Ready For New Beginnings!

This school year has been a blessing for us! We had the opportunity to meet and be part of our Big Bears lives. Happiness and sadness is what we feel right now. But we are sure that the future of our little ones will be filled with wonderful experiences.

Being teachers is a reward every day. Each one of our students gave us the chance to learn new things. We feel happy with the final outcome of 2018-2019 School Year. We are so proud of them! They will always be present in our hearts and thoughts.

“You’re off to great places! Today is your Day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”. CONGRATS!

Thank you very much for attending to the graduation! We really appreciated your time and effort.

Big Bears had a great time in our “splash day”, they really enjoyed it a lot.

We will miss our Big Bears immensely with all our heart. Have a safe and an incredible summer!


Ms. Caya & Miss Karen

Ready, Set…Summer!

This week we introduced summer fun and the beach. Big Bears had a chance to talk about the vocabulary involved in different activities they can do during this season. For example, we talked about enjoying water sports and wearing or using snorkel gear, swimsuits, sunglasses, shovels, pails, and more.

This school year has been a blessing for us! We had the opportunity to be part of our Big Bears’ lives. At the moment there are feelings of sadness, happiness, and most importantly, pride. We are sure that the future of our little ones will be filled with wonderful experiences.

Being teachers is a grand reward every day, and each one of our students gave us the chance to learn numerous new things. We are beaming with joy with the final outcome of the 2018 – 2019 School Year. We are so proud of them! They will always be present in our hearts and minds.

“Family is the first school for young children, and parents are powerful models”.

Thank you very much for attending the parent-teacher conference, we really appreciate your time and effort. Please remember next Wednesday, June 12, will be Graduation Day at Candy Gum. Don´t miss it!

Additionally, next Thursday, June 13th, we will have our summer activities with water. Kids will enjoy being outside with big bubbles, inflatables and water guns. It’s going to be so much fun! Please send an extra set of clothes for that day.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Let’s Go Fishing!

This week besides practicing for our show ”Preschool of Rock”, we learned many things related to sea animals. Big Bears learned about their habitat and the different sounds/movements of each specific creature.

During Exploration, we went “fishing” and were able to practice the name and specific characteristics of animals they pulled out “from the sea”. This was made by picking out plush toys from a bin and reciting information they recall from them.

Our kiddos felt so excited to perform their “Preschool of Rock” presentation, we hope you enjoyed it as much as the kids did. They worked very hard and cherished seeing you there!

Big Bears are looking forward to graduate to be Super Big Bears. We can still remember the first day of school as if it was yesterday. Time passes so fast, and the last day of school is almost here! You can imagine how much we will miss them. Of course, we will be offering      “ TOY STORY ” for our summer camp program this year to further induce practicing English and engage kids in many fun and educational activities.

Next week they will be introduced into the “Summer Fun and the Beach” unit. Big Bears will have the chance to converse about vocabulary involved in activities and themes related to summer.

Please remember that next Tuesday, June 4th is the date of our Parent Teacher Conferences. It is critical to attend meetings like these in order to know what is going on in your child’s development. Throughout the school year we had a goal in our minds and hearts, which we would like to share with you. “A teacher’s purpose is not create students in our own image, but to develop students who can create their own image”.

Have a nice weekend!

We Love Pets!

Big Bears were very excited with our special visitors this week, their classmates’ pets. They learned their names, how to hold and take care of them. We also talked about the importance of respecting animals.

Big Bears are reinforcing tracing skilLs with several activities, such as: their name, lines, and circles.They really enjoyed doing this activity!

They had fun role-playing “Going to the Zoo!”, as well as making different sounds!

Next week we will learn about different sea animals and their habitat. Our students will have the opportunity to “live” under the sea. Each one will express what sea animal they would like to be! Also, we will pass around different inflatable sea animals and will have the chance to go (magnet) fishing. 🙂

We have been so proud of Big Bears throughout this year! They have been learning new rhymes and practicing all the ones they learned during their time at Toddler Tree.

As you know, next Tuesday May 28th. will be have our  “Preschool of Rock” program at Candy Gum Party Place in Plaza San Pedro. Big Bears are so excited practicing and trying to do their best for you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Going To The Zoo!

