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We have just finished our week  #2! Our Terrific Tigers are getting to feel well adapted and they enjoy their daily activities very much!   During this second week we have been reviewing our friends from Sesame Street, and listening to stories related to their characters. They have loved to play with the plush characters after stroytime is finished! We have also been talking about themselves: questions have been asked to them, such as: What is your name?, What do you like?, Who are your friends? It is amazing to see how they can respond to these questions and most of our students know the names of all of their classmates! Ask them at home who their friends from school are, and you´ll see for yourself how well they can answer!

On Thursday, we talked about coming to school and they mentioned what  the activites were done during their mornings here. They understand the concepts of being friends and are aware that friends are special and need to be taken care of.

During Creativity Class, our Terrific Tigers have been busy working on their paper bag puppets on their new Sesame Street friends. They have been mixing different colors of paint in order to create new ones. They get really excited when they discover the new color they have created! Paper puppets, such as Big Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster have been made by them, using techniques such as painting, cutting paper with scissors, and pasting.

Our Cooperative Play time has been an incredible moment to realize how much our students have matured since last year! They are understanding that they need to share, and have even learned to take turns and work  as a team.

Next week we will be talking about body parts and feelings. Be sure to review these concepts with your toddlers. You will be impressed on how much they know!

On Monday, August 31st we will have our Open House for our Terrific Tigers group, which will be held at 7:30 pm in our “green room”. We are really looking forward to seeing you and sharing some important information regarding our daily routine, as well as sharing lovely and fun experiences we have had with your little ones!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you on Monday evening.


Mrs. Martha & Mrs. Nancy.





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