Bugs and Creepy Crawlies!

Bugs and creepy crawlies were all over the Tiny Turtles´ classroom, and everybody enjoyed exploring and learning about them!

For exploration time we made some “bees” (yellow balloons with black stripes around them) and our students were really excited about playing with them. Another activity that they really liked was our “Bugs sensory box” where they got to pretend they were explorers with some “grass” (Easter grass) and plastic insects like grasshoppers, ants, bees and ladybugs. It was a sorting activity, too, so the kids took the bugs and placed them inside the different containers (4) each of them had a sticker with the picture of a bug.

Children were super busy in Creativity class with Miss Cristy who had lots and lots of fun things to do! They made a caterpillar using scouring pads and paint, and for the bees theme kids got to make a poster of a beehive. The beehive, made out of white paper and yellow bubble wrap prints. For the bees, we used shiny yellow sequins with black stripes. Another bug on this week’s list: Ladybug. The lady bug project was made out of a paper plate which they painted red, then pasted a big black sequin head, a pair of googly eyes and two pipe cleaners for antennas. Everybody´s favorite insect is the butterfly, so of course they were thrilled to make one! Our butterflies are made out of a coffee filter which they colored in with markers, and then sprayed with water to blend the colors. When the coffee filter was dry enough we helped them form the butterfly using a clothespin.

Physical development was all about role playing. Kids had so much fun wearing butterfly wings and flying all around the gym. Turtles were very excited pretending they were bees coming out of a beehive made out of mats. Going through the tunnel is always a big hit with the kiddos, and today they got to role play as ants going up their anthill made out of an obstacle course with mats.

Books we read this week: “The Very Busy Bee”, ” The Very Hungry Caterpillar”,“Percial the Plain Little Caterpillar”, “Five Little Ladybugs”, “What are You? Surprise pop-up book” and “In my garden pop-up book”

Vocabulary words: worm, bugs, dirt, grass/ Beehive, bees, fly, swatter/ Ladybug, grasshopper, cricket/ Caterpillar & butterfly/ Ants & anthill.

Next week´s vocabulary words: Pets: dog, puppies/ Cat, kittens/ Birds/ Fish/ Rabbit.

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