Big Bears had fun learning about the jungle – zoo animals. They know how each one has something special, and how their habitats and characteristics are different.
Big Bears are practicing with great enthusiasm for our upcoming end-of-year program that will take place at Candy Gum on Tuesday  May 28th. They are really doing their best with Ms. Mely and enjoying every moment.
Today they were astonished paying close attention to all the comments and observations that the Vet told us during the visit. She showed them how to handle and care for a dog.
Next week, we will introduce pets. How each one is called, its needs and care as well as the differences between them.
If you have a pet and will like to share, please call Ms. Nora for an appointment. The pet will come with you and after sharing, please take it with you. The animals do not stay at kinder. Thanks for your cooperation.
We would like to THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your kindness and appreciation for such lovely gifts you gave us for Teacher’s Day.
and we would like to to express :
“Your child is the biggest gift you have shared with us this year!”
Have a wonderful weekend!

Love You Mommy!

Big Bears have been very excited this whole week! They made a special gift for their mommies with lots of love. They all worked very hard on it for each of their mom’s.

They also practiced and wanted to share a rhyme with you.
I love Mommy
Yes I do !
Mommy loves Me
 Very much too!

In Mr. Mike’s Circle Time, Big Bears were enthusiastic role playing different situations like wearing masks or pretending to  be in the jungle. They had a great time imitating several sounds and movements.

During Creativity, they enjoyed making a jungle collage using different materials. Also, they are made different jungle animals using several techniques.

Next week we will have a special visit. A Vet is coming to the kinder to teach us more about pets and animals.

Hope you have a wonderful  MOTHER’S  DAY!

Welcome To Our Jungle!

We were very happy to see our Big Bears back with us after vacation! On Tuesday, We had a very exciting Children´s Day Party. The Big Bears were involved in different activities: choosing and having their face or arm painted, watching and participating in the Disney puppet show, hitting the piñata, and having a great snack.. They enjoyed every moment!

Our Big Bears started learning about different jungle and zoo animals. This new theme has made us practice and learn new movements and sounds.

During Physical Development, we have been pretending we are in the jungle / zoo. Our kids love to sing and act: “Elephants Have Wrinkles”, “Five Little Monkeys”, “Going to the Zoo”, and role-play many other songs. You should see their little faces expressing lots of excitement and happiness!

In Creativity class, the Big Bears have been making different animals using different techniques and materials. We are always looking to reinforce their fine motor skills.

We also will be practicing and learning new language patterns such as: “It´s mine”, “It´s yours”, “It´s empty”, “It´s full”, and many other opposites.

Next week we will continue learning about more animals.

Have a fun weekend and enjoy your child!

Easter Bunny!

Wow! This week was an exciting adventure for the Big Bears! Besides reviewing Easter vocabulary, they painted eggs, filled them with confetti and had an exciting and marvelous Easter Party and Parade!! You can imagine how their minds were wondering prior to that special day.

They also learned ” One ,Two Buckle My Shoe ” rhyme:

1 , 2 buckle my shoe
3, 4 shut the door
5 , 6 pick up sticks
7 , 8 lay them straight
9 , 10 a big fat hen !

We thank you for coming and participating with your child! As you could see, they had an amazing time. We saw many happy faces and the kids had so much fun doing different activities!

Everyone brought lovely decorated vehicles and enjoyed the fun games outside! Thank you, parents for all your efforts in helping your kids decorate. They all looked great!

We hope you enjoy the Spring Break vacation.

As soon as we’re back on Monday April 29, we will start focusing on Jungle animals.

If you have time, try to read to your child!

Have a nice and safe Easter Holiday!

Hopping Around!

The Big Bears are getting ready for our Easter Parade! It will take place on Wednesday, April 10th at 9:45am in the Colonia Sierra Madre Park.

Thank you for bringing eggshells! Next Monday, the kids will be working with some white eggshells by painting and filling them with confetti, so they can be used for the Easter egg hunt.

The Big Bears had a lot of fun doing different activities such as wearing bunny ears and role playing to the Bunny Hop. They also enjoyed weaving baskets, playing hide and seek, and rabbit races while carrying carrots. They also did a science experiment using magnets. Big Bears were impressed with it.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike made the Big Bears role play several Bunny activities. They had lots of fun singing,dancing, and playing.

They also learned the following song:

“Easter Rabbit, Easter Rabbit,

Here he comes, here he comes,

Hiding easter eggs, hiding easter eggs,

Oh what fun, oh what fun!”

Have a nice weekend!