Bugs and Bugs Everywhere!!

The Bees learned all about insects this week. Vocabulary words such as: Worms, bugs, dirt, grass, bees, fly, ladybug, grasshopper, cricket, caterpillar, butterfly ants, snail and anthill.

Our exploration activities were so much fun specially the ones that involved touching spaghetti simulating worms. Kids also practice their fine motor kills for an exploration activity were they needed to separate the different plastic bugs into the jars using a scoop. It was not easy, although most of the kids got it!.

We also had a great time in art painting with watercolors and discovering new colors, as well as using green paint for handprints to make a grasshopper. Finally we worked on a beehive using different materials such as bubblewrap, yellow paint, glue a brush and pompoms simulating the bees.

During physical development we had so much fun. We used some butterfly wings and fly, we also play with some bunny ears and hop and hop listening to the Bunny Hop song.

In Story time we read some books: Insect Pop-up Book, The Very Busy Bee, Ten Little Ladybugs, The Very hungry Caterpillar and Little Brown Ants.

We are now getting into Easter and showing the kids how to hold softly an easter egg so we can paint it. Next week we look forward to learn more about easter bunny, finding eggs, roleplay easter bunny, making baskets.

Miss Roby

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