April Newsletter

Vocabulary Eggs, Easter bunny, basket, grass, bike, kite, tricycle,
Language Patterns Please & Thank You
Books Pat the Bunny, Hop Along Bunny, The Big Bunny and The Easter Eggs, Corduroy’s Easter, The Big Bunny and the Magic Show,
Concepts Find/Hide, Up/Down, Soft/Loud,
Action Verbs Hop, Climb, Hide and Seek
Color Review all colors
Math Skills Rote Counting 1-10. Review shapes.
Science discoveries Nature wonders through different experiments

Fine Motor Skills Use tongs and tweezers to pick up small objects
Physical Development Objective Practice and knowledge of the following skills: running, jumping, catching, pushing, pulling as well as orientation and rhythm exercises.

Fine Arts Skills Practice cutting with scissors, pasting skills using glue.
Music Friendly Easter Bunny, The Easter Bunny’s Coming, Little Peter Rabbit, We Are All Earthlings, We All Live Together

Value of the Month Conservation
Super Kids Monica Gonzalez Olvera April 27

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