Bye Bye, January!

Dear Parents,

We have finished talking about winter topics! The kids really enjoyed learning the new vocabulary words and songs. They are now able to relate their new winter vocabulary words with actual objects, such as sweaters, jackets, cold, snow , etc.


Thank you for your efforts in better planning your childs’ lunchboxes. We have seen positive outcomes when the kids eat healthy food. We highly recommend sending healthy snacks such as: carrots, fruit (they are more likely to eat it if it is cut in small pieces), bread with jelly, yogurt, cereal & raisins. On the other hand, we encourage you not to send ┬áchips and candy as these become “troubled” items at the tables since the rest of the students want to have some too, creating conflict between them.

We had lots of special events this week! Two “super kids” were celebrated! Carolina Rodriguez and Carolina Cruz had their special celebration at school. Their moms brought cupcakes and shared with everyone else. Of course, Mr. Mike joined the celebration, singing the “Happy Birthday” tune with his accordion and helping the birthday girls make their special crown.They are both now 3 years old!

We also had the wonderful experience of having some of our students’ grandmothers here at school. It was very nice to see the kids work together with them and spend this quality time together.


Next month, (February)  the Terrific Tigers class will be learning about community helpers, friendship and love. We always have so much to learn from these never ending topics!



Have a nice weekend. We hope you enjoy our weekly pictures here at Terrific Tigers group!

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