Bye, Bye September!

During this week we reviewed body parts, family members, school items and identified different feelings. Next week we will continue learning all of the shapes, lines and colors. Big Bears will also have the opportunity to review different objects and relate them to a specific shape and/or color. We live in a shape and line world!

This Friday, Sept. 30th we had fun pretending to be mimes. We had several children expressing feelings using mimics. Once they saw the real Mime their facial expressions were captured by our cameras. They all felt safe and were amazed by the Mime’s presentation.

We also practiced our new rhyme “The Tree “each one takes turn to say it in front of their peers and sometimes they even act while they say it. We love observing how each day they learn new things!

We will also talk and practice a short song and role play “Christopher Columbus”.
A quick reminder: please remember to label all jackets and sweaters to avoid mix ups.

Have a great weekend!

Ms.Caya and Ms. Karen

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