Happy Easter!

This week our little ones learned new vocabulary words related to Easter, such as: “Easter egg”, “Easter bunny” and “parade”.

Mr. Mike showed the kiddos an Easter bunny during Circle Time. The Easter bunny gave each one a big lovely hug. He also showed us a video from past years of the Easter Parade, so the kiddos could get familiar with this dynamic.

During Creativity, we made more Easter bunnies using golf balls and paint. They really love this activity.

Physical Development was great! The caterpillars really enjoyed hopping on hula-hoops like bunnies. They also wore bunny ears while doing this and loved using shaky eggs during the song Chicken Dance. 

Thank you for attending our Easter Parade. Everyone brought lovely decorated vehicles and enjoyed the fun games outside! Thank you, parents for all your efforts in helping your kids decorate. They all looked amazing!

Enjoy your Easter break!

Classes will resume on Monday, April 29th.

Honey Bunny

This week we learned about the Easter Bunny, the Caterpillars learned vocabulary words such as “bunny”, “easter”, “eggs”, “basket”, “hide” and “seek”.

Mr. Mike’s Circle Time was a great! He introduced the Easter Bunny and showed us how to paint Easter eggs. Also, we learned how the Easter eggs have a surprise inside.

Creativity was super fun! The kiddos made an Easter bunny. They rolled golf balls with paint all over the  bunny to decorate it. We also colored an Easter egg with circle sponges and an easter basket with dot-a-dot markers.

During Physical Development, we wore bunny ears and hopped into hula-hoops to the Bunny Hop song. The kiddos enjoyed and had  lots of fun trying to find shaky eggs all around the gym. We’re getting them ready for the Easter Parade that will be next Wednesday, April 10th at Colonia Sierra Madre Park.

We’ll see you there!

Have a great weekend!

In The Farm

This week we learned about the farm. The kiddos learned vocabulary words such as “cow”, “sheep”, “duck”, “horse” and “pig”.

During Creativity, the caterpillars made lots of farm animals. They pasted cotton balls to a printable sheep image. Also, they used wine corks and pink paint to make little piggies. Their favorite project was making a cow out of paper plates and coloring with black crayon.

During Physical Development, the little ones loved to play the tambourine while listening to Bingo. They also danced to songs like Grandpa’s Farm, The Cow Named Lola, and Old MacDonald Had a Farm. We also have learned to identify the colors of the rainbow with Rainbow Song. 

Next week we will be learning about Easter, the Easter Bunny and hiding and finding eggs.

We are very excited about our Spring Party that will be on Wednesday, April 10th @ Colonia Sierra Madre Park. Here is the agenda for that day:

9:45 am Arrival at the park
10:00 am Photo session with Easter Bunny
10:30 am Parade of decorated scooters, trikes, cars or bikes (please assist your child in preparing it at home- check our website for ideas)
10:45 am Snack (provided by Spring room mothers)
11:00 am Egg Hunt (keep in mind your child needs a bag or basket for this activity)

As a friendly reminder, please remember to send confetti filled and colored egg shells for our party.

Have a nice weekend!


This week we talked about everything related to the farm. The caterpillars learned new vocabulary words such as “farm”, “barn”, “farmer”, “rooster”, “corn” and “crops”.

Mr. Mike, during Circle Time, showed us farm animal puppets, he also talked about the farm and the farmer, how he plants crops such as corn.

During creativity, we made a rooster out of the kiddos’ hand print. They really enjoyed this project.

They also created a barn by coloring a paper bag using red paint, and inside it, they placed the different colored animal they made.

Physical development was so much fun! The little ones danced along to the “Chicken dance“, “I know a chicken“, “Walking on sunshine” and “Bingo“. They really enjoyed pretending to be a chicken and using shaky eggs.

Next week we will be learning more about farm animals, such as: cow, sheep, horse, pig and ducks.

We would like to kindly remind you to please send egg shells for the Easter egg hunt. Thank you!

Have a great weekend!

A Bug’s Life

This week we learned about bugs. Caterpillars learned vocabulary words such as “ladybug”, “cricket”, “butterfly”, “caterpillar”, “worm” and “bee”.

Mr. Mike showed the little ones different types of bugs and used a ladybug puppet to tell us a story. He also showed us a beehive and explained that’s where the bees live.

