A Bug’s Life

This week we learned about bugs. Caterpillars learned vocabulary words such as “ladybug”, “cricket”, “butterfly”, “caterpillar”, “worm” and “bee”.

Mr. Mike showed the little ones different types of bugs and used a ladybug puppet to tell us a story. He also showed us a beehive and explained that’s where the bees live.

Creativity was so much fun! The kiddos made a butterfly, they colored coffee filters with markers. We then sprinkled some water on it and watched how the colors spread all over. They really enjoyed seeing this. Their favorite art activity was smashing Oreo cookies, putting them in a cup with some gummy worms, looking like some worms in the soil.

During physical development, we danced along to “Spring is Here”. The kiddos pretended to be little worms and crawled inside a tunnel. They also hopped like little crickets and loved being chased by a bumble bee puppet.

Next week we will be learning about the farm.

Have a nice long weekend!

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