A Colorful Week!

Another week went by and our Terrific Tigers got to work with lots of different materials. During Creativity they made a beautiful giant tree, we decorated it by making lines and colors on it.

Tigers collected leaves in the backyard and had a chance to learn new vocabulary words. We also taught them about primary and secondary colors.

At Story Time, we introduced Halloween vocabulary using different books. Our kids really enjoyed the stories!

Tigers really enjoy Physical Development, we exercised to the beat of several Halloween songs. We did plenty of fun routines, but the one they liked the most was walking over straight and zig zag tape lines.

We love how tigers have been learning new rhymes, they’re doing a great job!

As a reminder on Thursday October 31st, we will have our Pixar Perfect Halloween Party. Please remember to send your children with a bucket or bag to collect their sweets. In case you want to send treats for their classmates, there are 14 kids in our classroom.

Next week, we will continue talking about Halloween and many more things related to it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Shaping Up!

This week we had the opportunity to use different materials and learn about shapes. Tigers learned that a circle has no corners, a triangle has three straight sides and a square has four sides and four corners. They learned to identify shapes everywhere, like a circle (clock), a triangle (slice of pizza) and squares (picture frames). It’s wonderful to see how the kids are beginning to identify shapes all over the place!

Our Creativity class, was full of projects that helped us reinforce the themes and each kids fine motor skills. Tigers used sponges to print shapes on paper and had so much fun! They really enjoyed doing this activity!

During Physical Development, our kiddos reviewed shapes by finding them around the gym. We even had a chance to “create” some of them at warm up time.

Our topics for next week will be: Primary and Secondary Colors. Also, we will learn about Christopher Columbus for Columbus Day!

We love how Tigers are learning new rhymes!

As you may already know, on Thursday October 31st, we will be having our Halloween party and parade. Start looking for costumes so your child can participate. Try to find simple costumes for their own comfort. If possible, use make up instead of a mask, so it won’t obstruct their sight. 

Have a nice weekend!

My House

This week our Tigers learned about the different rooms you can find in a house, as well as the furniture and items in them. We read and looked at a lot of books, our kiddos started repeating many new vocabulary words related to the topic.

During Creativity, we made a house and a bathtub. With this activity, we were also able to review some shapes and colors. Tigers love singing songs while we are working.

At Physical Development we have so much fun walking on the balance beam! They place one foot in front of the other and open their arms to balance themselves.

We are so proud of how fast our Terrific Tigers are learning new rhymes! 

Next week we’ll be learning many things about shapes.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Learning About Our Family!

This week our Tigers enjoyed learning about family members, they were so excited about introducing theirs (Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Baby, etc). 

During Creativity, our kiddos drew and decorated a Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Grandma, Grandpa  and a Baby. Tigers had so much fun!

They Really enjoy our Physical development class! We all love to dance, which creates a space for self expression.

Our kiddos enjoy showing their “Mystery Bag” when it’s their turn to be the leader, they feel really special. Thank you for taking the time to prepare your child’s mystery bag.

Next week we’ll be learning about the different parts of the house (living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and dining room). We’ll talk about furniture and things we have at home such as: lamps, beds, tables, chairs, etc.

We hope you have a great weekend!

Happy Tigers!

Tigers had a great time expressing how they felt each day! During the week, we talked about feelings and emotions. Our Tigers learned they can be expressed through colors, body postures, facial expressions, etc.

At Creativity we made a giant Mexican flag, so the kids could learn about its colors and the meaning of our Mexican Independence Day celebration. Today we really enjoyed celebrating, thank you for dressing up your kids as Mexican Charros and Chinas Poblanas! They looked wonderful and had a great time.

All your children were very excited to see this week’s leader’s “Mystery Bag’s”. Our kiddos had lots of fun sharing the books / toys they brought to the kinder. The Mystery Bag will be sent home a day prior to the assigned date for you child to be the leader.

Next week we will start learning about family members. On Wednesday, September 18th we will have a special visit, a Mime will come and perform for the kids at the kinder.

Have a fun and save long weekend, see you next Tuesday!

