Air, Water & Land Transportation!

This week our Terrific Tigers enjoyed reviewing  all the types of transportation as well as community helpers. Transportation included, air, water and land, such as airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, rockets, cruise ships, boats, sailboats, cars, buses, motorcycles, fire engines, etc.  They are now very aware of the community helpers and can name and identify them. We reviewed the police officer, mail carrier, doctor, dentist, teacher, garbage collector, firefighter and baker.

The highlight of the week for our little ones was our visit from the Firefighters! The kids really enjoyed the visit as they got to see the fire truck and watched Miss Marifer dress up as a firefighter!  Some of our toddlers wanted to dress up as well, and they got the opportunity to wear these special outfits! The most exciting moment was probably when the kids got to spray water with the fire hose and hear the different sirens the firetruck makes!

Art projects this week included decorating our own fire fighter helmet as well as

During story time they were happy to hear the stories of the books such as: Fisher Price, My Little Pepole Busy Town; Away We Go!; The Wheels on the Bus; Dora´s What Will I Be?; Noisy Helpers; Trains, Boats, and Planes (Elmo´s Book); and Little People´s Cars,Trucks, Planes and Trains.

During Physical Development the kids really enjoyed an obstacle course we set up for them to imagine they are traveling by plane, by boat, and by train. They went up a ramp as if taking off, then crossed a bridge, jumped into a row boat, then jumped out of the boat, and went through a tunnel shouting out “Choo-Choo!”. We also got to experience jumping in an inflatable boat and pretend to be rowing while singing “Row Row Row Your Boat”.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend with your lovely family!

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