Bye Bye September, Hello October!


Dear Parents:

A new month has just begun and with it comes a new season: Fall. October will be packed with fun activities and topics, we’re especially looking forward to our Halloween party.

In our exploration class we learned about the different items we can find inside a school box. Kids loved to play with the big play house, the family dolls and our big yellow bus. On Thursday Turtles played with cars & ramps and peek a blocks. Today your little ones got to play with a shapes puzzle and the krinkles box.

This week our Creativity class with Miss Cristy was all about making a review of our main topics of September and starting off October. Tiny Turtles practiced their cutting skills using scissors and pink and brown crayons to trace some circles and make some up & down as well as side to side movements on a white paper. Our main project was “My House & Family” where we made a house out of cardboard and construction paper. They painted the house as well as cut and pasted the windows and door. To portray their family each child got three tongue suppressors and some foamy to make their dad, mom and themselves.  This month is all about shapes, seasons and Halloween, so we’ve already started learning about the different shapes that surround us, we started with: “circle” and “triangle”. Kids loved playing with play-doh and cookie cutters, making all sorts of shapes.

Miss Mely’s class, Physical development, taught us fun and different ways to learn about shapes. We marched with colors, had lots of fun with the obstacle course and tunnel. To learn about “circle” we danced around and made exercises with hula hoops and marched around the circle on our gym’s carpet. Today they loved to walk on the balance beams that were arranged to form a triangle.

This was definitely a fun Friday, Tiny Turtles had pizza at snack time! Everyone helped in the process, spreading tomato sauce on pita bread, then shredding cheese and spreading it all over, and then adding some pepperoni on top. Miss Cristy and Miss Maricusa helped by placing the pizzas in the oven and slicing them into triangles. Our students were excited to try their “kindermade” pizza, such a yummy snack and a different way of learning about shapes.

Books we loved this week: “My schoolbag”/ “Elmo goes to school”/ “Violet’s house”/ “Clifford’s school house”.

Video of the week: Baby Newton “Shapes” and Dora the Explorer: “Backpack”.

This week’s vocabulary words were:

Our topics for next week will be: Square/ Rectangle/ Oval/ Lines and colors introduction/ Review all shapes.


Have a nice weekend!

Miss Judy and Miss Karen

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