Hello November!

We have started our 11th month of the year! November arrived and our Terrific Tigers transitioned from Halloween topics to our Food theme! They have been very interested in learning about different kids of food. Vocabulary words include: apple, banana, orange, lemon, milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, eggs, carrot, onion, potatoes, tomatoes, hamburger, lettuce, celery, broccoli, zucchini, chicken soup, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, peaches, grapes, and fruit salad!

In our exploration activities we have been seeing, feeling, smelling and even tasting some of the foods mentioned above! Our students were able to see the difference between real food and “play food”. It is interesting to see how some of them love to eat fruits and some of them prefer the stronger  flavors, such as cheese. Most of them were able to recognize by name  what most of these fruits and vegetables were by the end of the week.

Creativity Class has been so much fun for them! They also worked with real food and made interesting creations such as citrus prints with lemon where they got the opportunity to touch, smell and taste lemons prior to using them as a painting tool. The milk explosion experiment was so much fun for them, too. Placing food coloring drops into milk and adding a drop or two of liquid detergent was very interesting for them to see how the color moved all by itself!  Finally, they had a lot of fun making pretend food from play dough and feeding it to our cookie monster toy figure!

Books read this week related to the food theme included “Baby Bop´s Food”, “Let´s Eat”! “Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?”, and “My Day”.

Our Halloween parade was a huge success too! Our kids had so much fun in their costumes and sharing candy with each other made for a great sharing activity as well!

Next week we will continue talking about other kinds of food, such as pastas, bread, proteins and grains!

Halloween Week!

This week was such a fun experience for the Terrific Tigers! They really enjoyed dancing to all the Halloween songs like “The Scarecrow”, “Dem Bones”, “Happy Halloween”, ” Witch Doctor”,  and “Witches`Brew.”  During Physical Education they danced and used hula hoops, pon-poms, tamborines, and even dressed up in different costumes!

Our students also had a blast working on a puffy paint ghost in Creativity Class. They also really enjoyed playing with goblin and ghost brains (shaving cream and green dyed pasta).

Stories read to them this week included Pumpkin Faces, It´s Pumpkin Time, Halloween Treats, What is Halloween?, Trick or Treat Dora, and The Biggest Pumpkin Surprise Ever. They really enjoyed listening to these Halloween stories.

We practiced walking slowly and carefully for our parade on Tuesday and they were really excited about this important event.  Most of them were able to let us know what costume they would wear for this special day at school!

Our Mystery Bag activity continues to be such an excitment for our kids and we really appreciate your helping your child in bringing something special from home when it is her/his turn!

November is almost here here and we are ready to learn more about sharing and caring, about food, and of course,  about being appreciative and giving thanks.

Once the weather changes and your kids start bringing sweaters to school, it is very important for them to have their names on them so they will not get misplaced at the end of the day.

We hope you have a fun and wonderful weekend, and are looking forward to welcoming your little ones to school again on Monday and our Halloween parade on Tuesday!

Halloween is near!

Our Terrific Tigers are in full Halloween swing! They have been excited learning about Halloween vocabulary words and making nice and fun activities. We started this week making teeny tiny ghosts using lollipops and coffee filters to role-play along with our book about the Teeny Tiny Ghost. They love to role-play!

Halloween vocabulary words include cat, witch, ghost, spider, pumpkin, jack-o-lantern, haunted house, costumes and make-up.

Creativity Class is one of their favorites and this week they were quite busy: they made a pumpkin stamps using apple prints. They also made mummies using masking tape on black cardboard paper! Miss Maggie and I cut out a mummy shape and then we pasted eyes on it! Last but not least, they also made a skeleton using their hands prints to make the skeletons white body and added q-tips to represent the bones!

Physical Education included lots of Halloween music for them to move, like The Witch Doctor, The Adam´s Family Song, I´m a Witch, Go Away! Song, using colored fabrics, hula-hoops, balls, maracas and shakers!

Story time was interesting for them since they were able to relate to these words learned during the week. Books such as  Mrs. Broom, The Teeny Tiny Ghost, Spiders, Spiders, everywhere, The Most Haunted House, & Halloween were read to them.

Our leaders for this week enjoyed bringing something from home to show and share with their classmates.

We are really looking forward in having our Cat Walk Parade next week. Please have your child come to school on Tuesday, the 31st with a costume! 🙂


Seasons and Fall-ing Leaves!

As the leaves start turning brown and falling to the ground this season, the Terrific Tigers got to experience the changes in weather at Toddler Tree!

