Buzzing Bugs!

During this week, Big Bears had a wonderful time talking about their weekend. They learned all about bugs and insects. We saw how they are all different: some have hairy legs and tiny wings while others have long antennae and yellow rings. Just by looking around you can find lots of insects anywhere inside or outside of your house.

They had such a great time with this theme! During creativity Big Bears were very excited eating and threading cereal into a pipecleaner, ceating a caterpillar.They enjoyed making bee hats and wearing them. We also had a lot of fun making butterflies using coffee filters with markers and spraying water transforming these into beautiful butterflies.

During Circle Time the kids role-played “Worms and Bugs”.

Big Bears are practicing a new song that goes like this:


Big bugs, small bugs

Big bugs, Small bugs

See them crawl up the wall
Creepy, creepy crawling
Never, never falling

Bugs, bugs, bugs
Bugs, bugs, bugs

Next week we will talk about the farm. Big Bears will learn needs and habitat of farm animals.They will know to what family each one belongs to and the specific name each one has.

Have a nice weekend!

Ms. Caya & Miss Karen

Growing in the Kindergarden…

We started introducing the spring season with new vocabulary words such as: rain, rainbow, sun, clouds, umbrellas and boots. We made important observations like how clouds change their color and shape with the weather, and how we dress different depending on the weather.

The Big Bears learned how to plant bean seeds.They learned that a plant needs water, sun and air in order to grow. They have been observing the steps in growing plants.

They learned the following song:


Plant, plant, plant your seeds

in a long straight row

water them and watch them

as they grow!

During Circle Time, they also learned songs such as: Growing and In Our Garden (by Raffi) about planting, gardens, and growing

During creativity the kids learned the parts of a flower. That each one has a stem, leaves, and petals.

Next week, we will introduce worms and bugs. The Big Bears will learn to recognize the different types of insects and their habitats.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Caya & Miss Karen

Spring is Just Around the Corner

It’s that time of year… spring is almost here!

In preparation for our Welcome Spring! Celebration, please send as many eggshells as you can collect at home so we can begin painting and stuffing them with confetti. Also, start thinking of a vehicle your child can ride for the Easter Parade. It can be a trike, bike, scooter or push car uniquely decorated. Here are a few examples:

For mobile devices, use this link.


Zoom Zoom Zoom!

Big Bears had a week full of excitement! They reviewed the different types of transportation: land, air, and water. The kids were able to express which was their favorite type of transportation and vehicle.

Our students also learned how important our community helpers are and what each one does so we can safe.

On Tuesday, the Rescue Team visited Toddler Tree. We were very excited to see what they have and do to help us in case of an emergency. They taught the kids how to dial 911.

On Wednesday, the Big Bears had a great time during the Firefighter’s visit. The firefighters dressed up in their gear and showed us the equipment they use in a fire. They also showed us what they wear when they have to get close to a beehive. Mr. Mike even wore the jacket to demonstrate.

The highlight of the visit was when the Big Bears had a chance to hold the hose and spray water. Wow! What a cool experience!

Another topic we covered this week was outer space. The kids loved role-playing a trip to space and now know what an astronaut is. They learned how he/she floats in space wearing a special suit and tank. The Big Bears understood we live on planet “Earth” and the characteristics of other planets. Check out how your child sings the following song:

“Zoom, zoom, zoom”

We are going to the moon

Zoom, zoom, zoom

We´ll get there very soon

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0


Big Bears also learned how to recite “I am a Little Airplane ”

I´m a little airplane
flying in the sky

Flying fast,
Flying slow,

Flying hide, flying low

Going up,coming down,

I´m a little airplane flying in the sky !

Next week, we will start learning about spring and many concepts related to it!

We want to remind you that our Easter Party is coming up soon. So, if possible, please collect and send as many eggshells as you can. We will appreciate your help very much!

Have a nice weekend!

We Are Community Helpers!

We had a great time learning about community helpers: such as doctors & nurses, garbage collectors, and construction workers. The Big Bears also had the opportunity to role play and act like different community helpers.

As construction workers, they enjoyed coloring and painting tools on craft paper. They pretended to build and fix things around the gym with out play tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, saws, drills and hatchets.

The Big Bears also practiced their writing skills this week. We are constantly developing their fine motor skills using different prewriting exercises.

Next week, the Big Bears will learn about different types of transportation, such as: land, water and air. Also, they will have the chance to meet the Rescue and Firefighter teams.

