Bye Bye August!

Hello parents,

This week we had a lot of fun with many different activities! We also celebrated two birthday’s, Gabriel’s and Victoria´s Cake! They brought cupcakes and really enjoyed their super kid day when Mr. Mike made them a “Birthday Crown.”

During the week, we learned more about school and classroom items.

In Physical Development, the kids are getting into the swing of things beginning with their marching song. They like to choose a color ribbon and march with it around the carpet. We have also been implementing activities that involve kicking, throwing, rolling, and bouncing balls.

Our topics for next week include body parts and feelings.

We want to remind you that our open house will be held next week on Tuesday, September 4 at 8.15 pm.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Have a great weekend!

Thank you,

Miss Debbie

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