Busy bees around the house

This week, we prepared a lot of activities to learn about the different parts of the house, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dinning room and living room.

They had fun during Exploration, playing with a big toy house where they experienced the parts of the house, as well as some objects we use in every room. We also prepared some cloud dough, a sensory and entertaining activity where they learned about the materials and some tools to prepare it.

During story time everyone was very focused. We read books like “Willy The Worm”, “Violet´s House” and “Where are you going”. For the story “Willy The Worm” we used some puppets, which they enjoyed so much.

During creativity we worked on our fine motor skills using glitter, glue, crayons, watercolors and paint for the drawings of the different rooms of the house.

Finally, for physical development we rolled on the cushions and danced to songs like, “We Are Family” and “The Bathroom song” from Super Simple Songs. Parents, you can play it for them, they really liked it!!…

Miss Dany and Miss Roby

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