Busy Bees September Newsletter

TOPIC OF THE MONTH: All about me and my school.
VALUE(S) OF THE MONTH: Self-esteem, Confidence, I listen to my teachers, I am nice to my friends and I say Please and Thank you.
MAIN THEMES: Me, My Family, My Body, People & Things in my School.
VOCABULARY: Teacher, lunch box, table, chairs, carpet, toys, crayons, chalkboard, paper, head, nose, hands, eyes, mouth, ears, happy, sad, angry surprised, sleepy.
LANGUAGE PATTERNS: Good Morning, Hello and Goodbye.
CONCEPTS: Up- Down, In and Out, Boy and Girl, Happy-Sad
ACTION VERBS: Come, Walk, Stand up, Sit down, Go, Pick up.
COLORS: Red, Yellow and Blue
COGNITIVE (math, science): Discovering shapes (Circles) and Exploring different textures.
PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Corporal Image and Balance: Following a 3 step routine.
MUSIC: Good Morning, Body Parts, ABC’s, Letter Sounds, Marching with Mickey.


Daniela Valdés – September 12th
Diego Llaguno – September 17th

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