Holly Jolly Christmas!

We want to congratulate all our Caterpillars for their wonderful performance at the Magical Kingdom Christmas Show. They looked amazing dressed up as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse dancing their Christmas songs. Being their first time on stage and after all their hard work practicing, we were so proud of them.

This week our Caterpillars have been enjoying and feeling the Christmas fun. During Creativity they decorated Santa’s beard with cotton balls. Then they painted some candycanes with our dot to dot marker which they love to use. For their Christmas Tree, the kiddos made some beautiful stars with cellophane which they pasted on contact paper.

At Circle Time, Mr. Mike sang and played new Christmas songs on his accordion. The kids loved them, they immediatly started dancing and jumping around. He also showed us many exciting Christmas surprises.

In Story Time, our little ones love Christmas books. Many of them are starting to identify were is Santa, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, snowflakes etc. They are learning all the Christmas vocabulary.

Next week we will continue to learn more about Christmas, candy, cookies, wreaths, trains and posada.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Here Comes Santa!

Its December already! Time flies so quickly and our Caterpillars are growing and learning a lot. This week we have been practicing for our Magic Kingdom Christmas Festival. Our little ones enjoy so much dancing!

During Creativity we worked on a stocking. They used toy stamps and glued big sequins to decorate it. Preparing for our Christmas program the kids made a Christmas wreath using a paper plate. They painted it green and sprinkled green glitter, then we pasted some Mickey Mouse ears. It turned out so pretty! Also, they made a letter to Santa and colored it using thick crayons.

At Circle Time with Mr. Mike, we sang while he played on his accordion “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Must be Santa Claus”. Caterpillars had so much fun!

Today Santa visited Toddler Tree and all the kiddos had the opportunity to take a photo with him.

Next week we will continue to learn more about Christmas and do lots of fun activities. Don’t forget to come to our Magic Kingdom Christmas Festival on Tuesday, December 10th at CandyGum (Plaza San Pedro).

Have a wonderful weekend!

We Are Thankful!

This week our Caterpillars have been finishing learning all about Thanksgiving. They had lots of fun!

During Creativity they worked on a pumpkin pie by coloring a paper plate using orange markers and pasting cut out papers on it and of course some little marshmallows. Then when we started talking about vegetables, they painted and decorated a print out cauliflower with cotton. They loved to use paintbrushes, as well as feeling and playing with cotton.

At Physical Development they are having so much fun! We just started to practice for our Christmas Magical Kingdom program.

The kiddos played turkey chase with Mr. Mike during Circle Time. They ran smiling and laughing around using a pretend turkey. Mr. Mike also played the Indian dance song using his acordion and our Caterpillars danced away.

On Wednesday we had our Thanksgiving feast, the kids had the chance to try different types of food. They had turkey, sweet potato, corn, cranberries and smashed potato. It was a delicious meal. Also, all of the kids played games such as fishing, playing drums, pin the feathers in the turkey, relay of fruits and vegetables and they made a shaker using water bottles.

Have a wonderful restful long weekend!

Pilgrims & Indians!

It is almost Thanksgiving and the kiddos are so excited! They are learning a lot of new vocabulary and doing many fun activities related to our November theme.

During Creativity we finished our indian headbands, which they are going to wear next week on the delicious feast we are going to have. The kiddos learned all about wigwams and even decorated one using brown paper bags. We also talked about how the pilgrims liked to fish while they colored a fish and decorated it by pasting large colorful sequins. Once again practicing their fine motor skills grabbing and pasting the sequins.

At Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed us all about pilgrims, Mayflower, wigwams, cornucopia, hunting, fishing, corn, indian dance and of course about the importance of sharing and giving thanks. The kids and Mr. Mike dressed up as indians and pilgrims as they role played fishing and hunting. He also played a new song in his acordion “Hunting and Fishing in the Forest.”

Our little ones really enjoyed exploration, they played with the magnetic fishing set. We were able to review colors and numbers by counting our “catches”.

Next week we will be having a Thanksgiving celebration on Wednesday, November 27th. We will be sharing food, being thankful and grateful. No lunch is needed, only their water bottle.

As a friendly reminder, there will be no clases on Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th. We will be very happy to see you on Monday, December 2nd.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sharing Is Caring!

Another week went by so quickly! This week we have been learning all about sharing and introduced Thanksgiving. Caterpillars are understanding that sharing is caring. They are discovering all about food, fruits, vegetables, grains and so much more.

During Creativity the kiddos worked on stamping cherries with corks and red paint. We are also working on some indian headbands for our Thanksgiving feast.

At Exploration they were able to apply their sensory motor skills by manipulating spaghetti. After playing with it, they pasted it on a paper plate which they decorated using markers and brown pom poms (simulating meatballs).

With Mr. Mike we have been practicing plenty of songs related to food. We are surprised that many of our Caterpillars are trying to jump by themselves.

Next week we wil continue learning about Thanskgiving, pilgrims, fishing, cornucopia and indians.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Yummy, Yummy!

This week we introduced a new theme: fruits, vegetables and dairy products. New songs and materials were on hand to play and explore.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike taught them the “Sharing Song” demonstrating it by using props. All the kids were so attentive at Mr. Mike, they really liked the song. He also sang “Apples and Bananas” and another day changed it to “Tomatoes and Potatoes”.

