Bye Bye February

This week the children learned about space and reviewed community helpers and transportation. On Monday the children experienced different community helper centers. In the Big Bears room, the children went to the beauty parlor, where the girls enjoyed getting their hair and nails done, while boys shaved and got goofy hair styles. In the Terrific Tigers room, the children enjoyed making letters by stamping and coloring, and placing their letters in an envelope and inserting them on a mail box. On the Caterpillars room the children experienced a Pizzeria. The children enjoyed putting all the ingredients together making dough and baking a pizza. Then they enjoyed eating their pizzas. This week the children had lots of fun role playing, pretending to fly in an airplane made out of mats. They also loved taking the magic rocket ride with Mr. Mike, counting down and flying in the air. During creativity the children made a stick airplane by painting and pasting cloth pins and tongue pressers. They also made a boat made out of corcks, rubber bands and bamboo sticks.

Next week the children will welcome March with the following vocabulary words: farm, farmer, crops, animals, barn, fence, pond, hay, field, Planting & Growing- corn, beans, milk, eggs, butter and an introduction of farm animals, cow, horse, chicken, hen, sheep, pig and rooster.

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