Animals Everywhere!

During past weeks we were excited to welcome new members to our Tiny Turtles family: Cristobal, Gael and Poncho. All together the kids have been enjoying and learning new things!

This week we have been talking about animals. We learned about forest animals, such as squirrel, fox, racoon, deer and bear, as well as some animals that live in the snowy areas: polar bear, pinguins and belugas. Kids learned the names of the animals very fast, while we were playing with stuffed animals, polar bear puppet, forest animals flash cards and off course our creativity projects.

Activities that reinforced these concepts included: making a fox out of a paper plate, handprint polar bears and a fluffy cotton penguin.

Most of our students really enjoy story time and remain seated and attentive during the entire story when it is being read to them! Stories this week included: “Biscuit’s walk in the woods”, “Big Bear Little Bear” and “10 Little Penguins”.

During Circle Time with Mr. Mike kids met Rocky the Racoon and saw him playing the recorder. They also met Benny the Bear and saw him playing a banjo. Bear gave a nice and warm hug to every little student and they loved it!

This week we also welcomed our beloved Grandmas to kinder. Together we made a wonderful craft to store the tissues. We enjoyed a delicious snack and in the end, little Turtles showed a bit of our daily routine to their Grandmas. Everyone had a great time and it was nice to meet them!

Our theme for next week is winter sports.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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