All I want for Christmas is You!

Bees Busy have been enjoying learning about Christmas. This week was so much fun for them!

In exploration we made a mask of Santa which we used afterwards for story time. We also had a sensory box simulating snow.

For Creativity, they played with white cotton balls and they created a Santa Claus. Everyone did a great job painting the whole plate that simulated Santa’s face and gluing patiently the cotton balls in a strait line for Santa’s hat. Finally they pasted the eyes next to each other. They really liked this art project.

In physical development kids enjoyed practicing some Christmas songs as well as the song for the Christmas festival. They are getting into it more and more every day.

Finally, for story time, everyone was so quiet and interested, paying attention to the different books we read in class. Reading about Santa Claus, his elves and reindeer as well as playing with the different props was so much excitement. Everyone wanted to be Santa Claus.

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