Day at the Beach!

Dear Parents,

This week the children had fun learning about the beach! During storytime, the children enjoyed different books about the beach where they discovered different activities such as building sand castles, playing with the beach ball, surfing, and swimming. They loved being read “Dora: A day at the beach”. During recess, the children loved using sun glasses and playing at the sand tables. They used shovels and pails to gather sand and really had fun.

During creativity, we had fun making a beach ball using paint.

In physical development, the children pretended to swim, they also pretended to surf using the balance beams while hearing “Surfing USA”. It’s been a fun week full of surprises!

This week’s vocabulary words: Summer, sand, sun, sea, sunglasses, sunscreen, shovel, pail, castle,snorkeling, swimsuit and surfing.

Just wanted to remind you on Tuesday we will be having our parent teacher conference. And Thursday June 14 will be the last day of school and they may come dressed with their pajama.

Thank you,

Miss Debbie

End of the Year Program!

Hello Parents,

We had an amazing week, full of adventures and new experiences!!!

This week we learned about sea animals: dolphins, whales, crabs, lobsters and many others! We enjoyed singing and dancing to “under the sea” songs.

During creativity class, we made fish and crabs, as well as sea horses and starfish for the end of the year program decoration.

On Wednesday, we had our end of the year program. We loved singing and dancing!!! Thank you for coming!!

On Thursday, we celebrated Ana Gaby’s birthday! We sang Happy Birthday all together with her mom, dad and Mr. Mike. Afterwards, we ate delicious cupcakes!!!

Thank you,
Miss Debbie

Under The Sea

Hello parents,

This week the Crawling Caterpillars took a dive into water world with our new topic, “Under the Sea.” They are learning all about sea animals.

We changed our bulletin board to portray sea life and some of the animals that we may find in the ocean. The kids are very excited with this topic!

This week, they learned about fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, octopus, jellyfish, crab, lobster, mermaid, starfish and seahorse.

During creativity time, the Crawling Caterpillars made some handprints to make a crab. They really enjoyed using paint, making starfish and other fish.

Our students love to dance to videos about the vocabulary words they’re learning, This week, we showed them: “Baby Shark”, “Baby Beluga” and the “Crab dance.” This is great for the little ones because they get to name and identify the sea animals they’re learning about.

Thank you,

Miss Debbie

Zoo Animals

Hello Parents,

This week the crawling caterpillars enjoyed reviewing zoo animals. Most students can already recognize the sounds of certain animals. During creativity we made a lion and snake, using different techniques. The kids loved singing and dancing during circle time “Going to the Zoo” and “Do the Monkey”. The children sang while using animal hats, animal masks and plush toys. The children have been practicing hard for the end of the year Alo-Hawaii program during our physical development class. They’ve been learning new moves and songs and are happy to be performing for you. During story time, our students  loved “The lady with the Alligator Purse”, “Brown Bear” and “Good Night gorilla”.

This week’s vocabulary words were:
crocodile, elephant, tiger, kangaroo, bear, rhinoceros,

Next we will start learning about sea animals. Such as fish, shark, whale, dolphin, crab, lobster, starfish and seahorse.

Just to remind you on Wednesday May 30th we will be having our End of the Year Program . Be sure to mark your calendars!
Thank you so much for your kind gestures on teachers day! We feel blessed to be in this field of work! Thanks for entrusting your children to us.

Miss Debbie

Happy Mother’s Day!

This week the children have learned about zoo and jungle animals. We had lots of fun while pretending to be monkeys in circle time with Mr. Mike and they enjoyed hearing stories about our jungle friends while learning the sounds each one of them make. Children played with animal puppets and started to recognize and name some of them.

During creativity time the children made an elephant out of hand prints and in physical development we have been practicing for the end of the year program. The kids are showing their best dance moves!

Our highlight of the week was making a candle jar filled with crayons. Our students and mommies worked together before sharing a nice snack as we celebrated Mother’s Day together!

This weeks vocabulary words:
” I love you”

Next week’s vocabulary words:
Zoo review

We hope you have a great mother’s day in company of your loved ones! We had so much fun!

Thank you,
Miss Debbie

Pet Animals

Hello Parents,

This week the children enjoyed learning about different pet animals. Our students had the experience to see and touch Miss Karen’s cat, Donato. During creativity, the children made a fish bowl using their hands. During circle time, we learned new songs like BINGO, KITTY, and they loved jumping like frogs. In physical development, we started practicing for our end of the year program. The kids also practiced their balance, and practiced their different abilities in the obstacle course.

This weeks vocabulary words are: Pet Week: Dog, puppies, Cat, kittens, Bird, Frog, Fish, Turtle, Rabbit, Hamster

Next week we will start learning about zoo animals and on friday we will have our Mother’s Day Program.

Thank you,

Miss Debbie


Planting, sun, water, seed, soil, flowers and trees were some of the topics we learned about this week. Kids learned how plants get to grow, grow, grow, and we also introduced some of the insects we can find in the outdoors.

We enjoyed planting chia seeds and bean seeds, too. During creativity class we made a beautiful sunflower and a rose.

We learned planting vocabulary and the materials you need to plant. We had so much fun during creativity, gym class and circle time.

Next week, we will start learning about pets and the proper way to treat them.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Debbie

Farm Animals

Hello parents,

We had an amazing week learning about the farm and their animals. This week during creativity class we made a pig with finger prints, a sheep with cotton balls and a dog with tissue paper.

We love singing about the farm and farm animals, we learned about animal sounds and we are also learning to identify them.

During our gym class, we went to Granpa’s Farm, we danced with our shaky eggs and with the maracas.

Thank you,
Miss Debbie

Welcome Back to School

Hello Parents,

Welcome Back to School! We are very happy everyone is back! We hope everyone enjoyed their vacation!

This week the children learned about the farm. They had lots of fun associating the farm animal sounds and identifying to which animal it belonged. The children also discovered the environment in which each animal lives. During circle time, the children learned to use gardening tools such as the shovel and hoe to plant seeds. They learned that with water and sun a plant will grow. In creativity the children made a duck. They also enjoyed singing Old McDonald’s farm. During reading, we enjoyed the book “5 Little Ducks”, and the animal puppet glove to tell the story of Old McDonald. During physical development, the children have been using hats and animal masks to role play as farm animals and farmers. They had lots of fun this week.

Thank you,

Miss Debbie

Easter Break!

Hello parents!

This week we had a lot of fun! We had the Rainbow Parade at Alpino Chipinque. We loved watching everyone patricipate at the Spring Parade with their incredible cars. We enjoyed looking for eggs during the egg hunting. Thank you for all your effort, everyone was really happy and the decorated cars looked amazing!

In our classroom, we practiced our daily routine, getting to know the colors, shapes, numbers and abc. We loved reading books and playing with soft cubes. During creativity class, we enjoyed coloring and stuffing egg shells.

We hope you and your family enjoy Easter Break. We are off for two weeks and will see you back on Monday, April 9th.

Have a great vacation!

Thank you,

Miss Debbie