Countdown to Halloween

This week we focused on Halloween characters, such as friendly ghosts and goblins, spiders, and we explored the Haunted House.

Also, Big Bears are practicing a witch poem:

The Witch

“If I were a witch

I´d ride on my broom

And scatter the ghosts with a zoom, zoom, zoom!”

We also learned:

“Trick – or – Treat
Trick – or – Treat
Bring Me Something GOOD To EAT !” 🙂

Big Bears had fun making a spider cookie! As soon as they saw the Oreo cookies, pretzel sticks, m&m´s, and Nutella their eyes opened wide and they said “May we eat it?”.

They really enjoyed decorating a real pumpkin using different materials too.

The kids are so excited about the “VINTAGE HALLOWEEN PARTY” that will take place next Wednesday, October 31st.

Here are a few reminders:

1. Kids arrival time is at 9:00am, please do not send lunch boxes, only a ba to collect goodies. If you send treats for classmates, please label who it is from. It saves a lot of time in passing out candies.
2. Admission for the 10:30am parade will be 2 people per family.
3. Parking is limited (consider Uber).
4. Please leave the kinder without entering the classrooms. This is to avoid disturbing the children.
5. If it rains, the parade will be held for students only.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Caya & Miss Karen

I’m Not Afraid!

This week we focused on learning about Halloween characters, such as friendly cats, witches, pumpkins, Jack o Lanterns, spiders, bats and a Haunted House.

Also, the Big Bears have been practicing a new song:


Jack o Lantern, Jack o Lantern
very funny,very funny
two big eyes, two big eyes
I’m not afraid

Jack o Lantern, Jack o Lantern
very funny, very funny
one big nose, one big nose
I’m not afraid

Jack o Lantern, Jack o Lantern
very funny, very funny
one big mouth, one big mouth
I’m not afraid

Jack o Lantern, Jack o Lantern
very funny, very funny
three ugly teeth, three ugly teeth
I’m not afraid.

During Creativity, the Big Bears get really excited to learn new concepts through art. We had so much making a spider and a bat. They also enjoyed going over the seasons.

Next Week, we will continue learning more concepts related to Halloween. It will be an exciting week filled with surprises!

The kids are so excited about the “Vintage Halloween Party”. Do they have costumes yet? We’re excited for them, too.

Have a great weekend!

Columbus, Columbus…

We hope you enjoyed listening to our Big Bears singing Columbus, Columbus! We are glad to see how they are improving their comprehension and fluency, overall, building up their confidence and self-esteem.

The Big Bears were very excited to discover during Science, how hot air (hair dryer) can melt an ice cube. All of them, were amazed to see how a solid can become liquid.

During Creativity, they dipped their fingers into warm red color and drew different shapes. The blue color represented cold, so they used frozen blue paint to draw.

The Bears love Physical development! They enjoy doing different activities, games and movements using several instruments or props.

Next week, they will continue learning about the different seasons and the main colors of Fall. Big Bears will practice this Fall rhyme:

” See the Leaves

falling down

to the ground

without a sound!”

On Wednesday October 31st, we will have our Vintage Halloween Party. Please remember to send for your children something to put together their sweets in (like a bag or basket). In case you want to send treats for their classmates, there are 11 Kids in the group (5 Girls and 6 Boys).

Friendly Reminder- Please help your child collect some different types of leaves and send them to us for next week. We will be working on a project that involves the use of leaves. Thank you!

Have a great weekend!

Shaping Up!

This week we had the opportunity to learn about shapes using different materials. The Big Bears learned that a circle is round and has no corners. A triangle has three straight sides and a square has four sides and four corners. They learned to identify shapes around us like a circle (clock), a triangle (slice of pizza) and squares (picture frames).

During Creativity, we wanted to teach the kids about Christopher Columbus, so we made a ship using different shapes and colors. Then, to review the shapes, they matched some foamy shapes to the ones on the ship.

During Physical Development, the Big Bears reviewed shapes by finding different shapes around the gym. They also used Hula hoops to reinforce “circle”.

Next week we we will talk about lines, colors and Columbus day. Our kiddos have been practicing a new song and each one will take turns in front of their peers and repeat it. The song goes like this:

“Columbus, Columbus

He sailed across the sea

And landed in America in 1492

La Niña, La Pinta y La Santa Maria!”

As you may already know, on Wednesday October 31st, we will be having our “Vintage Halloween” party and parade. Start looking for costumes so your child can participate. Try to find simple costumes for their own comfort. If possible, use make up instead of a mask, so it won’t obstruct their sight.

