Bye Bye January!

Dear Parents,
We are through covering winter topics! The kids really enjoyed learning the new vocabulary and songs. Without a doubt “Baby Beluga” became their favorite book and song. Thank you for your efforts in better planning your children’s lunchboxes. We have seen positive outcomes when the kids eat healthy food. We highly recommend sending  healthy snacks such as: corn, fruit (they are more likely to eat it if it is cut in small pieces), bread with jelly, yogurt, cereal & raisins. On the other hand, we encourage you not to send  fruit juices, chips and cookies as these become coveted items at the tables.
This month the Terrific Tigers class will be learning about community helpers, friendship and love. We all have much to learn from these never ending topics.

Next week’s superkid: Arturo Cadena… his birthday is on February 6 🙂

Have a nice long weekend!
Miss Lucia and Miss Vero

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