Leaves Are Falling!

As the leaves start turning brown and falling to the ground this season, Busy bees got to experience the changes in weather at Toddler Tree!

Creativity Class was also about Fall and its colors. They saw the difference between hot (red color) and cold (blue color). To review we pasted leaves on a dream catcher and made a big leaf with water and colorant. Also, for Halloween we made a spider Web using their fingerprints!

During Physical Development our kiddos enjoyed listening to Halloween music and exercising with a parachute, tambourines, hula hoops, and balls.  They pretended to be trees and watch the leaves fall for a “cool down” moment.

Cooperative play is getting easier and easier as the weeks pass by! They are able to take turns and share most of the time.

We are getting ready for Halloween, our Busy Bees are learning some rhymes.

As a reminder, we will have our Pixar Perfect Halloween Party on Thursday, October 31st. Please remember to send your children with a bag or something to collect their sweets in.

We hope you have a nice weekend!

Teaching Listening Skills

Use the following simple strategies to help your toddler listen better:

Read to her

Reading aloud to your toddler is a great way to improve her listening skills. Use silly voices, or emphasize certain words or phrases to get her attention. Try to get fresh reading material as often as you can. If your toddler hasn’t heard the story before, she will have to listen to find out what happens! You can also buy books that are specially written to teach children to listen.

Get down to her level

Bellowing from a great height, or even another room, rarely has the desired effect. Instead, squat down or pick up your child so that you can look her in the eye and grab her attention. She’ll be more inclined to listen if you sit down next to her before reminding her to eat up her porridge.

Similarly, perch on her bed at night when telling her you’re about to turn off the light.

Share mealtimes

It can be hard to find time for your whole family to sit down and talk to each other. Mealtimes are a perfect time to do this. It may not be possible to do this every night, but try to set one day a week, such as Sunday evening, for everyone to sit down and share a meal. If you don’t have a table, see if you can buy a fold-away version. This will give your toddler a chance to see her parents interacting and listening, and it will also give her an opportunity to chat and listen, too.

Be clear

State your message clearly, simply and authoritatively. Your toddler will zone out if you bang on about something. Try not to say, “It’s cold outside and you’ve been poorly lately, so I want you to put on your jacket before we go to the store.” Instead try, “It’s time to put on your jacket.” She will understand what you’re saying more easily and be more inclined to listen.

And try not to phrase something as a question if your toddler doesn’t actually have a choice. “Let’s get into your car seat,” has much more impact than, “Do you want to climb into your car seat now, sweetie?”

Follow through fast

Make it clear that you mean what you say and don’t make threats, or promises, you won’t keep. If you tell your two-year-old, “You can have water with your dinner,” don’t waver five minutes later and give her juice. Making sure your partner shares your rules and that you both stick to them will help your toddler feel more secure.

Make your follow-through speedy, too. You wouldn’t shout “Don’t run across the road!” five times, so try not to repeat less urgent instructions. If you want your toddler to put her cup on the table, say, “Put your cup on the table.” If she doesn’t, guide her hand to place the cup on the table. That way, she knows what you want her to do.

Reinforce your message

It helps to back up what you say with other cues, especially if you’re trying to pull your child away from an absorbing activity. Say, “Time for bed!” and then give a visual cue (flicking the light switch on and off), a physical cue (laying your hand on her shoulder), or a demonstration (steering her towards her bed).

Give warnings

Give your toddler advance notice when a big change is about to happen, especially if she’s happily involved with toys or a friend. There’s no point in giving your toddler a five-minute warning, as she’s too young to understand the concept of time. Instead, when you’re getting ready to leave the house say, “When you have finished dressing your doll, put your coat on.”

Give realistic instructions

If you tell your two-year-old to put her toys away, she may look around the room and think, “No way!” Instead, give her specific and manageable tasks, such as “Let’s put the yellow blocks away.” Once she’s accomplished the first task, you can make it into a game by saying, “Good. Now let’s put the blue blocks away.”


Yelling orders may get results, but some children will get upset and no one will enjoy the process. Your toddler will respond better to confident good humour. For example, occasionally use a silly voice or a song to deliver your message. You could sing, “Now it’s time to brush your teeth” to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down, for example.

Stress the benefits of getting the job done quickly. Say, “Brush your teeth and then we’ll read your favourite book”, instead of “Brush your teeth or you’ll get fillings”, or “Brush your teeth NOW!” Praise her when she finishes brushing and before you do a quick checking brush, with “Good listening!”

The good humor, affection and trust you show your toddler will make her want to listen to you. She’ll know that you love her and think she’s special. This is important when you need to be firm, too. Straightforward, authoritative instructions are more powerful when they’re accompanied by a hug or a smile. Then your toddler learns that paying attention is worthwhile.

Set a good example

Your toddler will be a better listener if she sees that you are a good listener, too. Try to listen to her as respectfully as you would to any adult. Look at her when she talks to you, respond politely and let her finish without interrupting. It may be difficult when you’re cooking dinner and she’s especially chatty, but try not to turn your back on her while she’s talking.

