Police Visit

This week was full of excitement for our Big Bears! First they learned about love and friendship, as well as some of our wonderful community helpers; such as police officers.

We had a blast this week because the San Pedro police officers came to kinder. They made a nice presentation, reinforcing that a traffic light has three colors, which mean the following: red-stop, yellow- be careful, and green- go. They also reminded the kids to hold someone’s hand in order to cross the street.

The Big Bears really enjoyed the police officer’s observations and it was great that they even showed all traffic signs in English! Our students also learned that they have to buckle up in the car in order to be safe.

We have been developing their motor skills, both fine and gross, working in Physical Development and coordination. We are still practicing the numbers and developing holding crayons properly as we do prewriting exercises.

We would like to remind you, if you want your kids to get checked, the Eye Doctor will be coming to kinder on Tuesday February 12th and the Ear Doctor will be here on Wednesday the 13th.

We have been practicing the following rhyme called “I Love You ”

Valentines Red
Valentines Blue
Valentines say:
I Love You !

As you know, next Thursday, February 14 we will celebrate “Valentine’s Day”. Children only need a thermos with water, no lunch boxes that day! If you send Valentine’s treats for your child´s classmates, please only label who it´s from. There are 15 Big Bears in the class.

As well, next week we will talk about the dentist among other things. For Friday the 15th, we have a great activity planned for our kiddos, we are asking you if it is possible to send a labeled toothbrush and toothpaste please.

Have a great weekend!

We “Are” Big Bears!

This week we had the opportunity to learn about different forest and arctic animals. The Big Bears also reviewed numbers, letters, shapes, opposites and colors. They practiced their cutting skills and were able to create interesting shapes.

During Creativity, our kiddos enjoyed doing a whale craft and had fun using Play-doh to make different environments for several plastic animals.

Next week Big Bears will start learning about several community helpers. As a group we will be able to learn about the different activities each one does in our community. Toddler Tree will have visits from the San Pedro police officers, firefighters and rescue team. Our Big Bears will have a wonderful time full of fun learning opportunities.

We want to remind you that there will be no classes on Monday February 4th, 2019 due to the Mexican Constitution.

Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

Have a great weekend!

Winter Animals

This week we enjoyed learning about forest animals, penguins, and polar bears.  Big Bears had so much fun discovering the habitat and surroundings of these animals. During Exploration, we experienced playing with “snow” and they really liked the feeling of it.

During Physical development, our kiddos pretended to be exercising polar bears. We prepared a circuit that involved different movements and boy, did they enjoy it!

Our sincere thanks to all our dearest grandmothers who visited the Big Bears class at Toddler Tree. It was such a pleasure to have them and our students were delighted! They performed their very best with all their love. We truly appreciated the grandmas’ enthusiastic work on the projects, too. It was a unique and unforgettable experience for all of us!

Please listen to your child while he/she sings the song we dedicated to grandma:

“ Grandma/Grandpa”

Grandma, grandpa
Grandma, grandpa
I love you, I love you
You are very special
You are very special
Yes you are!
Yes you are!

” Snowman ”

Snowman Snowman
Round and white
I wonder what
You do at night
Snowman snowman
Lets have fun
before you melt
in the sun.

Next week, we will learn about winter sports and review several topics related to winter.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

“J”… Is For Jacket!

This week, we reviewed winter clothes: boots, jacket, gloves/mittens, hat and scarf. The kids had fun dressing a “silhouette” with Mr.Mike during circle time.

During Gym, our Big Bears enjoyed doing different activities and movements, dancing to new songs and practicing pilates.

Next week we will learn about winter and forest animals: bears/polar bears, penguins, baby beluga, whale, forest, ice and water environments.

The Big Bears will also practice pre-writing skills. We are sure they will love the fun activities we will be doing!

Have an excellent weekend!

Welcome Back Big Bears!

Happy New Year 2019! Wishing you and your family a year full of blessings and joy!

We feel very excited to see the Big Bears again and are looking forward to a remarkable and productive year.

This week, we started learning about several things related to the winter season. During Morning Routine, our kiddos got excited when we talked about some winter clothes because some were wearing them. The kids loved several activities we did during exploration, such as touching ice cubes and then watching how they melted with hot air.

Next week, our Bears will continue learning new concepts related to winter.

We look forward to seeing you at the parent-teacher conferences next Monday, January 14th.

