Bye Bye, Community Helpers Hello Spring

This week’s community helper was the rescue team, and on Wednesday they came to kinder and children were super excited to see them. We took some nice pictures and video for you they’re on our facebook page. Also this week we say bay bye to community helpers and hello to spring.

On exploration time was filled with all sorts of fun activities, like playing with transportation boats, cars trucks, and the part that they really enjoy was playing with a box with shinny stars and planets were they can practice and know about the space.

Tiny turtles had a blast on creativity time! So much to do! To practice about the boats they enjoy making a bout with their hand prints using brown paint and then with blue paint and sponge they created ocean waves, they really enjoy using paint. On Tuesday we made moon dust mixing corn starch and vegetable oil, they really love mixing and felling the texture, we have lots of fun.

This week kids were full of energy, more than usual if that’s even possible! So we tried to remain very active during physical development, we practiced to be rowing a boat, just like the song, we danced “hair up” trolls song and finally we saw a video of transportation they loved that song!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany and Roby.

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