As with so many behaviors, the old saying “Do as I say, not as I do”, has no value when teaching your toddler to listen. It’s what you do that counts.

Shapes Everywhere

This week our Busy Bees began learning about the different shapes they see everywhere at the kinder. They are now very familiarized with circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, ovals, diamonds, stars and hearts. It’s amazing to watch them pair shapes correctly!

During Exploration Time our kiddos had lots of fun! We did some sponge painting by dipping the figure sponges into the paint and then pressing down on a white sheet of paper! Also, they practiced sorting shapes by its color and form.

We have started reading books related to Halloween themes, they seem to enjoy it very much! Some of the books read to them, were: “Clifford´s First Halloween”, “Happy Halloween Biscuit”, “What is Halloween?”, ”Halloween Treats”, “Halloween Jack”, and “Five Little Monsters” were read to them during this week.

As you may already know, on Thursday October 31st, we will be having our Halloween party and parade. Start looking for costumes so your child can participate. Try to find simple costumes for their own comfort. If possible, use make up instead of a mask, so it won’t obstruct their sight.

Next week we will learn about lines, primary and secondary colors.

We hope you have an amazing weekend!

This Is My House

This week our Busy Bees learned all about their house, such as: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and dining room. We took the kids to the playground so they could explore the kitchen and playhouse. Our kiddos had so much fun, they also had a chance to practice many new vocabulary words.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed us an Earny story to learn about the different rooms in a house. At Creativity, we made a paper bag house and decorated it using water colors.

In Physical Development, Busy Bees played with balls and had a chance to practice their gross motor skills. Also, we are learning to “Listen and Move” using several action songs.

Next week, our kiddos will be learning new concepts and vocabulary words related to shapes.

Have a great weekend!

This Is My Family!

This week, we talked about family members. Our Busy Bees learned words like: mom, dad, sister, brother and baby.

During Creativity Class we created a family picture, they loved painting each member of their family and showed us how many brothers or sisters they have. On Discovery our kiddos made a glove, each finger represented a family member. It was so much fun wearing it while we sang “family fingers” song.

As you know, on Wednesday we had the Mime visit. Our Busy Bees were stunned, they really enjoyed it .

We look forward to next week, they will be learning all about “our house”.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

If You Are Happy And You Know It..

This week we learned about feelings and the colors that represent them. In Creativity, we did a Kleenex box representing the different emotions. Our Bees enjoyed very much doing this activity.

During Story Time, we used several props to represent and express the theme of each book we read. The kids love using them and even got a turn to help. At Discovery Time, we filled balloons with flour and then drew a face expressing the feeling that corresponded to that color.

Our Kiddos really enjoy Physical Development, we have been reinforcing our motor skills using circuits. They also enjoy dancing and moving around!

Next week, we will talk about family. We look forward to learn about each other’s family members. On Wednesday, September 18th we will have the mime visit at the kinder.

As a reminder, next Monday 17th we don’t have classes, but we hope to see everybody back on Tuesday!

Hope you have a great long weekend!

Rain Rain Go Away!

This week we learned about body parts, such as: head, nose and eyes.

We even made a silhouette of ourselves, the kids loved it. Also, we used play doh for manipulative skills, our busy bees were very excited making figures.

We are sorry we had to cancel our open house, but it was rescheduled for Tuesday September 10 at 8pm. We hope we see you there!

Next Friday (Sep 13) we will celebrate Mexican Independence Day, you can send your kids dress up as Mexican Charros and Chinas Poblanas (it is optional).

Have a great weekend!

“Buzzing” Around The Kinder!

This week our Busy Bees had lots of fun experimenting with different textures and colors. We saw chemical reactions, including baking soda and vinegar mixing together creating a mini explosion!

Students have been adapting to our classroom and classmates. They are starting to identify us as Miss Mely and Miss Caty. Busy Bees are also getting familiarized with their cubby. A big highlight of the day is singing with Mr.Mike during Circle Time.

Next week we will be seeing parts of the body: head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Please remember our Open House will be held on Wednesday, September 4th at 8:00pm. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

We hope you have en amazing weekend!

First Week As Busy Bees!

We had a great first week! Although most of our students have been in school before, we are still adapting to our new learning environment; getting familiar with our new routine, teachers and friends.

Our kiddos had a great time learning new vocabulary words related to school! During morning routine, they also shared with us about their vacations. At Circle Time, Busy Bees felt so excited to be with Mr. Mike. It is great to see their expressions with his surprises and the way the students interact with him.

Thank you for becoming members of our private Facebook group called Busy Bees 2020. We will be posting photos and information here throughout the school year.

As a reminder, Toddler Tree’s Open House for parents of the Busy Bees class will be held on Wednesday, September 4 at 8pm. Please mark your calendars. We look forward seeing you there!

Thank you and have a great weekend.