I Love My Family!

The Tiny Turtles learned all about family this week, and we had special activities designed for them, in which they played and had fun learning at the same time.

We read many stories about family, like “Mommy Bear, I Love You!” and “I’m a Big Brother Now”. We also talked about our own families, little and big brothers, sisters and of course our grandmas and grandpas.

Thank you for bringing a family photo this week! The kids had a blast making a little house and placing their family members inside!

In the process, the kiddos learned how to mix colors, they reviewed shapes and parts of the house.

Our theme for next week, will be everything related to our home. We will also have a Mime visit on Wednesday, September 26th, and will be reviewing feelings and emotions with his fun presentation.

Have a nice weekend!


Happy, Sad, Angry or Surprised?

This week was so much fun! Kids met their new teacher Ms.Yana and learned about feelings. Tiny Turtles were clapping their hands when they were happy, making a crying face when they were sad, stamping their feet when they were angry, saying “oh” when they were surprised and covering their mouth when they coughed.

In Creativity, all kids made 4 feelings masks. They had so much fun playing with these masks!

During physical development Turtles ran, jumped and danced a lot. We are also learning the movements of the “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” song, which they really love!

Next week, we will be learning about everything regarding family. Tiny Turtles will surely have a blast!

Today we celebrated Mexican Independence Day and our kiddos made Mexican Flags with their little hand prints.Have a nice weekend and remember that on Monday, Sep 17th, we don’t have classes due to the anniversary of the Mexican Independence. We hope to see you all on Tuesday!

Movie of the week: “Inside Out”

Vocabulary words: Happy, Sad, Angry, Mad, Sick, Surprised.

All About Me!

Dear Parents,

It was wonderful meeting and having you at our Open House! Here is some extra information you might want to know about me! 

We are sure it will be a great school year, filled with new memories, fun experiences, and lots of knowledge.

This week, we had the opportunity to learn about the different parts of the body. Our Tiny Turtles enjoyed drawing, coloring and identifying the parts of the body. Now they are even using their new pointers to learn more!

In Physical Development, they also carried out different activities to continue developing their fine and gross motor skills.

Next week, we will explore different feelings and learn how colors, facial expressions and body postures are related to them.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Ms. Yana

Bye Bye August!

Hello parents,

This week we had a lot of fun with many different activities! We also celebrated two birthday’s, Gabriel’s and Victoria´s Cake! They brought cupcakes and really enjoyed their super kid day when Mr. Mike made them a “Birthday Crown.”

During the week, we learned more about school and classroom items.

In Physical Development, the kids are getting into the swing of things beginning with their marching song. They like to choose a color ribbon and march with it around the carpet. We have also been implementing activities that involve kicking, throwing, rolling, and bouncing balls.

Our topics for next week include body parts and feelings.

We want to remind you that our open house will be held next week on Tuesday, September 4 at 8.15 pm.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Have a great weekend!

Thank you,

Miss Debbie

What’s in the School Box?

Dear Parents

We had a great week! The children did better than expected in this second week of school and are adapting quickly to our daily routine. Our main topic has been “School Items”. Please take a look at our monthly newsletter for more information that you can review with your child at home.

During exploration time, our students are having so much fun with blocks, balls, puzzles and peg boards. In creativity, the Tiny Turtles enjoyed exploring different sensory materials including textures and tools. Also, during Physical Development, they got to know different parts of the the body moving to cool songs.

We would like to remind you of our Open House that will be held on Tuesday, September 4 at 8:15 pm for parents only. We look forward to seeing you there!


Miss Debbie

First Week of School

Hello Parents!! We had a great first week! Although most of our students had been in school before, we are still adapting to our new classroom. We got to know different parts of our school, got familiar with our new routine, teachers and friends.

Thank you for becoming members of our private Facebook group called Tiny Turtles 2019. We will be posting photos and information here throughout the school year.

As a reminder, Toddler Tree’s Open House for parents of the Tiny Turtles class will be held on Tuesday, September 4 at 8:15pm. We look forward seeing you!

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Miss Debbie

Welcome Tiny Turtles 2018-2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Toddler Tree kinder family!

