All about Me!

Terrific Tigers are feeling more and more adapted as they enjoy their daily activities more and more! During this second week, we have been talking about classroom items, classmates, teachers, and school.

During Creativity Class, our Terrific Tigers have been busy working on school supply projects using different techniques such as painting, cutting and pasting. Our Cooperative Play has been an incredible experience.  We’ve noticed how much our students have matured since last year!

Next week, we will be talking about more classroom items. Take a look at the objectives published in our monthly newsletter to review these concepts with your toddlers at home.

As a reminder, next Wednesday, September 05, we will have our Open House for our Terrific Tiger parents. It will be held at 8:15 pm in our classroom. We are really looking forward to seeing you.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Ms Victoria & Ms Marifer

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