Under the Sea

We had our “Alo-hawaii” end of the school year program and our Tiny Turtles danced really well. We couldn’t be more proud! They did their best and they rehearsed very hard for this. We would always remind them that “Mama” and “Papa” were going to be watching the show and they got super excited. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Exploration time was filled with different and fun activities such as: Peg boards, plush sea animals, inflatable fish box, duplos, peek a blocks, and go fish with magnets.

In creativity time children loved making their fish and sea stars. They used corks and orange paint for the fish then they decorated the fish. For the sea star kids used paint and brushes. Turtles love art time; they enjoy mixing colors and exploring with different materials.

We had a little bit of role play involved this week, with the theme of “Crab” we took them to the gym and pretended to “walk like a crab” and to get some inspiration for it we watched a video called “Crab dance video” you can watch it with your kids on Youtube.

Remember next week we have our parent teacher conferences.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Nadia

We’re going to the Zoo!

Today we celebrated Loreto’s birthday! This little girl turned 2 today. Her Mommy and Daddy brought some donuts to share with her friends. Thank you! Mr. Mike made a super special birthday crown for Loreto, and her dad carried her to take her on a magic rocket ride! What a fun day!

Last week of jungle animals!  Tiny turtles learned about crocodiles, tigers, kangaroos, bears and rhinoceros. They enjoyed this theme a lot, always imitating the animal sounds and loving the books that had pictures of these animals.

In exploration time kids had fun with plastic jungle animals. Making towers with duplos is always a big hit, as well as the peek a blocks that have little figures inside and turtles love to identify them. Tiny turtles were happy to play with our jungle plush animals, too.

In creativity time, we continued their “Jungle” project; kids had a blast making a hand print zebra, foot print for the lion, and a monkey and elephant stamp. For the texture of the tree they used some cotton. For the sun they used a sponge and yellow paint and finally for the grass they pasted some tissue green paper. They really love art time and enjoy using different techniques.

We want to thank you all for your presents, gifts and your appreciation towards us. We feel very blessed to be involved in your child’s education and to get the amazing opportunity of watching their growth day by day. We love being teachers and we want to thank you for entrusting us with the most important and invaluable treasure of all: Your kids!


With love,

Miss Nadia.

Next week vocabulary words: Introduce Water Animals- Fish/ Shark/ Whale/ Dolphin/ Under the Sea.





 “It’s a Zoo Out Here!”

Tiny Turtles learned about crocodiles, tigers, kangaroos, zebras and giraffes. They enjoyed this theme a lot, always imitating the animal sounds and loving the books that had pictures of them in it.

During exploration time, kids had fun with the plastic jungle animals. Making towers with soft blocks is always a big hit. Tiny turtles were happy to play with our jungle plush animals and putting straws inside bottles, too.

In creativity time we started our “Jungle” project, kids painted the sky jungle using blue paint and for the grass they pasted tissue paper. We are using different materials to create the animals we’re learning so much about. Next week the kids will finish it and take it home

We were very happy to have our moms in our classroom everyone had a blast! Kiddos enjoyed every moment!

With love,

Miss Nadia

Books we loved this week: “Jungle Day”/ “In the Jungle”/ “My Jungle Pop-Up Book”/ “Polar Bears don’t swing in the jungle”.

Vocabulary words: Crocodile/ Tiger/ Kangaroo/ Bear/ Hipo/ Rhinoceros




Pet Week

Pet week was so much fun! Tiny Turtles learned about dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, birds, turtles, fish, hamsters and rabbits. This week we also got the visit from “Donato” Miss Karen’s cat, “Bruno” Miss Dany’s dog, and kidos really love to hug the pets.

In Creativity, kids got to make a parrot using two paper plates and different colors blue, red, purple and yellow. Turtles had so much fun they always enjoy creativity time. Our students couldn’t be more excited with the pets this week. They love animals and taking care of them.

Turtles were super active this week. During physical development they ran, jumped and danced a lot to Miss Mely’s songs. They are getting ready for the end of the year program and are dancing and moving very well.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Nadia

Movie of the week: Baby Einstein’s “Neighborhood Animals”

Vocabulary words:Dogs- Puppies/ Cats- Kittens/ Birds- Fish- Turtle/ Rabbit-Frogs/ Hamster-Guinea Pig

Planting a Seed

Planting, sun, water, seed, soil, flowers and trees were some of the topics we learned about this week. Kids learned how plants get to grow, grow, grow.