My name is Debbie Karren, the head teacher for the Tiny Turtles class. I will be working with Miss Eugenia Sada and Miss Marcela Hernandez this year.

We are so excited to begin the year with your child. This year is an important step in your child’s education to begin a love of learning and discovering new things. We are committed to making your child’s preschool experience an exciting time, full of growth and development!

We believe that children grow and develop the most when there is a strong connection between home and school. Together we can work as a team and make this an enjoyable and meaningful experience for your child! We are delighted to be a part of your child’s preschool experience and we thank you for entrusting them to us.

Join us with your child on Monday, August 13th from 11:00-11:45am for an introductory session. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Also, please ask to join our private Facebook group Tiny Turtles 2019 for current classroom information and daily photos.


The Tiny Turtles team

Under the Sea

We had our “Alo-hawaii” end of the school year program and our Tiny Turtles danced really well. We couldn’t be more proud! They did their best and they rehearsed very hard for this. We would always remind them that “Mama” and “Papa” were going to be watching the show and they got super excited. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Exploration time was filled with different and fun activities such as: Peg boards, plush sea animals, inflatable fish box, duplos, peek a blocks, and go fish with magnets.

In creativity time children loved making their fish and sea stars. They used corks and orange paint for the fish then they decorated the fish. For the sea star kids used paint and brushes. Turtles love art time; they enjoy mixing colors and exploring with different materials.

We had a little bit of role play involved this week, with the theme of “Crab” we took them to the gym and pretended to “walk like a crab” and to get some inspiration for it we watched a video called “Crab dance video” you can watch it with your kids on Youtube.

Remember next week we have our parent teacher conferences.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Nadia

We’re going to the Zoo!

Today we celebrated Loreto’s birthday! This little girl turned 2 today. Her Mommy and Daddy brought some donuts to share with her friends. Thank you! Mr. Mike made a super special birthday crown for Loreto, and her dad carried her to take her on a magic rocket ride! What a fun day!

Last week of jungle animals!  Tiny turtles learned about crocodiles, tigers, kangaroos, bears and rhinoceros. They enjoyed this theme a lot, always imitating the animal sounds and loving the books that had pictures of these animals.

In exploration time kids had fun with plastic jungle animals. Making towers with duplos is always a big hit, as well as the peek a blocks that have little figures inside and turtles love to identify them. Tiny turtles were happy to play with our jungle plush animals, too.

In creativity time, we continued their “Jungle” project; kids had a blast making a hand print zebra, foot print for the lion, and a monkey and elephant stamp. For the texture of the tree they used some cotton. For the sun they used a sponge and yellow paint and finally for the grass they pasted some tissue green paper. They really love art time and enjoy using different techniques.

We want to thank you all for your presents, gifts and your appreciation towards us. We feel very blessed to be involved in your child’s education and to get the amazing opportunity of watching their growth day by day. We love being teachers and we want to thank you for entrusting us with the most important and invaluable treasure of all: Your kids!


With love,

Miss Nadia.

Next week vocabulary words: Introduce Water Animals- Fish/ Shark/ Whale/ Dolphin/ Under the Sea.





 “It’s a Zoo Out Here!”

Tiny Turtles learned about crocodiles, tigers, kangaroos, zebras and giraffes. They enjoyed this theme a lot, always imitating the animal sounds and loving the books that had pictures of them in it.

During exploration time, kids had fun with the plastic jungle animals. Making towers with soft blocks is always a big hit. Tiny turtles were happy to play with our jungle plush animals and putting straws inside bottles, too.

In creativity time we started our “Jungle” project, kids painted the sky jungle using blue paint and for the grass they pasted tissue paper. We are using different materials to create the animals we’re learning so much about. Next week the kids will finish it and take it home

We were very happy to have our moms in our classroom everyone had a blast! Kiddos enjoyed every moment!

With love,

Miss Nadia

Books we loved this week: “Jungle Day”/ “In the Jungle”/ “My Jungle Pop-Up Book”/ “Polar Bears don’t swing in the jungle”.

Vocabulary words: Crocodile/ Tiger/ Kangaroo/ Bear/ Hipo/ Rhinoceros