Children’s Week

Welcome back! It was nice to see all of our students back this week. They have grown so much during the past 2 weeks! Our class has been learning about zoo and circus animals. On Wednesday we celebrated children’s day, too!  During exploration, the children watched how popcorn started to pop from an air popper. They were very happy and excited to see the whole process. In recess, the kids played with the sand and water table with toy animals, dipping them in water and pretending to walk in the sand. They also took turns hitting the pinata and had fun collecting all the candy. We role-played as ringmaster, circus clowns, lion tamers and holding/jumping through the “ring of fire” with the stuffed animal Tiger. The children also enjoyed playing in the ball pool. They were so happy! During gym, our little ones showed off their balance skills walking on the “tight rope” with our balance beams. In creativity, the children made a popcorn bucket and a zoo cage with animal crackers. This week we also celebrated Moni’s superkid day! It was a a very busy short week, but the children enjoyed every part of it! Vocabulary words: Zoo, zookeeper, circus, tiger, ring master, ring of fire, popcorn, pop!, balloons. Next week´s vocabulary words: Jungle, monkey, lion, zebra, giraffe, and elephant.

Waiting for Easter!

Easter is around the corner, so we have been enjoying the preparation for our Rainbow Parade. This week during recess, the children painted egg shells using the colors of the rainbow. They were very excited to dip them and watching them sink in the water. During physical development our students enjoyed doing the “Bunny Hop” wearing their bunny ears. They also enjoyed practicing for the egg hunt, collecting eggs hidden in the gym using their baskets. We enjoyed making an easter bunny bag during creativity, pasting clean pipes as whiskers, eyes, pink foamy ears and a pom-pom nose. The kids also made an easter egg by coloring, decorating and pasting different materials. During story time, the class enjoyed the stories “Peter Cottontail”, “Barney’s Easter Basket”, and “Bunny Easter Hunt”.

This week’s vocabulary words were: Easter, Bunny, Egg, Basket, Rainbow, Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Hide, Seek, Find.

Next weeks vocabulary words will be:
Parade, trike, bike, easter party, wind, kite, and a quick review of easter.

We would like to remind you that our Rainbow Parade will be held on next Wednesday April 9, at 10:00 AM, at the Colonia Sierra Madre park. Please bring your child in comfortable clothes, and don’t forget your basket and your decorated vehicle! See you there!

April Newsletter

Vocabulary Eggs, Easter bunny, basket, grass, bike, kite, tricycle,
Language Patterns Please & Thank You
Books Pat the Bunny, Hop Along Bunny, The Big Bunny and The Easter Eggs, Corduroy’s Easter, The Big Bunny and the Magic Show,
Concepts Find/Hide, Up/Down, Soft/Loud,
Action Verbs Hop, Climb, Hide and Seek
Color Review all colors
Math Skills Rote Counting 1-10. Review shapes.
Science discoveries Nature wonders through different experiments

Fine Motor Skills Use tongs and tweezers to pick up small objects
Physical Development Objective Practice and knowledge of the following skills: running, jumping, catching, pushing, pulling as well as orientation and rhythm exercises.

Fine Arts Skills Practice cutting with scissors, pasting skills using glue.
Music Friendly Easter Bunny, The Easter Bunny’s Coming, Little Peter Rabbit, We Are All Earthlings, We All Live Together

Value of the Month Conservation
Super Kids Monica Gonzalez Olvera April 27

Creepy Crawlies!

This week our students learned about creepy crawlies. They had so much fun making activities involving new vocabulary words. During creativity, kids made a ladybug and a bee with their footprints, they also made beautiful butterflies made out of coffee filters, caterpillars made out of fruit loops, a very hungry caterpillar made with their hand prints as well as a cup resembling a planting pot of dirt (cookies) and (gummy) worms.
In our physical development, the children enjoyed marching like ants, crawling like worms, flying like bees and butterflies using costumes, puppets, and fun songs to sing along.
They loved the book by Eric Carle “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and the “Butterfly Kiss” by Vicki Churchill. Our students learned that bees make honey and that they live in a beehive. Kids also learned that caterpillars make a house called a cocoon before transforming into beautiful butterflies.

