Costumes and Props Bears

The Big Bear girls will be Winter Wishes. They will need to be dressed all in white with a belt or sash to have a helium balloon tied that Ms. Caya will provide.

The Winter Wishes will say the Starlight Poem:

The girls will also perform He’s got the Whole World in His Hands. They can practice at home with this sample:

The Big Bear boys will be snowmen. Please dress your child in white sweat pants and sweatshirt, a scarf and mittens. They will recite the following poem:

The boys will also be performing Frosty the Snowman. Please view this video for practice:

 All together, the Big Bears will sing This Little Light of Mine for which they will also need a small FLASHLIGHT to practice and perform this number. Please send it to kinder at your earliest convenience and we’ll return it the day of the program.

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