Open House

Dear Parents,

We would like to invite you to our Open House for the 2017-2018 school year. It is only for parents to attend. You will get to know the teachers and staff that will be working with your children throughout the school year and get to see a little more about their learning environment. This event takes around 45 minutes, so each group will come at a specific date and time. Please check below:

Monday, September 4

Big Bears 7:30pm

Terrific Tigers 8:00pm

Wednesday, September 6

Busy Bees 7:30pm

Tiny Turtles 8:00pm

We look forward to seeing you there!


Mr. Mike

Our School!

During this week, we have been talking about our school and everything related to what our students see and do in their daily routine! Vocabulary words, such as classroom, chalkboard, calendar, table, chair, cubby, teacher, apple, friends, school bus and car seat have been reviewed daily during our school week. It was very easy for them to understand this topic since they were learning about things that they can actually relate to and see and feel every day.  Using our magic pointer was fun to have the students name different items we would find in our classroom. We also played with Mr. Mikes school bus which they loved as it gave them the opportunity to both sing and act out this weeks nursery rhyme: “The Wheels on The Bus”. Activities enjoyed by them to reinforce these concepts include: Drawing on the chalkboard themselves as well as having Ms. Margarita and I draw different school related objects for them to guess!

Mr. Mike talked about teachers, and the class is able to pronounce both Ms. Margarita’s name and mine as well! Different colored apples were shown to them, as well as different presentations of apples (apple juice & apple puree) and they even had the opportunity to taste a piece of it (if they wanted to). Most of them wanted seconds!! They also practiced their fine motor skills making apple prints in art! We cut apples in half and with red and green paint they made apple prints following the AB pattern!

Books read to them this week include titles such as: Elmo Goes to School, Baby Bop Goes to School, Clifford´s 1st School Day, Take Me to School With You, I am Going to School Today, and Mouses first day of school!. It is wonderful to see how much they can remain seated now during Story Time!

Next week we will be starting with body parts! Our students will also get familiarized with the basic emotions (happy, sad, angry, sleepy).

As you can see, our Terrific Tigers have many wonderful activities  prepared  for them everyday! It is a huge privilege to be able to be part of your child´s daily activities during their morning here with us!

Welcome Terrific Tigers!

Dear  Families,

We are very excited to welcome you to our Terrific Tigers group!! We are greatly looking forward to working with you and your child as guide them through this magical year of learning, fun and adventure!

We believe that communication and a great parent/teacher relationship is the key to your child´s success! I encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at any time. We will also do our part by sending pictures and comments of our daily activities, as well as sending you all a weekly post with interesting information and updates of activities going on in the kinder! : )

During their first week of school, we’re happy to inform you that all the tigers have adapted incredibly well to their new classroom!! We had minimal tears, in fact,  most of them did no cry at all! We were able to dive straight into learning. They have been having a lot of fun learning the colors, letter sounds, and numbers. We have also taught them about feelings and expressions, developing their emotional intelligence (E.Q.) is one of Ms. Sofi’s #1 priorities and learning to identify emotions externally and internally is the first stepping stone of a healthy E.Q.

Some other topics covered included talking about our likes and dislikes, who our friends are, how we play together and how we get ready to come to school! They have enjoyed listening to music and stories related to this topic. They anticipate playing with the manipulative’s included in our daily story baskets, even willing participating in short role plays!

In Creativity they have been busy practicing different art elements such as stamping, painting with sponges, drawing with chubby crayons (strengthens fine motor skills to prepare them for writing) and manipulating play dough! They are learning very nicely to wear their smocks before handling paint!

A new activity for them, done in Terrific Tigers, is Cooperative Play, where they work as a group, learning to take turns and sharing their material. They have enjoyed this part of the day very much!

Our themes for next week include school and talking about the different components of a school, such as the classroom, cubby, chalkboard, calendar, table and chair!

This has been a very fun and busy week for all of us and we have enjoyed it very much! We would like to remind you,  to please send a complete change of clothes for your child. It is very possible that your child might be needing a  change of clothes one day. For those of you who have already sent it, we really appreciate it!

As a side note we would also like to remind you that the solar eclipse will occur on Monday around the time you come to pick up your kiddos from kinder. Please stay safe by avoiding looking at the sun! : )

Ms. Sofi will be absent Monday through Wednesday as she will be traveling for a medical appointment but she will be back on Thursday eager to be reunited with your little ones! In the meantime Ms. Regina Galan will be helping Ms. Margarita Coronado in the classroom.