During exploration time kids had fun sorting different types of bugs into containers!

This week’s vocabulary words were:worm, bugs, dirt, grass, beehive, bees, fly, swatter, ladybug, grasshopper, cricket, ants, anthill, caterpillar & butterfly

Next week’s vocabulary words and concepts: Easter Bunny, Making Baskets, Coloring Eggs, Hide/Seek/Find

Spring is Here!

This week our students learned about the rainbow and its colors by making a rainbow made out of different textures and techniques. During story, they loved the “What Makes a Rainbow” book, identified different colors by pointing them around the room and calling their name.They also enjoyed the ” Good Morning Sun” book, after reading the book kids sang along the “Mr.Sun” and “Good Morning” songs. Kids have been learning about the growing cycle, watering their own plant everyday and watching them grow!

During creativity, we made flowers from egg cartons, pom poms and pipe cleaners. However, they most enjoyed painting their own flower. The children have been learning in circle time that seeds grow with some water and the sun.

Here is a video your kiddos may enjoy:

In physical development the children are learning about up-down, fast-slow, freeze, soft-loud, and clapping to the rhythm of music. They are beginning to identify the first letter of their names, and sitting down on their letter on the carpet.

This week’s vocabulary words were:
Colors of the rainbow

Next week’s vocabulary words will be:

We would like to remind you to send as many eggshells as you can for our Easter Egg Hunt that will take place on April 9th. More information will be coming out next week.

Also, we’ve sent an email with your parent-teacher conference schedule, please confirm your assistance with a reply.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Farm Animals

This week our students had lots of fun learning about farm animals and their sounds! During story they loved hearing the “Old MacDonald” and holding stuffed animals to sing along. They also loved the “Noisy Farm” book where they pushed buttons to hear each animal’s sound. We have also enjoyed the B-I-N-G-O song, especially passing around a stuffed animal dog.

During circle time, we role-played as farm animals using duck masks while singing “Six Little Ducks”. The class learned the Mary had a Little Lamb story and song in Mr. Mike’s Circle Time. This week was a busy week in creativity, too. We made a paper plate cow, pasting the spots, eyes and nose with glue. We also made a Rooster, where the kids colored the rooster and pasted real feathers on the paper. The kids experienced feeling and manipulating a new texture. We also got to finish a paper bag barn.

Friday was a fun day! Our Caterpillars decorated cupcakes using marshmallows, frosting and purple skittles to create a pig and a sheep. They were very excited to create and eat them! During exploration, the toy barn with plastic animals was a great hit! The students learned each animal sound and they loved finding the animal on the bulletin board.

This week’s vocabulary words were: Sheep, Pig, Horse, Cow, Barn, Dog, Cat, Rooster, Hen, and Chicks.
they also learned the difference between using a soft voice and a loud voice while singing.

Next week’s vocabulary words are: : Rain, sun, clouds (umbrella & boots), Rainbow (review colors), Growing: seed, soil, sun, water, plant, Flowers & Trees

Farm Introduction

This week the children learned about the farm. They had lots of fun associating the farm animal sounds and identifying to which animal it belonged. The children also discovered the environment in which each animal lives. During circle time, the children learned to use gardening tools such as the shovel and hoe to plant seeds. They learned that with water and sun a plant will grow. Our students also learned that milk and cheese come from the cow, while eggs come from a hen. In creativity the children planted their own flower seeds. They also created Old McDonald’s farm using red paint and rollers. To create each animal the kids made hand prints using different colors of paint. During reading, we enjoyed the book “5 Little Ducks”, and the animal puppet glove to tell the story of Old McDonald. During physical development, the children have been using hats and animal masks to role play as farm animals and farmers. They had lots of fun this week!

