Busy Bees October Newsletter

TEACHER:   Mrs. Gaby                       TEACHER AIDE:    Mrs. Martha



 VALUE(S) OF THE MONTH: Responsibility and order. Respect to others.

 MAIN THEMES: Shapes and Colors, The Fall and Halloween

VOCABULARY: Lines (straight, curved), Shapes (Triangle, Circle, Square), Seasons (Summer, fall), The Fall (trees, leaves, pumpkin, scarecrow), Halloween (witch, cat, broom, ghost, bat, spider, candy, costume, skeleton, goblin, trick or treat, candy, haunted house).

LANGUAGE PATTERNS: Where is…/Here (There) it is!/  Trick or Treat/ Happy Halloween!

CONCEPTS: Light/Dark, Hot/Cold, In/Out, Sifting sand

ACTION VERBS: Crawl, Hide, Run.

COLORS: Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Black.

COGNITIVE (math, science): Classify objects by color, sort by shape and match by size. Rote-counting with manipulatives 1-10. Identify and name numbers 1-3. Mixing colors with yellow using water and paint. Exploring leaves: sight, smell, sound. Sifting sand to find treasures. Carving a pumpkin. Discovering light and shadow effects.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Breathing techniques and relaxation, balance, rhythm.

MUSIC: The Shapes Song; Halloween songs; Rainbow of colors; Triangle, Circle and Square, Colors.

Books: The Shape Book; Colors All Around; Who’s There on Halloween?; Little Critters Halloween Book; Happy Halloween, Biscuit; Scooby Doo´s Mystery Book; What is Halloween?; Mrs. Broom; Trick or Treat; Five Little Monsters; Spiders, Spiders Everywhere.

 October Superkids

Sebastián Pico – October 1st  

Luciana Cantú- October 15th (B-day: 4th July)

Nicolás Rancaño – October 29th


The following kids are missing their Family Block:

Paola, Sebastián, Diego, Mariana, Daniela

Please send them at your earliest convenience.

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