For exploration time we made a “landscape” using different materials for the sky: paint brush and blue paint and for the clouds: sponge and white paint. Then for the sand we pasted brown tissue paper, for the garden yellow and green water colors and finally with a fork and green paint we detailed the grass. Kiddos enjoyed this activity and had so much fun in the process. Also they planted a seed, have a blast experiencing this!

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Nadia


Vocabulary words: Planting- Seed & Soil/ Planting- Sun & Water/ Plants, Flowers & Trees/ Introduce Insects: Worm-Bugs-Dirt-Grass/ Beehive-Bees-Fly-Swatter


Old McDonald

This was the last week with our Farm animals theme! Tiny turtles made the most of it, enjoying all sorts of activities about the farm and animals that live in it. On Friday we had a very special celebration, Regina’s birthday!

This week during exploration time, our Turtles enjoyed playing with barns as well as plastic & plush animals, making farm puzzles and having lots of fun with their farm animals.

During creativity time, children painted a pig with yarn and brown paint. Also, they colored a rooster with crayons and they made a sheep using corks and white paint. The Turtles were super busy in art class!

Video of the week: Baby Einstein “Baby Macdonald”/ “Peppa pig”/ Dora the explorer” Three little piggies”

Next week’s vocabulary words: Planting- Seed & Soil/ Planting- Sun & Water/ Plants, Flowers & Trees/ Introduce Insects: Worm-Bugs-Dirt-Grass/ Beehive-Bees-Fly-Swatter





Down on the Farm

This week we celebrated Marian’s birthday! This little girl turned 2 today. Her Mommy and Daddy brought some cupcakes to share with her friends. (Thank you!) Miss Mely made a super special birthday crown for Marian, too. What a fun day!

We started with a new topic: The Farm. The Tiny Turtles are super excited with this topic. They love the farm animals and learning more about them every day.

In Exploration time we had a lot of fun playing with plastic and plush farm animals. The kids also enjoyed watching corn kernels pop in the air popper.

In creativity we painted using trucks and brown paint pretending to be mud. Kiddos enjoyed experimenting with different materials. Also they painted a paper plate with yellow and pasted some coffee beans to make a sun flower. This week turtles tried for the first time to use scissors and they did a super good job!

Also this week we celebrated Mr. Mike’s birthday and kids had a blast with the piñata and collecting candies.

We hope you like our photos on facebook.

Easter Party

What a fun week! Turtles were looking forward to their Easter party and parade, and it was full of fun, games, and excitement. We loved seeing our student’s faces having a blast and enjoying the egg hunt. Thank you all for attending! We really enjoyed the parade and all the amazing decorated cars.

During creativity time the kids experienced painting outside. They were really into it this fun activity!

Also this week, we painted some pasta with red paint all of this in order to make a kite. We learned new techniques such as brushing glue and pasting tissue paper. Our turtles are loving the process of making art.

In Exploration time kids were surprised with an Easter video we used to review this topic as well as spring. They role played what the story was about with plush bunnies, Easter eggs and carrots.

Today was our last day of school before our Easter Break! Classes will resume on Monday April 9th.  We hope you have a super fun time with your little ones! See you in two weeks!


Miss Nadia



 Everyday is a Rainbow of Colors!

March is here, and with this month we have a brand new theme: Spring and Easter, There’s a lot to learn about the season, Tiny Turtles are loving it!

We got to introduce this week’s topics with fun activities in our Exploration time, with plush bunnies, baskets and shaky eggs.

In our Creativity department the kids were are super busy making everything for our parade. They made Easter bunny with their finger prints and paint, they enjoy it a lot. Also they made a baby chick with their hand print and yellow paint, turtles now like to feel the paint in their hands! Finally kids made orange stamps with sponges for carrots. Today they play with shaving cream and they loved it!

We would like to remind you of our Easter Party (Wednesday March 21th) at 10:00am.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Nadia









Dear Parents,

February is over, and this week we made a review of all the topics and vocabulary words of the month. The themes covered: land & water transportation, community helpers, air transportation, and space. The rescue team came to kinder on Wednesday, and kids enjoyed their presentation.

Turtles enjoyed exploration time, playing with community helper’s puppets and transportation toys. Also kidos played with the transportation puzzles.

In our Creativity time, our students made a hand print space ship. Turtles enjoy more and more using paint. We used crayons and paint on craft paper for another activity, too.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Miss Nadia

Vocabulary words: Review Community Helpers/ Review Transportation/ People in your neighborhood: Rescue Team comes to kinder/Space/ Review Space

  1. Our topics for next week will include all about insects.