Summer Camp 2016

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As in previous years, this summer we will be offering a six week Summer Camp for children up to age 8. This year all activities are based on the Pirates and Princesses theme. Kids are grouped by age levels and will be rotating through centers for active music, story telling and dramatization, creative arts and crafts, circle time, snack and outdoor play. For further information on dates, schedules and costs, please call 8356-8344 & 8356-8330 from Mon-Fri 8:00am to 2:00pm and Mon-Thurs 3:00pm-5:00pm.

Happy Mother’s Day!

This week the children have learned about zoo and jungle animals, we had lots of fun while pretending to be monkeys in circle time with Mr. Mike and they enjoyed hearing stories about our jungle friends while learning the sounds each one of them make. Children played with animal puppets and started to recognize and name some of them.

During creativity time the children made a zebra out of hand prints, a lion made out of hearts which helped them review this shape and a monkey with a special message for mommies.
For mothers day celebration the kids made a wooden canvas painting using different bright colors and painting techniques, they also learned an “I love you” poem dedicated to their mommies.

During physical development children have been practicing for their end of the year program, showing their best dance moves!

This weeks vocabulary words:
” I love you”

Next week’s vocabulary words:
Zoo review

We hope you have a great mother’s day in company of your loved ones!

Winter Clothing!

This week we learned about winter clothing. We want to thank all of you for participating by sending your children with items to show. They had lots of fun dressing up with scarves, mittens, hats, gloves, coats and jackets.

During creativity we showed the students to paint using different techniques. They experienced paint using rollers, brushes, stamps, golf balls and colors. They also modeled play dough with their hands, using different instruments, as well.

During physical development the children had lots of fun doing circuits, reviewing the concepts of up and down, side to side, jump, run and gallop. We also danced to music using tambourines and following rhythms. The class loved Frosty’s Story Book and song. We role played using a scarf and magic hat just like Frosty!

On Friday, we celebrated Maria Ximena’s birthday. The whole class enjoyed eating cupcakes, participating in making Maria Ximena’s crown and singing Happy Birthday to her.

Next week, the children will learn about forest animals :squirrel, fox, raccoon, picking up new vocabulary words, such as: bear/ polar bear, whales/ beluga, penguins, ice, water and cave.

Here are a few pictures we took during the week. We hope you enjoy them!

Caterpillars and Butterflies Winter Fun

Please dress up your child in black (pants, top and shoes). Mrs. Vero will supply accessories for the kids to wear as simple costumes. The kidss will perform as penguins for the following songs:
Click here for Waddlin Walk


Frosty the Snowman
In relation to the penguins, the kids have really been enjoying this lovely story: Little Penguin’s Tale

Body Parts

All of our students have been enjoying our Body Parts theme. The main songs we have selected that are related to this subject are: Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes; If You’re Happy, and One Fine Face.

For recent photos and other information, please take a look at what your kids have been doing in the classroom by clicking on the menus above. Choose the name of your child’s class and you will be directed to the latest news.