April Week 4

Dear Parents,

This week we had fun learning about the different home pets we can have in our house. That a dog is also named puppy and a cat has babies called kittens.

We also talked about Earth Day. They learned the following rhyme:

Earth Day

Everyday is Earth Day

If it´s hot, cold, or wet!

Let´s save the planet,

It´s the only one we´ve got!

It was so funny that when we were done with the theme. They said they were from “Monterrey”!

During creativity we had lots of fun. They enjoyed the feather birds and the paper bag puppy and cat with Ms. Cristy.

During gym we have been developing physical objetives such as running, jumping, rolling and balancing skills in different obstacle courses and circuits. We also focus on teaching them how to take turns, respect others and how to win or lose.

Next week we will continue with home pets and Big Bears will learn all the parts of a flower such as dirt, stem and petals.

We are really excited about our Children´s Day Party which will take place on Thursday April 30th. Kids only have to bring a thermos with water. Snacks will be provided by April Room-Mothers. As a reminder, they will be no classes on Friday May 1st.

Have a nice week end !

Ms. Caya & Miss Maria Elena

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