Community Helpers

This week we learned about community helpers. Our little ones learned vocabulary words such as “police man”, “mail man”, “doctor”, “nurse” and “baker”.

Mr. Mike introduced us to a little bit about Valentine’s Day, too. The caterpillars learned that the mailman will bring us Valentines soon.

Physical development was so much fun! The kiddos loved listening to sirens and pretend to drive the police car.

During Creativity we made a police hat made out of paper plates. The caterpillars used blue paint and paint brushes to make it blue and then pasted a yellow foamy star. We also made a traffic light made out of cookies, frosting and M&M’s, so delicious!

On Thursday, February 14th, we will be having our Valentine’s Day party. Please remember to label your treats only with who it’s from. On that day our kiddos only need a thermos with water, no lunch boxes. The party hosts will provide food. Thank you very much!

Have a happy weekend!

Bye Bye January!

This week we reviewed the seasons of the year. The littles ones learned vocabulary words such as “winter”, “spring”, “summer”, and “fall”.

During Creativity we created a season chart. The Caterpillars used dot-a-dot markers to make trees according to each season. They had so much fun!

Circle Time with Mr. Mike was also a blast! He showed us Rocky the Racoon who plays the recorder and Benny the Bear who plays the banjo. The kids were so entertained!

Next week, we will be learning about different community helpers, such as policeman and doctor. We will also be introducing Valentine’s Day with several activities. We will continue developing fine motor skills practicing tracing, lacing, tangrams and cutting.

We remind you that there will be no classes on Monday February 4th, 2019 due to the Mexican Constitution day.

Have a great weekend!

Penguins, Attention!

This week we learned about woodland and winter animals. The kiddos learned vocabulary words like “bear”, “fox”, “squirrel”, “dear”, “penguin” and “raccon”.

In Circle Time, Mr. Mike introduced Rocky the Racoon, Dolly the Deer, Benny the Bear and Sammy Squirrel. The caterpillars really enjoyed it.

During creativity, we made a polar bear made out with paper plates and paper-mache. We also made a penguin made out of foamy.

Physical development was so much fun! The little ones danced along to “Penguin Dance” and “Rock-a-Bye Your Bear”.

Thank you Grandmas, for attending the Grandma’s Day! We were so happy to have you here and your little ones did too.

Next week we will be learning about winter sports.

Happy weekend!

Put On Your… Jacket!

Our Caterpillars started talking about winter clothes. The kiddos learned vocabulary words such as “jacket”, “scarf”, “mittens”, “boots” and “hat”.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed us how to put on each piece of clothing properly. Also, we learned about the importance of wearing clothes to keep warm during winter.

Creativity Time was so much fun! We made different winter clothes such as mittens and caps. We also made a delicious snowman made out of powdered sugar donuts. So yummy!

This week we welcomed some new Crawling Caterpillars to our class! We want to give a warm welcome to Olivia, Emilia, Eugenio, Sofia, Carolina and Paulina. We’re so happy to have them in our class!

Next week we will be learning about forest animals and cold-weather animals.We will also be having Grandmothers visit Toddler Tree!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Happy New Year Caterpillars!

Happy New Year and welcome back! Hoped you had an amazing Christmas break.

This week we welcomed the kiddos with a new theme, winter. They learned vocabulary words such as “igloo”, “eskimo”, “snow” “penguin” and “ice”. They also learned that the last number of the year has changed, no more 2018, welcome 2019!

During Cricle Time with Mr. Mike, played “Happy New Year” on his accordion and the kids loved it!

The Caterpillars really enjoyed Physical Development. They danced along to the “Freeze Dance”. They were really good at it and had so much fun.

In Creativity, we made snowflakes out of tongue depressors.  They also used ice paint to paint craft paper. Lastly, they used circle sponges with white paint to paint snow.

Next week we will be learning about winter clothes. Please send your little ones with some items such as scarfs, boots, mittens and beanies.

We look forward for Parent´s conference next Thursday January 17th.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Holidays!

This week we reviewed different Christmas topics, such as: Santa and his reindeer, Baby Jesus, Christmas decorations and Christmas songs.

Our little ones made a very special gift for you. They made a hand print over a Christmas ornament and placed a a green ribbon inside which measures your little one’s height.

We hope you enjoyed the Grand Christmas Rhapsody show. The Caterpillars did much better than expected! Our little ones felt so excited to perform for you.

When the kids come back from Christmas vacations on Monday January 7th , we will be learning about winter.

We would like to thank you all for the lovely presents you gave us this holiday season. We really appreciate you taking the time to think about us. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

‘Tis The Season!

This week we learned about the real meaning of Christmas and how this holiday is about giving and not receiving, about family and love.

During Circle time, Mr. Mike taught us vocabulary words such as angels, bells, candles and baby Jesus.

In Physical Development, we are still rehearsing for our Christmas Program, working on the final touches! The Caterpillars are so excited!

Creativity Time is so fun and amazing! We worked on some Christmas decorations for the Program. Also, the kids made a phonograph record made out of glittery, black foamy and white paper. (They will be part of the show decorations)

We want to remind you that “The Grand Christmas Rhapsody” show will take place next Tuesday, December 18, at Candy Gum. The time of arrival for kids is 9 am and parents arrive for the performance at 10.30.

Enjoy your weekend!


This week we learned about Santa Claus and his reindeer. We listened and danced to songs like “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and “Up on the House-Top”.

The Caterpillars made a Santa Claus out of a toilet paper tube, cotton for his beard and hair, and a red pompom for his nose. They also made a reindeer: they painted an egg carton with brown paint, they glued little eyes, and used pipe cleaners for the horns.

Also, on Wednesday Santa came to Toddler Tree! Each Caterpillar took a picture with Santa and he took our Christmas cards. They were so excited to see him!

Next week we will be learning about the real meaning of Christmas.

Have a good weekend!