Our themes this week were: Air: hot and cold. Water: soft and hard (ice). Sand (sift to find treasures). Fire: blow out candles. Seasons: winter, spring, summer, & fall. Fall: trees and leaves with the different colors (red, orange, yellow  and brown). Sorting: by shape and color, and recognizing how many, same and different.

The week began with fun activities to teach the kids the difference between hot and cold. Some of the highlights were during  our time in Exploration, where we melted crayons with hot air from a hair dryer and they were able to feel the hot air comming out!  They also really liked being able to touch and feel the ice in their hands and say : It is cold!  The kids also enjoyed working with sand to find  hidden treasures They were given a chance to “catch” falling leaves and sort them by size and color.  Finally, they were able to create “Fall” colors, using coffee filters and washable markes, (red, organge, yelllow, brown)  having them draw over the filters and then spraying water on it and watching the colors blend together.

Creativity Class was also about Fall and its colors. They saw the difference between hot (red color) and cold (blue color). To review lines we painted with yarn and to explore halloween we made halloween prints of ghost’s, bats, witches, pumpkins and cats!

In Physical Education they have started listening to Halloween music, and working with the parachute, tamborines, hula hoops, and balls.  They pretended to be trees and watch the  leaves fall.

Story Time was all about Halloween! Books such as Trick or Treat, Dora, Trick or Treat, Little Critter, Peekaboo Halloween, Spooky Night, and Five Little Monsters were read to them.

Cooperative play is getting easier and easier as the weeks pass by! They are able to take turns and share most of the time. Activities done this week include Straws into containers, sorting different colored coins in to containers, building towers with blocks, threading big wooden pieces into strings, and pon-pons…

Thank you for helping out with our special leader activity: the Mystery Bag! They enjoy this part of the morning so much and they feel super special to get to show their classmates what they brought.

We are getting ready for Halloween and our up coming parade. You will get details further on. Please keep in mind that your child will need to use some kind of a costume for this special day!

We hope you have a nice and relaxing weeking with your little ones! See you next week!


This week our Terrific Tigers began working on the different shapes they see every day in their classroom. They are now very familiarized with circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, ovals, diamonds, stars & hearts. It is amazing to watch them identify the shape onto the big poster of shapes and place them in the correct place!

During Exploration Time our Tigers had lots of fun! We did some sponge painting using the sponges previously cut out in circles to make a caterpillar. They had to dip the circle-shaped sponges into the paint and press down on a white sheet of paper!  They also enjoyed unwrapping different shapes. They had a big selection of shapes we worked on by sorting them by their color and figure. They had to place the same kind of shapes together. Finally, they were able to “taste the shapes” since they were provided with snacks in the forms of the shapes: grapes for ovals, cookies for circles, crackers for rectangles, pieces of cheese for triangles, and pieces of apple for squares. They also enjoyed making their “shapes pizzas” during creativity to reinforce all of the shapes!

Physical Education Class was full of interesting music on shapes and they started to listen to music related to Halloween,,,,their favorite was the skeleton dance!

We have started reading books related to Halloween themes, and they seem to enjoy it very much! Some of them are able to tell us what costumes they will use for Halloween this year! Books such as Clifford´s First Halloween, Happy Halloween Biscuit, What is Halloween?. Halloween Treats, Halloween Jack, and Five Little Monsters were read to them during this week.

Next week we will be talking about lines and autumn colors, sifting sand, blowing out the candles, seasons, talking about the actual season (fall) and the leaves we can find (green, orange, yellow and brown.) Finally, we will see how sorting is done (by shape and color) and review words such as how many, same and different.

We hope you have an amazing weekend!

Miss. Sofi and Miss. Maggie

Our House and the Rooms in It!

Dear Parents,

This week our Terrific Tigers explored different rooms that we find in a house, as well as talking about the furniture and items you can find in each room. We talked about the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living and dining room. Pictures, books, video clips and posters were shown to them  to reinforce the concepts.  Our students pretended to be chefs, and we made “beef and Nutella taquitos” out of play dough. They also pretended to be sleeping on a bed, rolling off their bed (to their favorite song “Ten in the Bed” from Super Simple Songs) , sitting in a living room and eating at a dining room! They love to pretend!

We took a tour inside “Willie Worm´s” house to look for baby worm, who was lost. We saw all the different rooms found inside a house until they finally found baby worm! Books such as Breakfast Time, My House, I Am Not Going To Get Up Today, Pooh´s Tree House, Be my Friend, Goodnight Dragon, and Violet´s House were read during Story Time.