Creativity was so much fun! The kiddos made a butterfly, they colored coffee filters with markers. We then sprinkled some water on it and watched how the colors spread all over. They really enjoyed seeing this. Their favorite art activity was smashing Oreo cookies, putting them in a cup with some gummy worms, looking like some worms in the soil.

During physical development, we danced along to “Spring is Here”. The kiddos pretended to be little worms and crawled inside a tunnel. They also hopped like little crickets and loved being chased by a bumble bee puppet.

Next week we will be learning about the farm.

Have a nice long weekend!

Spring is Here!

This week we learned about spring and growing. The caterpillars learned vocabulary words such as “grow”, “flowers”, “peas”, “seeds” and “plant”.

Our little ones planted bean seeds in a plastic cup with some cotton. Each day they sprinkled a little bit of water on it, as they watched it grow.

During Creativity, the kiddos made a bird nest, we used paper plates to made the nest and glued brown crepe paper on it. We also pasted blue crepe paper to make the little birdies.

Mr. Mike, during Circle Time, taught the kids about spring, how the flowers bloom, how the weather is is changing and how things grow.

They learned several songs about planting and growing such as: In Our Garden and Growing by Raffi.

Physical development was so much fun! The kiddos enjoyed pretending they were little seeds and then growing like a big tree.

Next week we will be learning about spring animals, such as butterflies, caterpillars, bugs and worms.

Have a great weekend!

Spring is Just Around the Corner

It’s that time of year… spring is almost here!

In preparation for our Welcome Spring! Celebration, please send as many eggshells as you can collect at home so we can begin painting and stuffing them with confetti. Also, start thinking of a vehicle your child can ride for the Easter Parade. It can be a trike, bike, scooter or push car uniquely decorated. Here are a few examples:

For mobile devices, use this link.



This week we learned about different kinds of transportation. The Caterpillars learned vocabulary words such as “police car”, “firetruck”, “airplane” and “sailboat”.

Exploration was super fun, the kiddos played with a farm house. They also played in a fire station and with little cars over a street map carpet. They really enjoyed it!

During Creativity, the little ones made a fire. They pasted red, yellow and orange cellophane on contact paper. They also made a sailboat out of pretzel sticks, cheese and apple. Yummy!

This week we had the rescue team and fire fighters visit Toddler Tree. The Caterpillars really enjoyed watching them show us the equipment they use. Their favorite part was hearing the siren!

Next week we will be learning about Spring, covering topics like rainbows, planting, and growing.

We want to remind you that our Easter Party is coming up soon. If it´s possible please to collect and send as many eggshells as you can. We appreciate your help very much!

Have a nice week!

Baker, Baker, Pizza Maker!

This week we learned more about community helpers. The little ones learned vocabulary words such as “garbage truck”, “construction worker”, “ambulance”, “rescue team” and “excavator”.

During Circle Time, with Mr. Mike, he showed us a story about Oscar the grouch and how much he loves trash. The kids really enjoyed it. He also taught the children about the rescue team.

Physical development was so much fun! The kiddo’s favorite activity was picking up candy wrappers and putting them in trash cans. Another fun activity was giving the little ones play tools, such as hammers, drills, and screwdrivers, while they pretended to be construction workers.

The caterpillars made an trashcan in creativity. We used grey foamy to make it and collected wrappers from lunch time to “decorate” it.

On Friday, we had different centers in each classroom, each one representing a place in our community. Our classroom was a bakery. The kids were bakers and made their own home-made pizza, yummy!

Next week we will be learning about different kinds of transportation.

Have an amazing weekend!

Happy Valentine’s!

This week we learned about some community helpers, love, friendship and, of course, Valentine’s Day. The kiddos learned vocabulary words such as “teacher”, “firefighter”, “dentist” and “Valentine”.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed the little ones the song about Victor and Valeria Valentine. The kids got to role play to it.

In Creativity, the caterpillars made their own bag to keep their Valentine’s in. They colored it with pink and purple and pasted lots of foamy hearts on it. They used the bag to keep their valentine’s gifts and treats.

On Thursday, we had our Valentine’s Day party, it was so much fun! The kiddos really enjoyed hitting the piñata. They also liked how Mr. Mike dressed up as a mailman, brought them Valentines.

Next week we will be learning more about community helpers. We look forward to visits from the Rescue Team and Firefighters in the next couple weeks.

Have an amazing weekend!