Christmas Time!

What a great week, full of joy and excitement! We had been looking forward to our special event prepared just for you, our Magic Kingdom Christmas program. Busy Bees practiced really hard, and their hard work paid off! They did great! We are so proud of them and we hope you also enjoyed the show.

This week we continued learning more about this magical season, Christmas time! Our kiddos enjoyed talking about what Santa will bring them.

During Physical Development they had lots of fun dancing and exercising to the rhythm of several songs. They really enjoy dancing and putting on their best moves.

At Creativity Time they made all sorts of fun activities, but most of them were focused on developing and reinforcing their fine motor skills (painting with hand and fingers prints).

Kids really enjoy Story Time a lot, we saw books related to the season, like “Spot’s First Christmas”, “Merry Christmas Boots”, “The Pokey Little Puppy” and “One Snowy Eve”.

We hope you have an amazing weekend!

We Saw Santa!

This week was full of magic and excitement! We had a special visitor, Santa! All the kiddos had a great time taking pictures with him and giving him their Christmas cards.

Also, we started working on several Christmas decorations. The Busy Bees had a great time using their fine motor skills, We made a reindeer out of chocolate, they love working with food!

At Physical Development we have been practicing songs and rhymes for the Christmas program. The kids are doing a great job and are eager to show you!

Next week on Tuesday, December10th we will have our Christmas program at Candy Gum Party Place (Plaza San Pedro).

We hope you have a great weekend!

Thanksgiving Feast!

Busy Bees had their Thanksgiving feast on Wednesday, and they really enjoyed it. We had the opportunity to experience a real Thanksgiving meal full of delicious food.

Our kiddos also got to rotate and play different games in other classrooms, such as: a food relay, “Go Fish”, and “Pin the Feather on the Turkey”.

We did Indian headbands and our Busy Bees loved them.  Also, they pretended being Indians and pilgrims. It was a week filled with fun and many surprises!

When we come back to school after Thanksgiving break, we will start talking about several Christmas themes, such as: bells, toys, Santa, Christmas Trees, ornaments, candies, cookies and many more.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your long weekend!

Sharing Is Caring!

This week our Busy Bees made several exciting activities during Exploration Time. We made a turkey using coffee filters and hangers, this was a different way to review colors.

At Circle Time, Mr. Mike and our kiddos dressed up as indians and pilgrims. They had so much fun learning about how they lived and the importance of sharing os caring.

During Creativity we had lots of fun, in order to role play when we danced the “five little Indians” song our kiddos made an Indian headband. They enjoyed painting it using markers and decorated it by spreading some glue “up & down, side to side” and pasting some sequins.

Next week we will be having a Thanksgiving celebration on Wednesday, November 27th. We will be sharing food, being thankful and grateful. No lunch is needed, only their water bottle.

As a friendly reminder, there will be no clases on Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th. We will be very happy to see you on Monday, December 2nd.

Have a nice weekend!

Fruits and Grains!

This week Busy Bees learned all about going to the market. We started by going over fruits and vegetables and also talked about grains, such as: pasta, oatmeal, cereal, porridge, beans, crackers, cake and bread.

Our Kiddos enjoyed Exploration Time activities, especially the ones that involved food. One day we brought several fruits and showed them the different colors, textures and flavors. They were able to identify each and then told us which fruit was it. Also, we made a turkey with our hands. Busy Bees enjoy so much Creativity Time, they had tons of fun painting pasta.

We are now getting into Thanksgiving and showing the kids how to share and take turns. So next week we look forward to do a lot of activities related to Pilgrims, Indians, and turkeys.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Fruits and Vegetables!

This week we started with a new and fun topic, such as: fruits and veggies. Busy Bees learned new vocabulary words related to fruits, like: apple, banana, orange, and lemon. After that we talked about vegetables, such as: carrot, broccoli, onion, potatoes, tomatoes and green peas. Finally dairy was introduced to them, such as: milk, butter, cheese, yogurt and eggs. During Exploration, they had the opportunity to observe and feel the different textures and colors of them.

In Creativity, we have been working on our motor skills by pressing potatoes with paint over paper and creating several stamps. Busy Bees also enjoyed feeling textures in their feet to “make a broccoli”. They really enjoyed it!

At Story Time our kiddos are so attentive, we like to use different props (toys) while reading books to them. We read books like “Too Much Junk Food!”.

Physical development is filled with fun and exciting activities. We rolled over the cushions and danced to songs like, “Hot Potato” and “Apples and Bananas”. It has been a week full of new dynamic and experiential learning activities.

Next week we will continue introducing other foods, as well as learning all about Thanksgiving.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Parent Teacher Conference (Busy Bees / November 13th)

Dear Parents,

Our first parent teacher conferences will be held on Wednesday, November 13th at Toddler Tree Kinder. Attached you will find assigned schedules.

Please confirm your assistance with Nora.

Thank you!

Toddler Tree Staff

8:20 AM Emilio
8:40 AM Victoria María
9:00 AM Mayra Sofía
9:20 AM Alana
9:40 AM Juan Bernardo
10:00 AM José Roberto
10:20 AM Hermann
10:40 AM Eugenio Leal
11:00 AM Diego
11:20 AM

11:40 AM

12:00 PM



Eugenio Ramos

Happy Halloween!

This week, we reviewed Halloween and welcomed November. Physical Development was super fun! Busy Bees tried on a few costumes, such as: cowboy, ghost, witch and ballerina. They danced to songs like “Knock Knock, Trick or Treat”, “Five Creepy Spiders” and “Thriller”.

During Creativity, we finished our pot which we used as decorations for our parade. Also, we made a bag with fomi monsters so the kids can place their treats inside, they loved it!

Next week, we will begin the month learning about food topics, like: fruits and vegetables. Later, we will continue learning about Thanksgiving.

Have an amazing weekend!

Spiders In The Hunted House!

This week we focused on Halloween characters, such as: friendly ghosts, goblins, spiders and even explored a Haunted House.

Our kiddos s are practicing a Halloween rhyme:

“Trick – or – Treat
Trick – or – Treat
Bring Me Something GOOD To EAT !”

Busy bees had fun making a spider cookie! As soon as they saw the Oreo cookies,  their eyes went wide open. Also, they really enjoyed decorating a pot that will be used for our Pixar Perfect Halloween Parade.

Next week we will continue reviewing Halloween and will have on Wednesday October 30th our Pixar Perfect Halloween Parade at 10:20am.

Here are a few reminders:

1. Kids arrival time is at 9:00am, please do not send lunch boxes, only a bag to collect goodies.
2. Parking is limited (consider Uber).
3. Please leave the kinder without entering the classrooms. This is to avoid disturbing the children.

Thank you so much, have a great weekend!

Beware Of The Witch!

We´re so proud of all the achievements our Busy Bees have made! Now, they´re into our daily routine and we are seeing an awesome development in the activities planned for them!

This Spooky Week was all about introducing Halloween. We had a great time role playing Witches. Their favorite part was making scary sounds and tricking their friends.

During Exploration, our kiddos looked at different sized pumpkins. Also, they were exposed to a bit of science as they observed several ingredients react, making a bubbling explosion.

On Physical Development we tried different Halloween costumes! Our favorite activity was pretending to fly around the gym with our brooms.

In Creativity, we´re working on doing spiders by using their handprints. Which by the way, we would like to to congratulate our kids for letting us paint their hands! They loved the tickling sensation when the brush touched their hands! We enjoy doing these funny and sometimes messy activities! Busy Bees enjoyed the experience so much, and the activities help spark their senses!

Our halloween Party is coming up, so we better get those costumes ready!

Have a wonderful weekend!