April Newsletter


Cow, pig, sheep, horse, chicken, rooster, cat, dog, donkey, farmer, barn, duck, hen.

Language Patterns

Tie my shoe, please; Thank you.


Babe the Sheep Pig; Big Red Barn; Down on the Farm; Old McDonald Had a Farm; Open the Barn Door


Above/below, Over/under, up and down

Action Verbs

Gallop, run, hop, jump and roll


Brown, black, gray, review all colors.

Math Skills

Identify shapes, rote counting 1-15., big andsmall

Science discoveries

Growing plants


Fine Motor Skills

Sewing exercises, insert yarn in holes, insert objects in bottles.

Physical Development Objective

Knowledge and practice of the following skills: Rolling, climbing, hitting, corporal image, rhythm, relaxing exercises.


Fine Arts Skills

Fun with paint, hand and footprints


When Pigs Get Up, Grandpa’s Farm, Old MacDonald, Can You Make This Sound?


Value of the Month


Super Kid

Eva Montemayor

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