April Newsletter 2013

Down on the Farm

Vocabulary: Pig, piglet, rooster, hen, chick, goat, duck, duckling, cow, calf, horse, colt, cat, kitten, sheep, lamb, farmer, fence, barn, pond, hay.

Language Patterns: This is- These are, I have, I went Books: Mrs. Wishy Washy, Babe the Sheep Pig, Big Red Barn, Down on the Farm, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Open the Barn Door.

Concepts: Find/Hide, On/under, Day/night Action Verbs: Galloping, Eating and Growing.

Colors: White, pink, Brown, & Yellow.

Math Skills: Number recognition 1 to 10 Identify concept of one and many. Identify concept of short and long.

Science discoveries: Nature wonders through different experiments. Transfer of water to different containers

Fine Motor Skills: Use scissors and work on tracing one’s name. Develop activities to reinforce strength in hands and fingers.

Physical Development Objectives: Practice and knowledge of the following: running, jumping, balancing in different obstacle courses and circuits. Relaxation techniques and follow different rhythmic patterns.

Fine Arts Skills: Explore with scraps and recycled materials to make an art project.

Music: Can You Name that Sound?, Uncle Noah’s Ark, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Grandpa’s Farm Value of the Month: Patience/ Tolerance

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