All About Shapes

This week was a special… our Tiny Turtles class has three new friends! Victor, Martina and Jose Luis. We are very happy to have them and wish for them to feel safe and quickly adapted in our classroom.  This week our main topics were about shapes: square, rectangle, oval, lines and colors. We introduced these topics using the board and flashcards to introduce the shapes. Kiddos can now begin to identify them.

Our creativity class helped reinforce these topics with cool projects that also helped develop their fine motor skills. Kids played with foam and they had so much fun making circles, triangles, rectangles and squares. Also, we played with pompoms, sorting by colors they really enjoyed this activity. Fridays are usually play-doh days, and today was no exception. We got to work with tools like shape cookie cutters, rollers, etc.

Physical development is always an exciting class. Miss Mely showed us a very special video “Skeleton Dance” and children loved it! Dancing and shaking their bones! Another song that they really like is “The Scarecrow”, jiggling and moving all around. Tiny Turtles worked on their gross motor skills.

This week’s vocabulary words were: Square/ Rectangle/ Oval/ Circle/ Triangle / Review all shapes.

Our topics for next week will be: Seasons (summer-fall)/ The Fall: Trees and leaves (colors: green, orange, red, yellow, brown)/ Color review/ Review Shapes.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Nadia






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