Have a great weekend!

You’re My Valentine!

This week was full of excitement for our Big Bears! First, they learned about love and friendship, and Valentine’s Day. They also learned about our wonderful community helpers; such as teacher, firefighter, mailman and dentist.

On Valentine’s Day we had a party the kids really enjoyed. They shared candy and different treats with each other. They were also so thrilled when they heard a knock at the door. It was Mr. Mike, (dressed as the mailman). He gave Valentine’s cards to all.They were super happy!

All morning long they expressed their happiness about the Valentine´s Party. They enjoyed their snack and loved hitting the piñata. The Big Bears had fun sharing and exchanging the treats each one brought to school.

Today, a dentist came to visit Toddler Tree. She made a presentation about taking care of your teeth and the Big Bears were very attentive listening to Dra. Martha.

Also, we have been practicing the following rhyme called “February.” Ask them to recite it !

Red paper, blue paper

Crayons and glue

We´re making valentines

And ONE is for YOU!”

Thank You Very Much for all your kind Valentine’s gifts. As teachers we always want the best for your child because we love them with all our hearts.

Next week we will continue learning about more community helpers.

Have a great weekend!

Police Visit

This week was full of excitement for our Big Bears! First they learned about love and friendship, as well as some of our wonderful community helpers; such as police officers.

We had a blast this week because the San Pedro police officers came to kinder. They made a nice presentation, reinforcing that a traffic light has three colors, which mean the following: red-stop, yellow- be careful, and green- go. They also reminded the kids to hold someone’s hand in order to cross the street.

The Big Bears really enjoyed the police officer’s observations and it was great that they even showed all traffic signs in English! Our students also learned that they have to buckle up in the car in order to be safe.

We have been developing their motor skills, both fine and gross, working in Physical Development and coordination. We are still practicing the numbers and developing holding crayons properly as we do prewriting exercises.

We would like to remind you, if you want your kids to get checked, the Eye Doctor will be coming to kinder on Tuesday February 12th and the Ear Doctor will be here on Wednesday the 13th.

We have been practicing the following rhyme called “I Love You ”

Valentines Red
Valentines Blue
Valentines say:
I Love You !

As you know, next Thursday, February 14 we will celebrate “Valentine’s Day”. Children only need a thermos with water, no lunch boxes that day! If you send Valentine’s treats for your child´s classmates, please only label who it´s from. There are 15 Big Bears in the class.

As well, next week we will talk about the dentist among other things. For Friday the 15th, we have a great activity planned for our kiddos, we are asking you if it is possible to send a labeled toothbrush and toothpaste please.

Have a great weekend!

We “Are” Big Bears!

This week we had the opportunity to learn about different forest and arctic animals. The Big Bears also reviewed numbers, letters, shapes, opposites and colors. They practiced their cutting skills and were able to create interesting shapes.

During Creativity, our kiddos enjoyed doing a whale craft and had fun using Play-doh to make different environments for several plastic animals.

Next week Big Bears will start learning about several community helpers. As a group we will be able to learn about the different activities each one does in our community. Toddler Tree will have visits from the San Pedro police officers, firefighters and rescue team. Our Big Bears will have a wonderful time full of fun learning opportunities.

We want to remind you that there will be no classes on Monday February 4th, 2019 due to the Mexican Constitution.

Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

Have a great weekend!

Winter Animals

This week we enjoyed learning about forest animals, penguins, and polar bears.  Big Bears had so much fun discovering the habitat and surroundings of these animals. During Exploration, we experienced playing with “snow” and they really liked the feeling of it.

During Physical development, our kiddos pretended to be exercising polar bears. We prepared a circuit that involved different movements and boy, did they enjoy it!

Our sincere thanks to all our dearest grandmothers who visited the Big Bears class at Toddler Tree. It was such a pleasure to have them and our students were delighted! They performed their very best with all their love. We truly appreciated the grandmas’ enthusiastic work on the projects, too. It was a unique and unforgettable experience for all of us!

Please listen to your child while he/she sings the song we dedicated to grandma:

“ Grandma/Grandpa”

Grandma, grandpa
Grandma, grandpa
I love you, I love you
You are very special
You are very special
Yes you are!
Yes you are!

” Snowman ”

Snowman Snowman
Round and white
I wonder what
You do at night
Snowman snowman
Lets have fun
before you melt
in the sun.

Next week, we will learn about winter sports and review several topics related to winter.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!