At Creativity we did some grapes by stamping toilet paper rolls with paint and then they colored it with purple crayons. Our kiddos also had a chance to use new finger stamps, they were so excited because it was something they were able to use easily. They used those finger stamps when we showed them all about milk, cheese and yogurt. They also had a lot of fun working on a watermelon sun catcher, pasting all the celophane red squares on the contact paper. It turned out so lovely!

Our CAterpillars really enjoy Story Time, we read many books about fruits and vegetables while using actual fruits as props. They felt exciting to see what fruit or vegetable was coming out of the box.

Next week we will continue introducing other foods, as well as learning all about Thanksgiving.

Have a great weekend!

Learning Is Fun!

Time flies so quickly! We are ready to receive November. First of all we want to congratulate all the boys and girls for their spectacular costumes and how wonderful they were at the Pixar Perfect Halloween Parade. They were very proud of their costumes and so excited about all the goodies they received from their classmates. Thank you so much for all your support.

Our Caterpillars had a week full of fun activities, books, songs and dances. During Creativity we made a tombstone using a “gansito”. Also, we had a chance to experiment with glitter and practiced several sensorimotor skills. Another fun project was making a witch hat using ice cream cones, nutella and a “doradita”. This activity helped us review several shapes, such as: circle and triangle.

Next week our kiddos will start learning about fruits, vegetables, milk and cheese. We are ready to make it a fun learning experience!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Having A ”Spooktacular” Time!

This week has been full of Halloween fun. All the kids have enjoyed listening and dancing to Halloween songs and playing with lots of costumes.

Everyday we have been reading spooky stories and they have been learning new vocabulary, such as: witch, bat, owl, cat, ghost, monster, vampire, gobblin and so much more. All those books make them scream, laugh and smile.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed them Sam the Spider and read the book of “Where is Spider” along with the song. He also made as if the spider was crawling in his body showing them all the parts of the body.  As Halloween is just around the corner, Mr. Mike dressed up as a clown. First he started placing a bowtie and collar, then a nose, a hat and at the end some fake teeth. Everyone was so amazed by his costume and transformation!

At Creativity we had so much fun. We made some spider stamps using a toilet paper roll. We also made a friendly ghost with cotton, a marshmallow mummy and a yummy spider using oreo cookies, m&m’s and spagetti for the legs. They practiced fine motor skills by inserting the spagetti on the cookie. They had so much fun making all those delicious Halloween crafts.

Next week we will continue reviewing Halloween and will have on Wednesday October 30th our Pixar Perfect Halloween Parade at 10:20am.

Here are a few reminders:

1. Kids arrival time is at 9:00am, please do not send lunch boxes, only a bag to collect goodies.
2. Parking is limited (consider Uber).
3. Please leave the kinder without entering the classrooms. This is to avoid disturbing the children.

Thank you so much, have a great weekend!

Trick Or Treat!

Another week went flying, Halloween is just around the corner and all the kids are so excited listening to Halloween songs, playing with costumes, making creative crafts and so much more.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed us lots of rhymes including his favorite of the 5 Little Pumpkins. He also dressed up as a witch and started to sing and dance the song of “I’m a Witch.” Mr. Mike surprised the kids with a pumpkin and transformed it into a Jack o Lantern. He made as if he was cutting the eyes, nose and mouth and then he turned off the lights and the pumpkin was now a glowing Jack o Lantern. They were all amazed looking at Mr. Mike with his big shinny Jack o Lantern.

At Creativity time, our Caterpillars did a bunch of Halloween activities. First we painted some egg carton and made some cute little pumpkins. Also, our little ones used half of an apple and stamped  little orange “pumpkins”. They also enjoyed making a sensory glove with water, beads, glitter, pom poms and other fun materials. Today we talked about cats and we made one using a Paleta Payaso.

Remember that on October 31 you can bring candy or whatever you want to share with their friends. Please make sure not to label the candies using “To”.

Thank you so much for your support,

Have a wonderful weekend!

Learning Is Fun!

This week we had so much fun! Learning all about fall season, lines, primary colors, Colombus Day and so much more. The kids worked on some beautiful sun catchers using contact paper and pieces of cellophane paper. They really enjoyed pasting the fall colored cellophane papers (red, orange, yellow, green and brown) on the contact. Since they really liked it, we did this activity two times! Helping them in their fine motor skills.

Also, our little ones did some trees using the dot to dot markers while we explained to them the different seasons of the year. Another fun thing we got to do was a ziplock paint bag with a pumpkin. We introduced them primary colors and they had the chance to see how red and yellow make orange! They were so excited rubbing the bag mixing the paint.

It was a week was full of activities, but we couldn’t forget Colombus Day which is celebrate this Saturday, October 12th. Our Caterpillars worked on a little ship made of a paper plate.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike reviewed the shapes and introduced Halloween with a little rhyme of Debbie and Dave the Bats. He also surprised us with the colors of Autumn. The kids laughed a lot when he threw a bunch of colored leaves on top of them.

We are looking forward for next week because it is going to be all about Halloween!

As a reminder, we will have our Pixar Perfect Halloween Party on Thursday, October 31st. Please remember to send your children with a bag or something to collect their sweets in.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Crawling Caterpillars