As a friendly reminder please label all jackets and sweaters to avoid mixups.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Rockin’ Around Christmas!

Wow! This year is almost over!

The Big Bears are very excited and eager to show you their best at “The Grand Christmas Rhapsody” next Tuesday December the 18th at Candy Gum. We hope you will enjoy the program as much as we do!

This week was full of fun! We reviewed Christmas vocabulary, songs, and poems! We even baked cookies.

During Creativity, the kids have been working on beautiful decorations for the Christmas Program.

Every day, they talk about how anxious they feel for Santa Claus to bring them toys soon! We are so excited for them!

We want to remind you that “The Grand Christmas Rhapsody” show will take place next Tuesday, December 18, at Candy Gum. The time of arrival for kids is 9 am and parents arrive for the performance at 10.30.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Santa Is Here!

This week was full of magic and excitement! We had a special visitor, Santa! All the kiddos had a great time taking pictures with him and giving him their Christmas cards.

Also, this week we started working on several Christmas decorations. The Big Bears had a great time using their skills.

We have been practicing songs and rhymes for the Christmas program. The kids are doing a great job and are eager to show you!

Ring, ring, ring the bells,
Ring them all to say,
X-Mas time is here to stay !!!

Next week we will be learning about the real meaning of Christmas.

Have a great weekend!


We are happy to have you back after Thanksgiving! During this week we started working with Christmas decorations. Big Bears had a great time using their fine motor skills. Also, they are practicing with Miss Mely for the Christmas Program and are eager to show you and sing:

You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I’m telling you why:
Santa Claus is coming to town!

He’s making a list,
He’s checking it twice;
He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.
Santa Claus is coming to town!

He sees you when you’re sleeping,
He knows when you’re awake.
He knows when you’ve been bad or good,
So be good for goodness sake!

OH!You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I’m telling you why.
Santa Claus is coming to town!

Everyday when our students arrive to school they tell us what they want for Christmas and how is Santa always watching them.

Next week on Wednesday December 5th, Santa will visit us and our Bears will have the opportunity to take a picture with him! We will continue preparing for “The Grand Christmas Rhasody” which will be presented for you at Candy Gum Party Place on Tuesday December 18th.

Have a great weekend!

A quick reminder: please remember to label all jackets and sweaters to avoid mix ups.

Thankful Big Bears!

  • This week, the Big Bears understood what sharing and giving means. They all have been practicing how to share with their classmates and are very enthusiastic about being thankful, too.

The whole week was full of excitement and experiences. As we learned our objectives, during Creativity the kiddos made Indian headdresses. They wore them during our Thanksgiving Feast and were so excited about it. This celebration was a blast for the Big Bears! They had a viewing of the buffet table and shared delicious dishes.

They also learned a rhyme, “Gobble, Gobble” and sang and danced to the “ Ten Little Indians”. You should try it at home!

We want to remind you that we won’t have classes next week as we celebrate the Mexican Revolution and Thanksgiving Holidays.

Classes will resume on Monday, November 26.

Please make sure all of your child’s sweaters and jackets are labeled to avoid mix-ups.

Enjoy your child these days and get ready for our winter program.

Take care and have a great week!

I Like To Eat!

This week, we learned about the different types of fruits and veggies and how they should be incorporated in our nutrition. Our students had a chance to tell us which one was their favorite fruit describing their shape and color. They also had the opportunity to smell several vegetables.

The Big Bears had a blast during our HEB visit! We learned about fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood.They also loved decorating a cupcake at the HEB bakery! So fun!

The kids really enjoyed visiting the grocery store with their parents! A special thanks to all the parents who were there.

This week we also introduced Thanksgiving. During Circle Time, we learned how to do “The Turkey Hop” and the concept that thanksgiving is for giving thanks. It means: sharing, being grateful, and thankful.

We also showed the kids a video about the different foods we will be having during our Thanksgiving Feast. They saw turkey, mashed potatoes, carrots, corn, biscuits, cranberries, yams and pumpkin pie.

They are also learning a rhyme called “Turkey, Turkey”

Turkey, Turkey

“A turkey is a funny bird

His head goes wobble, wobble

He only knows one word:

Gobble, gobble, gobble”

Next Wednesday, November 14th, we will have our Thanksgiving Feast. Please remember there is no need to send lunch. There will be plenty of food for our kiddos.

Have a great weekend!