Spook-tacular Halloween

This week we learned more about Halloween. We sang and danced along to “Five Little Pumpkins”, “Who took the candy form the trick or treat bag?”, and “Halloween Freeze Dance”. It was so much fun! This helped the caterpillars learn vocabulary words like “pumpkin”, “spider”, “witch”, “bats”, “mummy”, “Jack-o-Lantern” and “ghost”.

During creativity we made an x-ray made out of q-tips. We pasted them on top of the kiddos hand and forearm print. Also, we painted a paper plate with green paint and orange strings to make a witch. But their favorite, was making a witch’s hat made out of ice cream cones and colored sprinkles.

Next week we will be reviewing Halloween and we will be having our Cat Walk on Wednesday October, 31st.

Have a nice weekend!

1. Kids arrival time is at 9:00am, please do not send lunch boxes.
2. Admission for the 10:30am parade will be 2 people per family.
3. Parking is limited (consider Uber).
4. Please leave the kinder without entering the classrooms. This is to avoid disturbing the children.
5. If it rains, the parade will be held for students only.


This week we welcomed a new friend, Emilio. He has been adapting well to the Crawling Caterpillars group. He is now excited to come to kinder! Welcome, Emilio!

This week was filled with new concepts related to Halloween.

In Exploration, the Caterpillars played with little Jack O’Lanterns, ghosts, witches and spiders. Since it was a cold and rainy week, during recess, the kiddos got to watch Halloween related videos like “Baby Shark Halloween”, “Monsters Jumping on the Bed” and “Five Creepy Spiders”.

During Physical Development, the Caterpillars danced to songs like “Five Little Pumpkins”, “Ghostbusters”, “In a Haunted House” and “Dingle Dangle Scarecrow”.

In Creativity, we made a ghost out of cotton balls and then we also made a mummy by pasting tiny marshmallows over the bandages. The kids are really getting the hang of working on art projects. They stay seated and are very interested in what they are making.

Next week we will continue learning more about Halloween.

Have a nice weekend!

Rainbow Colors

This week, the Caterpillars learned about colors and lines. We sang Barney’s “Colors of the Rainbow” and “The Color Songs”.

We were very creative during Art! Everyday was filled with new techniques, materiales and activities.  The kiddos mixed spaghetti with paint. They also used their hand prints to make black bats. Their favorite was decorating a foamy rainbow with Fruit Loops.

During Physical Development,Ms. Mely showed us a real scarecrow and we danced to “Dingle Dangle Scarecrow”! We also reinforced colors by using small balls and placing them in buckets.

On Wednesday, October 31st, we will be having our Vintage Halloween Party, so please remember to send your little ones with something (like a bag or a basket) to collect their treats. In case you would like to send treats for their classmates, consider there are 13 Crawling Caterpillars in the group, 5 girls and 8 boys. Please remember to label your treats with your child’s name,to know who they are from.

Next week we’ll be learning about Halloween. Get your costumes ready!

Have a nice weekend!

Shapes Are Everywhere!

This week we welcomed two little caterpillars, Mariel and Daniel. They were so happy to be here and our class has become even more awesome!!

This week we learned about shapes, such as circle, square, triangle, star, heart, oval, rectangle and diamond. Our caterpillars were very excited taking turns to match a foamy shape to a board where the shape belonged.

During art we made a foamy train using dofferent materials and shapes. We used circle for the wheels, squares for the windows of the trains and rectangles for the wagons. Also, we used shaped sponges for the clouds and rollers for the train tracks.

Next week we’ll be learning about lines and colors.

Have a great weekend!

My Home

This week’s topic was parts of a house. Our caterpillars learned vocabulary words like “kitchen”, “bathroom”, “bedroom” and “living room”. Additionally, we learned about the furniture that is inside each area, such as “sink”, “bed”, “bunk beds”, “couch” and “toilet”.

During art, we created a house made out of kraft bags. Our kiddos really enjoyed using dot-a-dot markers to color it. We also made a Mime out of paper plates and foamy, inspired by the Mime visit we had on Wednesday. It was so much fun!

We look forward to next week, when we are going to learn about shapes and colors.

Have a great weekend!

My Family And I

This week, we talked about family members. Our little caterpillars learned words like “mom”, “dad”, “sister”, “brother” and “baby”.

It was great to see some of the little ones blurt out words like “apple”, “open”, and “close.” We are proud of their language acquisition and comprehension in English.

During Creativity Class, we created a family tree, each branch representing a member of the family.

In Story Time, we read stories about families, like “Five Little Ducks” and “Ten Little Monkeys”.

We look forward to next week, when we will be learning all about “home stuff.” We will also be reviewing feelings and body parts.

Just a quick reminder: Next Wednesday, September 26th, we will be having a Mime visit Toddler Tree. We hope to reinforce feelings and review emotions through this fun presentation.

We will keep you posted with pictures and videos.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Mime Time 2018

A traditional presentation of classical and modern mime techniques performed at Toddler Tree in a developmentally appropriate style through an acting technique that conveys emotion through non-verbal communication: this is Mime Time.

Occasionally referred to as ‘the art of silence,’ pantomime relies on facial expressions, body language, gestures and movements to convey a message or tell a story or create an illusion. People performing pantomime are known as mimes or clowns. With pantomime, kids can enjoy themselves while learning valuable social and communication skills.

• Pantomime incorporates techniques to convey emotion within facial expressions. When expressing happiness, the actor will raise his brow, curve his lips upward, parting the mouth slightly in addition to squinting to appear as if he is smiling with his eyes. Surprise is conveyed by opening the mouth to an O-shape, raising the brow and opening the eyes as wide as possible. Conversely, anger is expressed by turning the brow and mouth downward, while firmly setting the jaw in a dropped position. Sadness is conveyed by turning the mouth, the brow and the eyes downward, while allowing all the muscles in the face to sag.

• The chest is the central point of all action in pantomime. Actors will use the entire body to react and express emotion. Gestures in pantomime are exaggerated. When expressing positive emotions, actors will create free-flowing movements, maintain an elevated chest and gesture broadly. Negative emotions are expressed through restrictive gestures and a chest that is drawn inward. The body will appear tense and rigid.

Mime Time will take place next Wednesday, September 26th and it is packed with elements of surprise, adventure, music, dancing, excitement and, of course, audience interaction and participation. This enriching experience will exercise both the mind and the body of our youngsters.

If You’re Happy and You Know It

This week our main topic was feelings. Our little ones enjoyed learning about different feelings using colors to identify each one of them: red for angry, blue for sad, yellow for happy, etc.

In Creativity Time children applied different techniques using paper plates to create faces that represented different feelings. They had a blast using the different textures and materials.

During physical development, our students are learning how to jump, and follow instructions in a fun way. They are starting to get a hold of action cues through the “Listen and Move” song. To develop their gross motor skills, we have been kicking, throwing and catching balls. All kids are becoming better and better at performing these tasks!

Next week we will be talking about family! We are sure that our kiddos will be really excited.

Remember that on Monday 17th we do not have classes. See you on Tuesday!

Have a great weekend!

Hello September!

Dear Parents,

Thank you for coming to our Open House, it was a pleasure meeting you!

This week our main topic was body parts. We reviewed these concepts by playing the game of “body parts” (children had to touch the body part that was shown in a picture).

During Creativity, our Caterpillars used primary colors to make their hand prints for the first time and they really loved it!

Also, for the kids experienced a new material for the first time: shaving cream! They had a blast feeling the texture!

Next week, we will be learning more about feelings. The Caterpillars will learn how to express feelings through colors, facial expressions, body postures, etc.

Hope you have a great weekend,

Miss Nadia