Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth…

Busy Bees had so much fun this week full of surprises! They enjoyed learning about community helpers such as, dentist, doctor, nurse and mailman.

During exploration Bees loved playing with the doctors kit. We explained who the doctor and the nurse are as well as what they do, and they all role played being doctor and patient.

In creativity students had the opportunity to play with envelopes and stamps for Valentine’s. They also worked with toothbrushes, so they could have the experience of knowing how to clean teeth, for this activity we used markers and toothbrushes.

The dentist visit was one of our highlights!! They were all very focused listening and paying attention. The dentists showed our kids the right way to brush their teeth and using a big toothbrush some of our Busy Bees participated helping the dentist brushing plastic teeth.

Another highlight was the Valentines Day Party. Bees had a blast! First we started the day exchanging valentine’s sweets, and they had a great time. After that we broke the piñata and finally we ate lunch and had cupcakes.

For story time we used puppets and props. We read some books this week such as: Elmo’s World Space, My Little Doctor Bag Book, and What is Valentines Day.

On Friday we celebrated Rodrigo´s birthday we sang with Mr. Mike´s accordion and enjoyed a delicious birthday cake brought by Rodrigo´s parents. It was lovely!

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