Bunny Hop, Bunny Hop, HOP HOP HOP!

Tiny Turtles had lots of fun with this week’s topics like Easter, making baskets, Easter eggs, and hide/ seek & find. They were very excited sorting the top and bottom of some Easter plastic eggs, but what they loved the most was hiding and finding some Easter eggs hidden around our classroom.

During creativity time with Miss Cristy, our turtles had plenty of cool activities to get busy with! Kids made a poster of a rainbow, using a roller and the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple). Then kids pasted 4 green hearts made out of paper to form a lucky shamrock. In order to review the rainbow theme turtles got some cellophane squares (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) and then pasted them on contact paper to make a rainbow. After they were finished we took the rainbow poster and pasted it on the window so kiddos could appreciate better and get a better look of all the colors on it.

Easter and bunnies were involved in our physical development class. Turtles loved to dance the “bunny hop” song and the “Bunny sleeping” song. They were hopping and jumping like bunnies, role playing wearing bunnies headbands, so much fun! I’m sharing the “Bunny sleeping” video so you can watch it with your kids.

Books we read this week: “The golden egg”, “Hello bunny”, “Here comes Peter Cottontail” and “Lambs Easter surprise”.

Vocabulary words: Easter bunny/ making baskets/ coloring eggs/ hide, seek and find.

Next week’s vocabulary words: Parade, trike, bike, ride/ review Easter + wind & kites/ Easter parade & party/ Growing: seed, soil, sun, water, plant/ Flowers & Trees

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