Having A Terrific Time!

Hello Parents!
This week we had a terrific time with our Tigers! Our students have been adapting to their learning environment, exploring where the materials are and how to use them. We love to see how they’re beginning to make new friends, getting to know each other better and enjoying the kinder each and every day as they get used to our daily routine.
During the week, we started learning new songs, and concepts such as the days of the week, the months of the year, the weather, the numbers and the alphabet.
A big highlight of our morning is Circle Time with Mr. Mike, where this week we reviewed the body parts and the kids were super excited!
Overall, we feel great about the way your kids have been adapting to their surroundings and are confident that they are adjusting well to their new learning environment.
Also, Miss Karen and I witnessed great progress in our tigers who potty trained this week. They did a great job and we’re super proud!
We would like to remind you about Toddler Tree’s Open House that will be held for parents of the Terrific Tigers class on Tuesday, September 3rd, at 7:00pm in our classroom. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Have a great weekend!
Miss Rocio and Miss Karen

First Week As Terrific Tigers!

Welcome to our Terrific Tigers group! This is the year for our learners to shine brightly in our classroom. It will be a year of amazing growth! We look forward to working with you and your child as we teach them to be happy, social, confident and independent. Communication is key to work together in your child´s success. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at any time. Miss Karen and I are looking forward to having a great school year with your child!

During their first week of school, we’re happy to let you know that all the Tigers have adapted very quickly to their new classroom, teachers and are getting along very well. We learned new vocabulary words which are related to school. Tigers have enjoyed listening to music and stories related to this topic. We also read books about school with  Elmo, Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and the Count!

In Creativity class we’re making a school bus booklet with images of this month’s vocabulary related to the school topic: Colors, such as red, yellow, blue, and green have been used during their projects.

Also, we had Victor’s birthday celebration at the kinder this week. So much fun!!

Please remember to send a complete change of clothes for your child. For those of you who have already sent it, thank you!

We are very excited to informe you that our Open House for Terrific Tigers parents will be held on Tuesday, September 3th at 7pm.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Welcome Terrific Tigers

We are so excited to have you in our class this year! Together, we’ll do and learn many neat things! We are looking forward to working with you and your child in guiding them through this magical year of learning, fun and adventure!

We believe that communication and a great parent/teacher relationships are the key to your child’s success! Please reach out if you have questions or concerns at any time. Feel free to send an email tigers@toddlertree.org or call Toddler Tree 83-56-83-44 and 83-56-83-30.

Also, for current classroom information and daily photos join our private Facebook group:
Terrific Tigers 2020

See you soon!

Miss Karen and Miss Rocio

Farewell Terrific Tigers!

Hello Terrific Tiger parents!

This is our last post of the year and we are so proud of each one of your little ones and their accomplishments during this 2018-2019 school year .

This week, at Toddler Tree, we enjoyed doing lots of different activities, where the kids had a lot of fun. On the last day of school the kiddos had a water party. They got to bring their swimsuit and play with lots of different sprinklers and fun water toys.

Also, they worked so hard on their father’s day gift, we hope you liked it!

Thank you for all your support during this school year, we love your kids very much and will miss them! Wish you all the best!

Enjoy your vacations!

With love,

Miss Laly & Miss Marifer

At The Beach!

We are close to finishing this school year, and we feel incredibly blessed to share these few last days with your children. We had so much fun during the year learning about many topics. This week’s topic was very exciting for our Tigers, as they learned about the beach.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike took out sunglasses from his surprise box! All of the kids went “surfing” and pretended to be at the beach. Our Tigers really enjoy their time with Mr. Mike.

In creativity class, we crafted a crab using our hand prints and red paint. Then, the kiddos had a chance to explore the color and texture of sand, which was used to decorate their artwork. Also, they made a “fish tank” and decorated it using sand and foamy.

Next Thursday, June 13th, we will have our summer activities with water. Kids will have fun outside with big bubbles, inflatables and water guns. It’s going to be so much fun! Please send an extra set of clothes for that day.

Have an excellent weekend!