Kind regards,

Ms. Sofi & Ms. Margarita

Wild Animals!

Wild Animals!

This week we started talking about wild animals. We explained to them that we can find them in the jungle or at the zoo. Some of them even mentioned that they have been to a zoo already. Our vocabulary words for this week include jungle, monkey, elephant, giraffe, lion, and zebra. We have been working with plush animals, puppets, toy wild animals, puzzles and posters. Students are now able to identify and talk a little about each one of these animals seen during this week.

During this week in Creativity Class our students have been making several crafts that will be used next week in order to create a poster of different wild animals. They are getting everything ready, using their finger prints, tempra paint, crayons, and markers.

Physical Education class has been really fun, since they have been dancing to the music of these wild animals, such as the Monkey Dance, the Elephant Song, Animal Action Song, Going to the Zoo, Elephants have Wrinkles, among others. They have loved to act like these animals, imitating their movements. We are also practicing for our Final Festival, which will be in June.

Story Time has been related to this theme as well. Stories read to them are The Jungle Book, In the Jungle, I am a Wild Animal, The Little Elephant, Zoo Animals, My Jungle Pop/up Book, and At the Zoo.

We are happy to mention that we have 3 more students who have proudly achieved to be potty trained! Congratulations!

Next week we will continue to talk about this interesting theme, reviewing more and exciting animals! We hope you have a great weekend!

Pet Week!

Our Terrific Tigers had a lot of fun this past week talking about pets…..most of them told us that they had a pet at home. They love to talk about animals, and they enjoyed looking at them in pictures, videos and playing with plush animals as well.

This week we began by introducing our four legged friends: dogs, puppies, cats & kittens….. We also taught the Terrific Tigers about fish, birds, turtles, frogs, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits.

During Creativity Class our kids were busy making turtle and puppy crafts! As well as an awesome bunny mobile!  In Physical Education they have enjoyed rehearsing for their end of the year festival and doing different kinds of exercises with cool music.

Story time has been nice since the books read have been all about pets. Titles such as Playful Puppies, Sam the Dog, I am Lucky the Cat, The 3 Little Kittens, Baby Touch and Feel: Pets, Baby Einstein: Neighborhood Animals, Curious George and the Bunny, The Velveteen Rabbit, and Friendly Pets .

One of the high lights of the week was actually seeing and petting some cute pets. Miss Mely (Tiny Turtles) brought Sparky her dog to school, Miss Dany (Tiny Turtles) brought her puppy Fiona, and Miss Sofi brought Glen Cookie her small dog to school! Miss Karen (Big Bears) brought her pet cat (Donato). Our kids loved to have them in their classroom.

Finally the biggest highlight of the week was celebrating children’s day at the kinder on Friday! The kids got a special visit from a very large dog that a vet was so kind to share with us, enjoyed yummy snacks and treats, danced and played lots of games!!

Next week will begin to talk about Jungle Animals! We will be talking about elephants, giraffes, lions and zebras!


We hope you have a wonderful weekend together as a family!

Easter Parade Party!

Our Terrific Tigers had such a fun time getting ready for our  Easter Parade!  We painted eggshells together, put confetti inside them and pasted paper covers. They were also quite busy making the decorations you saw all around the park. They simply love to see their own work being used to decorate the place! It made the whole park look so pretty!



The  Parade was a great success! The kids enjoyed getting together and participating in our planned activities, such as bunny face painting, sifting the eggs out of the water, stuffing carrots and butterflies with marshmallows, and swatting balloons.  After these activities they participated in the traditional parade,  going around the park in their cars, scooters or tricycles. We were impressed to see all of the creativity used into decorating such vehicles! The egg hunt was  the main attraction for our little ones and they were having so much fun looking for the egg shells and collecting them in their baskets or bags. Of course, breaking the egg shells on each others´ head was the highlight of the morning! We all got our head full of confetti! It was so nice to see that all of our students were able to attend and were happy to see all of the moms and some dads, as well!  We thank you so much for your support!

