Community Helpers At Toddler Tree

This first week of February was so exciting for us! It will be a month full of surprises at Toddler Tree.

We are starting to learn new vocabulary words related to community helpers. On Wednesday, we had a special visit. Some Police Officers came to kinder and had a presentation for us. They explained different safety tips for the kids.  The Terrific Tigers really enjoyed it! 

During Creativity Time, we have been making crafts according to the topics. Our kiddos made a police officer’s badge and they are also working on a doctor’s bag.

Also, in class, we have been talking about Valentine’s Day and the importance of friendship and sharing. As you know, next Thursday, February 14 we will celebrate “Valentine’s  Day”. The children only need a thermos with water, no lunch boxes that day! If you are sending Valentine’s treats for your child´s classmates, please only label who its from. There are 12 kids in our class.

We hope you have a great weekend!

Goodbye January!

This is was a wintery blast for the Terrific Tigers, as they learned more about winter, woodland animals, and winter sports.

In Circle Time, Mr. Mike had the kids slide down a ramp as if they were sledding. They really enjoyed that activity!

To review some of the animals we saw throughout the month of January, during Creativity, our kids made a whale and a penguin. To review winter sports, the kids made some ice skates that they decorated all by themselves.

In Physical Development we have been practicing following the leader and taking turns with different activities and songs. The kids are getting better and better at making a line and keeping the order.

Please remember next Monday, February 4th we will not have school because of Constitution day.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Woodland Animals

This week during Exploration and Story Time we started learning new vocabulary about woodland animals. Our Terrific Tigers were able to learn about the habitat of several animals by looking at pictures and reading stories that included animals such as bear, deer, raccoon and beluga whales.

During Physical Development we pretended to be different animals and went crawling, jumping and balancing through “our habitat”. They had so much fun exercising while listening new songs.

Thank you  so much to all the grandmothers that came to the kinder for Grandma’s Day. Our Terrific Tiger’s were so happy to have them here with us. Our kiddos had the opportunity of working and having a lovely morning with them.

Next week we will have fun activities related to winter sports! Please bring a bottle of plastic (500 ml) for an activity on Monday, thank you!

We hope you have a great weekend!

Winter Time!

We’re on our second week of classes and our Terrific Tigers have been learning and exploring Winter topics. We are working on learning the new vocabulary, such as, scarf, hat, mittens, gloves, sweater, etc.

In Creativity class, our Tigers made and decorated a beautiful set of mittens. We also worked on a weekly project of a polar bear. The kids dressed it up using winter clothes and it helped us to review many pieces of clothing as well as body parts.

In Physical Development we have been developing our gross motor skills with exercises involving balls and hula-hoops. They are really good following instructions and imitating the movements we present to them using several props.

Next week we will be learning about forest and winter animals, and we will also have <grandmothers visit kinder. We are excited to meet everyone!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Welcome Back Terrific Tigers!

Welcome back Terrific Tigers! We hope you enjoyed your vacations and had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! We are so happy to have you back for this new year!

This week we came back and we are learning about winter. The Tigers have been learning new vocabulary words such as: snowflake, snowman, igloo, winter, jacket, coat, gloves, mittens, etc.

In Physical Development, we started learning new songs and doing a new workout to develop the kids’ gross motor skills. We practiced the “Freeze Game” which helps them to listen and follow specific instructions.

Next week we will be talking about different winter clothes, such as sweater, cap, scarves, boots,etc. Please send our Terrific Tigers with some extra winter clothes. The kids will be dressing a teddy bear, reviewing body parts and learning new vocabulary.

We are excited for this new year and all the different topics that we’ll learn!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Season’s Greetings!

Christmas is a few days away now and we couldn’t be more excited about it! This week, was very special because we had our Grand Christmas Rhapsody show at Candy Gum! The kids had so much fun performing! They really enjoyed it and we hope you did too!

We also worked on Christmas gifts for you this week. We hope you cherish this gift in years to come.

In Creativity, we also, we made several crafts (like pianos out of popsicle sticks)  for the Christmas Show. We used them to decorate one of the Christmas trees. The kids had a great time!

We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy beginning 2019. Enjoy your vacation, and we want to remind you that classes will resume on Monday January 7th. When we get back to school, we will be covering several themes related to the winter season.

We would like to thank you all for the lovely presents you gave us this holiday season. We really appreciate you taking the time to think about us.

Hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year with all your loved ones! We’ll miss our Terrific Tigers very much!

Jingle Bells!

It has been a week full of fun and excitement! Our Tigers have been making a lot of fun Christmas crafts used to decorate our classroom.

The kids enjoy working and discovering new materials and they are so happy to show you what they made for you!

During Circle Time, they learned new vocabulary words like candle, angel, and star.

In Physical Development, we continued practicing for “The Grand Christmas Rhapsody.” They are doing a great job! We hope you enjoy their performance.

Our kiddos are so excited to perform for you next week!

We want to remind you that “The Grand Christmas Rhapsody” show will take place next Tuesday, December 18, at Candy Gum. The time of arrival for kids is 9 am and parents arrive for the performance at 10.30.

Hope you have a great weekend!

It’s Begining To Look A Lot Like Christmas

As Christmas gets closer, our Terrific Tigers have been dancing and practicing their songs  for “The Grand Christmas Rhapsody” show!

During Creativity this week, our kids made a reindeer with Rice Krispies. They enjoyed tasting and preparing them! Also, they decorated a stocking to hang over their fireplace or on the Christmas tree.

During Recess, we’ve been learning how to share toys with our friends and the kids are also learning  how to wait for their turn.

On Wednesday, we had a special visitor at Kinder. Santa was here! The kids were so excited to meet him! They took pictures and gave him their Christmas cards. It was a very joyful day!

We’re looking forward to the show and we think the kids are going to do an amazing job! Hope you have a great weekend!