All About Shapes!

Today was a special day, Tiny Turtles classroom celebrated Andrea’s birthday! Andrea turns two tomorrow, but she had her super kid celebration, crown and rocket ride today. Andrea’s mommy brought tasty cupcakes to share with her friends, and you could see happy faces everywhere.                                                                                                     Andrea you’re a very sweet girl, we love you so much and we want to wish you a very happy birthday!

This week our main topics were about shapes: square, rectangle, oval, lines and colors. We introduced these topics through different activities such as sponge painting for the square shape, pasting ovals on a big oval using different materials and textures. On Tuesday we had an exploration activity called “Mining for shapes”, a sensory tipe of experience where turtles had the chance to role play and pretend their miners looking for shapes. We used two boxes filled with black beans and different foamy shapes wrapped in aluminum foil, each of them got a strainer to help them explore the boxes. They looked so cute wearing their miners headband! In order to teach your little ones about colors we had a little science experiment. We had 7 clear cups filled with hot water, each of those cups represented a color: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Kids dropped a candy (m&m’s, skittles, jolly rangers) inside the cup and watched the water turn the color of the candy. Today’s exploration activity had everyone participating and having fun, we made a “Geo tree” out of brown construction paper and kids pasted foamy shapes on it. Lots of fun and different ways of learning about the shapes found all around us!


Our creativity class helped reinforce these topics with cool projects that also help develop their fine motor skills. Kiddos made 3 projects this week: circle, triangle, rectangle and square. Turtles made some circles using paper rolls and paint on a white paper, the paper rolls were used as a tool to make a print. A print of a rectangle was made using a styrofoam cut out and for the square shape we used a special cutting machine. Tongue suppressors and glue were used to make triangles. On Friday’s kids enjoy play-doh time, today was no exception, and they also got some shape cookie cutters, rollers, etc.

Physical development is always an exciting class, Miss Mely showed us a very special video “Skeleton dance” and children loved it! Dancing and shaking their bones! Another song that they really like is “The Scarecrow”, jiggling and moving all around. Tiny Turtles worked on their gross motor skills by throwing balls through hula hoops and also walking on a straight line and zig-zagging around cones.

Books we loved this week: Blue’s Clues “The Shapes Detective”/ “Clifford’s first Halloween”/ “Halloween Bugs”/ “Halloween treats”/ “Pumpkin faces”

Video of the week: Super simple songs “Skeleton dance”

Movie of the week: “The sword in the stone”

This week’s vocabulary words were: Square/ Rectangle/ Oval/ Lines and colors introduction/ Review all shapes.

Our topics for next week will be: Air-hot & cold – water –hard & soft (ice, water) (red. blue)/ Sand sift to find treasures and fire –blow candles/ Seasons (summer-fall)/ The Fall: Trees and leaves (colors: green, orange, red, yellow, brown)/ Sorting (shape and color review/ recognize and name)

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Judy and Miss Karen

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