In Creativity Class they have been working on a craft house project! We colored some rooms with chubby crayons, glue and glitter, and the kitchen was actually painted using a fork! We have also been working on tracing our names with stickers. All great activities that fortify their visual perception and fine motor skills setting the framework for their developing writing skills!

During our Cooperative Play time, the kids enjoyed inserting straws into containers, making towers and patterns with blocks, picking out items and placing them in ice-cube containers, as well as working on puzzles. They are getting really good at working together as a group!

It is always so much fun watching our leader of the day walk into our classroom with his or her special mystery bag and show us what they have in it! They feel really special when it is their turn to show the whole classroom what they brought from home.

Next week we will be talking about shapes and learning to identify and differentiate between them.


Miss. Sofi

Talking about the Family!

Dear Terrific Tigers Parents,

During this past week we talked about the Family and its members. The vocabulary words used during this week were: mother, father, brother, sister, baby, grandmother, and grandfather. We sang about our family using finger puppets to represent each family member. Some of them even mentioned who their brothers or sisters were. We used different types of hats and props to dress up as mother, father, grandfather and grandmother, the kids had a lot of fun dressing up as them.

During Creativity Class this week they worked on their family trees using different techniques and colors, such as yellow, green, and blue. They used their arm prints for the tree trunk, china paper for the leaves, and shape shaped sponges for our family members.

Books read this week included titles such as: My Mommy & I, Daddy & Me, Babies,! Who´s my Mommy? My Grandma & I, and My Grandpa!

Our Cooperative Play Time included activities such as making towers with blocks, separating the different colored chips into the containers, picking items out and placing them in ice cube trays, working on puzzles and using the peg boards.

Next week our theme will be the house and the different parts it has in it!

We hope you have a very pleasant weekend!


Miss Sofi & Miss Maggie

All about Emotions!

This week the Terrific Tigers have been adapting more and more to Toddler Tree life. We are amazed by how engaged they are now able to remain throughout the school day! Their favorite classes are definitely circle time, teacher time and story time. It is wonderful having their undivided attention and being able to see their expressions of amazement, curiosity and joy as we go about our school day!

This past week was all about learning emotions, we covered: happy, sad, angry and anxious! Being able to identify emotions is the first stepping stone to a healthy Emotional intelligence. In the coming weeks/months we will be working on identifying these emotions both in ourselves and others, discussing how they feel and what we can do when we feel them. The biggest misconception about emotions is to think that one has to “control” them, emotions should never be controlled, they need to be regulated. Impulses on the other hand, those we need to learn to control. 🙂

Art was a huge highlight this week as we worked on our fantastic puppets project that Miss. Dany our art director prepared for us in which we created a puppet for each emotion! This involved painting with shaving cream and paint with our hands, painting with feathers and cotton balls and painting with pippets!

Our leaders of the week were Camila, Tico, Cata, Cacho! They are carefully getting the hang of this new activity/responsibility and growing to like it more and more each day!

We are very much looking forward to go into next week!! Have a great weekend, everybody!

Miss Sofi & Miss Maggie

My Body Parts!

We have finished week #4! Time sure goes by quickly when we are enjoying ourselves so much!

On Monday we had  our Open House at Toddler Tree, where the Terrific Tigers’ parents were able to visit the classroom and learn all about what we do during our school day! It was a great pleasure to meet and greet all of those who were able to make it, and we want to thank you for making the effort!

This week we talked about their body parts. Vocabulary words such as hand, face, shoulders, tummy, feet, toes, legs, knees, and items related to their bodies, such as clothes (socks & shoes) were seen during the morning. We also talked about the different feelings they can have, such as being happy, sad, angry, sleepy, sick or surprised!

During creativity we worked on a life size silhouette week long project that helped us review each of their body parts! They particularly enjoyed making their foot and hand prints and were super excited to finally take their art work home today to share with you!

Happy weekend and stay safe! 🙂

Miss. Sofi & Miss. Maggie (Margarita)

Open House

Dear Parents,

We would like to invite you to our Open House for the 2017-2018 school year. It is only for parents to attend. You will get to know the teachers and staff that will be working with your children throughout the school year and get to see a little more about their learning environment. This event takes around 45 minutes, so each group will come at a specific date and time. Please check below:

Monday, September 4

Big Bears 7:30pm

Terrific Tigers 8:00pm

Wednesday, September 6

Busy Bees 7:30pm

Tiny Turtles 8:00pm

We look forward to seeing you there!


Mr. Mike