All about Emotions!

This week the Terrific Tigers have been adapting more and more to Toddler Tree life. We are amazed by how engaged they are now able to remain throughout the school day! Their favorite classes are definitely circle time, teacher time and story time. It is wonderful having their undivided attention and being able to see their expressions of amazement, curiosity and joy as we go about our school day!

This past week was all about learning emotions, we covered: happy, sad, angry and anxious! Being able to identify emotions is the first stepping stone to a healthy Emotional intelligence. In the coming weeks/months we will be working on identifying these emotions both in ourselves and others, discussing how they feel and what we can do when we feel them. The biggest misconception about emotions is to think that one has to “control” them, emotions should never be controlled, they need to be regulated. Impulses on the other hand, those we need to learn to control. 🙂

Art was a huge highlight this week as we worked on our fantastic puppets project that Miss. Dany our art director prepared for us in which we created a puppet for each emotion! This involved painting with shaving cream and paint with our hands, painting with feathers and cotton balls and painting with pippets!

Our leaders of the week were Camila, Tico, Cata, Cacho! They are carefully getting the hang of this new activity/responsibility and growing to like it more and more each day!

We are very much looking forward to go into next week!! Have a great weekend, everybody!

Miss Sofi & Miss Maggie

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