Baby Shark….

Bees Busy enjoy learning about sea animals with vocabulary words such as: Water animals, fish, shark, whale, dolphin, under the see, mermaid, crab, lobster, starfish and seahorse.

This week was so much fun for them!

In exploration the kids played with plastic sea animals by drowning them in to a bucket filled with water, they also got to play with stuffed sea animals, sand and sea shells and we had a simulated fishing day.

For Creativity, they got to mix shaving cream with blue paint and play with plastic dolphins, whales, sharks and fish. We also worked on a “under the sea” project by using material such as sand, glue, brushes, paint and fish cookies.

In physical development, the kids got to practice for the end of the year program and they are all doing a great job!! They also had time to have fun and play with the cushions. And finally they danced songs like “baby shark”, “baby beluga” and “the goldfish”.

During story time, everyone was so quiet and interested by paying attention on “the very silly shark” book, afterwards the kids got to interact with some props that were related to the book, such as: goggles, life jackets, fins, sand and shells.

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