This week’s vocabulary words were: seed, sun, water, soil, growing, planting, hoe, shovel, farmer, barn, egg, cheese, tractor, milk, butter, cow, hen.

Next week’s vocabulary words are: Rooster, Hen, Chicks, Cow, Horse, Sheep, Pig, Ducks, Turkeys

March Newsletter

Main Theme: Farm, Spring & Bugs
Main Topic: The farm


Farm Vocabulary: farm, farmer, cow, horse, pig, sheep, chicken, hen, rooster, cat, dog, goose, bird, mouse,
Spring Vocabulary: plants, flowers, trees, seeds, butterfly, caterpillar, ants, bee, spiders

Language Patterns: He/She/It is here OR over there

Books: Babe the Sheep Pig; Big Red Barn; Down on the Farm; Old McDonald Had a Farm; Open the Barn Door

Concepts: big/small & mother/baby

Action verbs: walk, gallop, run, jump, fly, crawl,

Colors: Introduce yellow; review red, pink and white.

Math Skills: Reinforce rote counting 1-5 and introduce 6&7, sorting 3 basic shapes.

Science discoveries: Animal sounds

Motor Skills
Fine Motor Skills: Developing strength with materials such as crayons, brushes, sticks, as well as water spray bottles

Physical development: Listen & Move: different animals

Fine Arts
Fine Arts Skills: Focus on pincer grasp movement exercises with open-ended art projects

Music: Our Animal Friends, When Pigs Get Up, Five Little Ducks, Five Little Butterflies, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Grow, The Beehive, The Ants Go Marching

March 5- Emiliano Cantu

Bye Bye February

This week the children learned about space and reviewed community helpers and transportation. On Monday the children experienced different community helper centers. In the Big Bears room, the children went to the beauty parlor, where the girls enjoyed getting their hair and nails done, while boys shaved and got goofy hair styles. In the Terrific Tigers room, the children enjoyed making letters by stamping and coloring, and placing their letters in an envelope and inserting them on a mail box. On the Caterpillars room the children experienced a Pizzeria. The children enjoyed putting all the ingredients together making dough and baking a pizza. Then they enjoyed eating their pizzas. This week the children had lots of fun role playing, pretending to fly in an airplane made out of mats. They also loved taking the magic rocket ride with Mr. Mike, counting down and flying in the air. During creativity the children made a stick airplane by painting and pasting cloth pins and tongue pressers. They also made a boat made out of corcks, rubber bands and bamboo sticks.

Next week the children will welcome March with the following vocabulary words: farm, farmer, crops, animals, barn, fence, pond, hay, field, Planting & Growing- corn, beans, milk, eggs, butter and an introduction of farm animals, cow, horse, chicken, hen, sheep, pig and rooster.

Transportation Week

This week the children had lots of fun learning about transportation. During manipulatives they enjoyed playing with cars, trains and solving transportation puzzles. They also enjoyed singing “Flying in an Airplane”, “The Wheels on the Bus”, “Row Row Row Your Boat” and “Buckle Up My Seat Belt”. During physical development our students learned to make bicycle movements with their legs while lying on their backs. They also learned how to make a choo-choo train by holding each other’s shoulders. They enjoyed acting like bus drivers, getting inside the collapsible bus. On Wednesday, we had a special visit from the fire department. We all loved watching the firefighters putting out a fire with the hose and hearing the truck’s siren. We also enjoyed watching Mrs. Nancy dressing up and then they even had a turn to dress up, as well. During creativity the children created a choo choo train using paint, glue, glitter and cotton.

This week we celebrated Ro’s and Pablo’s birthdays, too. The kids participated in making their friends a birthday crown, singing Happy Birthday and everybody really enjoyed eating the birthday cakes. We wish them both the very best always!

The vocabulary words the children have learned this week are:airplane, car, boat, ship, helicopter, bicycle, firetruck, police car, ambulance, truck, tractor, and bus.

Next week the children will learn about space and rockets. We will also review community helpers and transportation.