Baker, Baker, Pizza Maker!

This week we learned more about community helpers. The little ones learned vocabulary words such as “garbage truck”, “construction worker”, “ambulance”, “rescue team” and “excavator”.

During Circle Time, with Mr. Mike, he showed us a story about Oscar the grouch and how much he loves trash. The kids really enjoyed it. He also taught the children about the rescue team.

Physical development was so much fun! The kiddo’s favorite activity was picking up candy wrappers and putting them in trash cans. Another fun activity was giving the little ones play tools, such as hammers, drills, and screwdrivers, while they pretended to be construction workers.

The caterpillars made an trashcan in creativity. We used grey foamy to make it and collected wrappers from lunch time to “decorate” it.

On Friday, we had different centers in each classroom, each one representing a place in our community. Our classroom was a bakery. The kids were bakers and made their own home-made pizza, yummy!

Next week we will be learning about different kinds of transportation.

Have an amazing weekend!

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