April Newsletter



Eggs, Easter bunny, basket, grass, earth, wind, fire, rain, ocean, river, lake, cloud, mountain, land, forest, care, safety, reduce, use, reuse, recycle.

Language Patterns

This is- These are, I have, I went


Pat the Bunny, Hop Along Bunny, The Big Bunny and The Easter Eggs, Corduroy’s Easter, The Big Bunny and The Golden Egg and the Magic Show, Let’s Take Care of the Earth, Rain Under the Sky, A Tree is Nice, In the Forest


Find/Hide, Over/under, Day/Night

Action Verbs

Hop, Climb, Hide and Seek


Pink, green and white

Math Skills

Number recognition 1 to 7. , Recycle (sorting and classifying) Patterns.

Science discoveries

Nature wonders through different experiments


Fine Motor Skills

Use scissors and work on tracing one’s name. Develop activities to reinforce strength in hands and fingers.

Physical Development Objective

Practice and knowledge of the following: running, jumping, balancing in different obstacle courses and circuits. Relaxation techniques and follow different rhythmic patterns.


Fine Arts Skills

Explore with scraps and recycled materials to make open-ended art.


Friendly Easter Bunny, The Easter Bunny’s Coming, Little Peter Rabbit, We Are All Earthlings, We All Live Together, And Bunny Hope


Value of the Month


Super Kids

Diego T. – April 2Mariana E. – April 10



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