Finally, please help your child collect and send leaves (different shapes and colors). You might look in your own garden or at the park. We want them to know the main colors of Fall/Autumn.

Have a great weekend!

Mime Time!

This week, we reviewed body parts, family members, school items and identified different feelings. This Wednesday, Sept.26th we had a really fun day because we had a Mime visit Toddler Tree. During the show, we had several kids expressing feelings and imitating the mime. They all were amazed by the Mime’s presentation. He showed thems some really cool tricks.

We also practiced our new rhyme “The Tree.” Each child takes their turn saying the rhyme in front of their peers and sometimes they even act while they say it. We love observing how each day they learn new things!

Next week we will continue learning shapes, lines and colors. The Big Bears will also have the opportunity to review different objects and relate them to a specific shape and/or color.

A friendly reminder: please remember to label all jackets and sweaters to avoid mix ups.

Have a great weekend!

We Are Family!

This week, we enjoyed learning about our family and the activities each family member performs.

Some of the kids were able to give specific names to each member of their family and others role played using dolls, hats, glasses etc.

Next week, we will discover the different parts of the house and learn new vocabulary words.

We will also have a special visit next Wednesday, September 26th. Our friend, the Mime will help us review feelings and emotions in a fun and creative way.

Have a great weekend!

Mime Time 2018

A traditional presentation of classical and modern mime techniques performed at Toddler Tree in a developmentally appropriate style through an acting technique that conveys emotion through non-verbal communication: this is Mime Time.

Occasionally referred to as ‘the art of silence,’ pantomime relies on facial expressions, body language, gestures and movements to convey a message or tell a story or create an illusion. People performing pantomime are known as mimes or clowns. With pantomime, kids can enjoy themselves while learning valuable social and communication skills.

• Pantomime incorporates techniques to convey emotion within facial expressions. When expressing happiness, the actor will raise his brow, curve his lips upward, parting the mouth slightly in addition to squinting to appear as if he is smiling with his eyes. Surprise is conveyed by opening the mouth to an O-shape, raising the brow and opening the eyes as wide as possible. Conversely, anger is expressed by turning the brow and mouth downward, while firmly setting the jaw in a dropped position. Sadness is conveyed by turning the mouth, the brow and the eyes downward, while allowing all the muscles in the face to sag.

• The chest is the central point of all action in pantomime. Actors will use the entire body to react and express emotion. Gestures in pantomime are exaggerated. When expressing positive emotions, actors will create free-flowing movements, maintain an elevated chest and gesture broadly. Negative emotions are expressed through restrictive gestures and a chest that is drawn inward. The body will appear tense and rigid.

Mime Time will take place next Wednesday, September 26th and it is packed with elements of surprise, adventure, music, dancing, excitement and, of course, audience interaction and participation. This enriching experience will exercise both the mind and the body of our youngsters.

I’m A Happy Big Bear!

This week was full of fun and interesting activities. We talked about feelings and how they can be expressed. The Big Bears were excited to express how they felt each day during Morning Routine.

We also taught the kids about Mexican Independence and the Mexican flag. We showed them the colors, as well as the National Anthem.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike had the kids ring the bell and yell “¡Viva México!”

In Physical Development, we danced using hula hoops to the “Mexican Hat Dance”.

Thank you for dressing our Big Bears for Mexican Independence. They looked wonderful and had a great time celebrating!

We are looking forward to next week activities that include a lot of fun themes related to family. It’s a great topic to reinforce at home!

Have a fun long weekend!

Nice To Know You!

Hello Parents,

Thank you so much for attending our Open House! We really enjoyed meeting you and seeing the very creative ideas you came up with for the “Mystery Bags.” All your kids were very excited to receive them. The “Mystery Bag” will be used as a “show and tell” activity for whoever is the leader or super kid of the day.

This is how it works: The bag will be sent home with your child a day prior to the assigned date when he or she will be the leader. At home, they can choose one toy and one book and put them in the bag to bring to school. This way, your child can share and talk about the things inside it during our morning routine!

Next week, we will be talking about feelings and how they can be expressed through colors, body postures, facial expressions, etc. We are so excited to get into full swing with these topics, as your children get to learn more about themselves and their families.

The rhyme we have been practicing is:

The Tree

Tree trunk at the bottom
Leaves at the top
Apples falling off the tree

Don’t forget that hugs are a great medicine!

Have a fun weekend,
Ms. Caya and Miss Karen