather on the turkey,  fishing, and dancing around like indians with some music instruments.

Foodie Turtles

Tiny Turtles had a lot of fun learning about this week’s topics: everything about food!

In creativity class, our tiny turtles made a watermelon using a plate and using green paint, then for the first time they experienced gluing pink paper and black finger print for the seeds. Also they made a corn, for this Turtles colored with yellow crayon the shape of the corn, then they pasted “Cheerios” pretending to be the kernels, and at the same time they tasted the cereal reviewing one of the topics of the week.

Children are very interested in experiencing new things.

In exploration time kiddos loved to play with plastic fruits, veggies, grains and protein. They pretended to go to the market, toy cash register, a great activity to make a review of this month’s topics. Also they tasted tortilla, crackers and cereal.

In physical development kids enjoyed practicing the songs for the Christmas Program, they are getting into it more every day. Today they were super happy and had a blast on the obstacle course we made with mats.



Fruits and Veggies

Welcome November! A month that brings us the opportunity to share with our loved ones, and to remind all the good things that we have in our lives. We have so much to be thankful for!

Our Tiny Turtles are starting the month with a lot of excitement! November’s theme is the harvest, so in this first week we covered fun themes like fruits, dairy and vegetables. During exploration time, kiddos loved to play with plastic fruits, veggies, grains and protein. Also with fruit and vegetable puzzles. Turtles are starting to repeat the name of some fruits and identify them, too.

One of their favorite subjects is creativity class, and this week was full with great projects such as a “lemon stamping” made with different sizes of lemons and limes. On Thursday they enjoyed the “milk explosion” using milk, soap dishes and food coloring. They like to observe how the colors mix.

In physical development, kids enjoyed listening the new songs like “I like to eat apple and bananas” and they love to dance as well. On Thursday they were super happy and had a blast on the obstacle course we made with mats.

Our topics for next week will be: Pasta- spaghetti-oatmeal-porridge-peas-beans/ Tortillas-rice-crackers-cake-bread-peanuts/ Review fruits and vegetables/ Review proteins and grains/ Review all food

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Nadia, Mariana and Martha


Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat, Give Me Something Good to Eat!

Halloween is finally here! We had a fun and exciting week with a spooky Halloween theme. Our topics this week were hunted house, trick or treat, costumes and review Halloween. Tiny Turtles are learning very fast and beginning to repeat many words… we are very happy to see them coming along so well!

Kids loved practicing their motor skills during exploration time, working with balls, with the sensory board and making some towers with blocks. Also, we worked with spaghetti sensory play and kiddos have so much fun experiencing new textures.

During creativity time, Turtles made a ghost using cotton balls. We cut out a ghost template, added some glue and pasted the cotton balls to make the ghost. They really enjoy creating art projects. They are making a candy corn using sponges and yellow, orange and white paint, as well.

In physical development kids enjoyed wearing costumes and watching the “Knock, Knock, Trick or Treat”. Every time we hear super simple Halloween songs our Turtles pay a lot of attention, they love to see cartoons singing and dancing various Halloween songs. They are dancing more and more every day, too!


Say BOO and Scary On!

Happy Friday everyone! Tiny Turtles enjoyed learning all about Halloween, pumpkin, witch, cat, and spider. This is the week prior to our Halloween catwalk so we wanted to teach your little ones some of the basic topics and characters of this celebration.

Exploration time allowed them to relate the topics. We had a lot of fun playing with the blocks, shakers, as well as with all the Halloween stuff.. kiddos had so much fun playing with funky eyeglasses , Jack o lantern and spiders. Turtles are growing fast! They are dancing more and more everyday and getting into the routine.

In Creativity, we had a very busy week with 2 projects: a pumpkin using apple stamps with orange paint and a white hand print where they pasted Q-tips to simulate skeleton bones. They liked the experience of feeling the brush in their hands.

Physical development with Miss Mely is always an exciting time for our tiny students. They get a chance to express themselves through music, dance and physical activities. We continued with our Halloween songs, and super simple songs videos such as” Go away!” and “Them bones”. Miss Mely introduced some role play activities, and turtles loved them. We pretended to be witches, flying around the classroom with our magic brooms, all this while we listened to the song “I’m a witch”. Another popular song for our classroom is “The scarecrow”. They absolutely love this song!

We would like to remind you of our Disney Halloween catwalk! It will be held at Toddler Tree kinder on Tuesday October 31st at 10:30 am. We hope to see our tiny turtles with some cute costumes! If you’re planning on sending some candy to share with your kid’s classmates please send them labeled only with your kid’s name that way it will be easier for him/her to hand them out.

Have a great weekend! Hope to see you here!

Miss Nadia, Mariana and Martha

I Love Fall!

Tiny Turtles learned about fun and interesting topics such as: Lines and colors, seasons, colors of the fall (orange, brown, red and yellow) and a review of shapes and colors all around us.

In exploration time we made a very cool “science” experiment to teach the kids about We had some crayons pasted on a white cardboard and with the help of a hair blow-dryer turtles melted the colors and watched how they spread in zig zag lines all over our cardboard. Your little ones are at a stage where they love to explore and discover things on their own, so you can imagine how happy they were to look out for treasures (magic coins) inside our sand box. Today they made a quick review of the shapes by playing and pasting all the different shapes in our “shapes board”. Also they explored and played with different types of leaves… so much fun!

Creativity time is always full with surprises and kiddos love and enjoy their art. This week they got to experiment with different textures. They used some shapes sponges and paint to stamp craft paper. For fall this week they used the cookie cutters and some fall colors: orange, yellow and brown, and they printed on craft paper, too.

Physical development with Miss Mely is so much fun, moving and dancing around. Since we are in the month of October Miss Mely is teaching the kids some cool Halloween songs and videos, to introduce some of the Halloween concepts they’re going to learn next week.

Our topics for next week will be: Cat – witch/ Ghost –Goblin/ Spider/ Haunted house/ Costumes & makeup

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Nadia, Mariana and Martha