A Week Full of Color!

The Terrific Tigers began this week with everything green for St. Patrick´s Day. During art, they made a rainbow and shamrock for good luck. In circle time, Mr. Mike told us all about the Irish celebration.

For the rest of the week, in art we worked on making invitations for next week´s Easter parade that involved coloring and putting together a rainbow. The kids enjoy repeating: “Rainbow, purple, rainbow blue, rainbow green, and yellow too. Rainbow orange, rainbow red, rainbow smiling above my head.”

Of course, this week was also all about Easter, Easter bunnies, and Easter eggs. During story time, the kids enjoyed several of the books we read to them. The Golden Egg, was a favorite among them. We told the story with several Easter eggs and the children said each color. White Rabbit´s Color Book was also a hit! The kids liked watching as the rabbit dipped herself into buckets of paint, and learned about mixing colors.

In Physical Development, the Tigers enjoyed the “Bunny Hop” song. They also liked to ride their imaginary bicycle while lying on the floor.

Finally on Friday, the kids had a blast, helping the green bunny look for eggs and carrots. They had to look for them and tell us the color of each egg they found.

We are all very excited about next week´s Easter parade. We hope you received the invitations. Happy weekend!

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