Can’t wait for Halloween!

We have been reviewing Halloween vocabulary.


Vocabulary words such as cat, witch, ghost, goblin, spider, haunted house and costumes have been reviewed during this week.


We have had a lot of fun acting out our vocabulary words since the children have been able to “interpret” being a cat, dressing up as a witch, a ghost, and trying on different costumes that were available in school.images (1)


They have been talking about what costume they will wear next week for our “Monster Treats” parade on Thursday.


images (2)

Some of our students identify the words and have mentioned they have these items in their homes as Halloween decorations! They have also enjoyed listening to music related to Halloween concepts as well.



Our Terrific Tiger group is preparing a special short poem for you and a nice song that will be presented at our Monster Treats Halloween party.


All our students (and teachers) will be dressed up in Halloween costumes.


We will surely have a great time!



images (3)Please write the names of your child on his or her sweater or jacket since our cool season has started and we would not want them to get lost with other sweaters.



We hope you enjoy our pictures of our activities during their mornings at Toddler Tree!



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