A Little Seed

This was a week full of learning experiences!!

This week we talked about farm food, planting and growing. Our Busy Bees had a fun time learning all about plating seeds. The vocabulary words learned these weeks were: trees, plants, seeds, flowers, planting, water, growing, milk, egg, butter, cheese and yogurt. They also learned about Grandpa´s Farm including all the farm animals in it.

During Exploration they got a chance to play with the barn and different plastic farm animals. They also planted beans and chia seeds and every morning they would water them. Bees also tried some bread after they spread some butter. They even got to watch an experiment using milk, food coloring and soap.

In Art Class, they worked on a farm landscape using different materials to make different textures such as: grass, paint, water colors, glue paper, and yarn.

During circle time with Mr. Mike everyone had so much fun, Bees loved wearing masks, dancing to the song Grandpa´s Farm and making animal sounds.

During Physical Development, the kids enjoyed dancing and galloping using cowboy hats and hula-hoops.

They has lots of fun!!

Don´t forget to water the seed!!

Miss Roby

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