During the days before the Easter parade took place, we were getting ready for such event, such as explaining to them what would happen on this day, and we even decorated a tricycle together, using colored paper and balloons, and explained to them that they would use something like that on the party. Most of them were able to tell us how their car was decorated!  We talked about wind and kites and the kids had the opportunity to feel the air from a hair dryer and see a real kite. We explained to them that a kite needs lots of wind in order to be able to fly!

When we come back from our Easter Holidays, on Monday, April 24th, we will be talking about the pets! Vocabulary words about pets will include, dog, puppies, cat, kittens, hamster, guinea pig, birds, fish, turtle, rabbit, frogs.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season together with your family and enjoy these special moments with them. We will be looking forward in seeing your little ones back in April. Have a great time!

Easter is on its Way!

Our Terrific Tigers have enjoyed this week very much, since they simply love this special season. Lots of colors have been used during their morning here at Toddler Tree, since they have been busy making Easter decorations during Creativity Class for our next week´s Easter Parade Party at the park!

They worked on their fine motor skills using ribbon to weave different types of baskets, while reviewing colors. We decorated our easter party “Egg invitations” as well as worked on their easter bunny bags which they were vey excited to see come together! They will be the table decorations for our easter party next week!

Our topics this week included talking about the Easter Bunny, making baskets, coloring eggs, learning the verbs of hide, seek and find and role playing being the Easter Bunny hiding the eggs!

During Physical Educations they have enjoyed dancing to the song “Bunny Hop” as well as other cute Easter Bunny songs, hoping, jumping and running!  Following directions while working out has been lots of fun for them too!

Stories read to them this week include Easter Bunny Saves the Day, Barney´s Easter Basket, The Big Bunny and the Easter Egg, Bunny´s Easter Hunt, Petter Cotton Tail´s Easter Egg Hunt, and Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present.

Next week will be our last week before having our Spring Break time. We will be talking about what a parade is, and reviewing concepts of Easter and Spring. Of course, we are looking forward in celebrating our Easter Parade Party next Wednesday, April 5th.

A friendly reminder that for our easter party on Wednesday it is important for them to take a basket or some kind of container to place the eggs they will find that morning!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Easter Parade and Party 2017

Easter Parade and Party on Wednesday, April 5th @ Colonia Sierra Madre Park.

It has become a tradition at Toddler Tree to celebrate the coming of Spring and Easter with a special party. The event will begin at 10:00am with families arriving at the park. Decorated trikes, bikes or scooters will be organized by group at an indicated location. Here are some examples of how Toddler Tree families have decorated different vehicles using paper, balloons, flowers, plush toys and other decorations.

For mobile devices, use this link.

The kids can choose from a variety of activities the teachers have prepared and there will be time for an individual photo shoot with the Easter bunny, too. When everyone has arrived, Toddler Tree staff will blow the whistle to start the Easter Parade. The kids will ride through the park on the sidewalk path in their decorated vehicles. Everybody will share a snack after that. We have been preparing confetti stuffed eggshells for the Easter Egg Hunt that will take place after the snack. We look forward to seeing you there!

10:00 am Arrival & photo session with Easter Bunny

10:30 am Parade of decorated scooters trikes, cars or bikes (please assist your child in preparing it at home

10:45 am Snack (provided by Easter room mothers).

11:00 am Egg Hunt (keep in mind your child needs a bag or basket for this activity)

In case of inclement weather, the party will go on. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing.

All about Planting!

This week our Terrific Tigers started a new topic: we focused mainly on “Planting”. We talked about how to put seeds in the soil, and how the plants need  sunlight, water, and air to grow. They learned that they can plant flowers, trees and a variety of plants, as well. They were able to see real products that came from planting, such as onions, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli, and apples. After looking at pictures of these products, they felt, and smelled them.

We finished this week talking about food products that come from the farm: milk, eggs and butter! They even got a chance to make banana bread using those three ingredients! Definitely an activity they enjoyed making and eating!

During Creativity Class we worked on our easter party decorations!  It involved a lot of painting and glitter!

Physical Education Class has been lots of fun dancing to different kinds of music related to these themes as well as practicing our dances for our end of the year festival!

Stories read this week include: The Seed Song Book, Good Morning Sun, In my Garden, The Icky Bug, The Very Busy Bee.

Next week we will being to talk about Easter!

We are happy to say that our students have been doing really well in their potty training process! As soon as you think your child is ready, please let us know and we will be happy to help out during their time in the morning with us! It is such a pleasure to see them learn so many things!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!