A Little Seed

This was a week full of learning experiences!!

This week we talked about farm food, planting and growing. Our Busy Bees had a fun time learning all about plating seeds. The vocabulary words learned these weeks were: trees, plants, seeds, flowers, planting, water, growing, milk, egg, butter, cheese and yogurt. They also learned about Grandpa´s Farm including all the farm animals in it.

During Exploration they got a chance to play with the barn and different plastic farm animals. They also planted beans and chia seeds and every morning they would water them. Bees also tried some bread after they spread some butter. They even got to watch an experiment using milk, food coloring and soap.

In Art Class, they worked on a farm landscape using different materials to make different textures such as: grass, paint, water colors, glue paper, and yarn.

During circle time with Mr. Mike everyone had so much fun, Bees loved wearing masks, dancing to the song Grandpa´s Farm and making animal sounds.

During Physical Development, the kids enjoyed dancing and galloping using cowboy hats and hula-hoops.

They has lots of fun!!

Don´t forget to water the seed!!

Miss Roby

April Week 4

Big Bears had fun learning about farm animals, how each one has something special and knowing that they all live in the same community.

During creativity, the kids have been working on a farm project. They used different techniques and materials, enjoying hand and foot printing above all.

In circle time with Mr. Mike our students have been role playing different farm animals, wearing masks and making different sounds. They are able to recognize each one of the animals.

During gym we have been developing physical objetives. Big Bears enjoy different obstacle courses and circuits. We also focus on teaching them how to take turns and respect others.

We learned how to plant a seed and take care of the growing process. We also learned a song:
Plant, plant, plant
your seeds
in a long straight row
water them
and watch them as they grow.

Next Monday, April 30th, 2018 we will celebrate Children Day at Toddler Tree.
Tuesday May 2nd. NO SCHOOL.

Have a great weekend!

Planting a Seed

Planting, sun, water, seed, soil, flowers and trees were some of the topics we learned about this week. Kids learned how plants get to grow, grow, grow.

For exploration time we made a “landscape” using different materials for the sky: paint brush and blue paint and for the clouds: sponge and white paint. Then for the sand we pasted brown tissue paper, for the garden yellow and green water colors and finally with a fork and green paint we detailed the grass. Kiddos enjoyed this activity and had so much fun in the process. Also they planted a seed, have a blast experiencing this!

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Nadia


Vocabulary words: Planting- Seed & Soil/ Planting- Sun & Water/ Plants, Flowers & Trees/ Introduce Insects: Worm-Bugs-Dirt-Grass/ Beehive-Bees-Fly-Swatter



Planting, sun, water, seed, soil, flowers and trees were some of the topics we learned about this week. Kids learned how plants get to grow, grow, grow, and we also introduced some of the insects we can find in the outdoors.

We enjoyed planting chia seeds and bean seeds, too. During creativity class we made a beautiful sunflower and a rose.

We learned planting vocabulary and the materials you need to plant. We had so much fun during creativity, gym class and circle time.

Next week, we will start learning about pets and the proper way to treat them.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Debbie

Grandpa`s Farm

During this week we were excited to welcome a new member to our Busy Bees family, Sofia Ramos. All the kids were happy and exited to have her in our class.

Bees have been enjoying and learning new things about the farm. Vocabulary words such as: Farm, cow, horse, sheep, pig, mud, rooster, hen, chicks, ducks.

For exploration we colored farm animals using crayons, we played with some plastic animals and explored a sensory box, which they really liked.

For creativity class we worked on muddy pigs, painting a pink pig with brown with some yarn so to make it look like it is splattered in mud! We also made mud with chocolate pudding and played with plastic pigs and horses, it was a great activity for them and they loved it.

Physical Development Class has also been lots of fun for them since the music has been related to the farm and they have enjoyed riding on horses, listening to music.

During our morning routine we are reviewing numbers and parts of the body using different songs such as ¨Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes¨, as well as ¨The Hokey Pokey¨ song.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend with your adorable children.

Grandpa´s Farm

This week we have continued talking about the farm.  Our Terrific Tigers had a blast learning all about farm animals. The vocabulary words learned this week were: rooster, hen, chicks, sheep, pig, ducks, turkeys. They also learned about Grandpa´s Farm and everything in it.

During Exploration Time they got a chance to play with different farm plush animals. They danced to farm songs as they pointed out the animals and made animal sounds. They also played with many farm puzzles. They even got to bowl with a farm animal bowling pin set.

In Creativity Class, the kids used toy plastic farm animals to print their tracks mixing colors as well as used corks to paint sheep!

During Physical Development, the kids enjoyed dancing with hoola hoops and throwing and catching balls. We danced to and galloped to songs such as “Cotton Eyed Joe,” “Old McDonald Had a Farm,” “Grandpa’s Farm,” and the “Chick Cheep.”

Circle Time has also been a lot of fun!  The Tigers loved wearing masks and making animal sounds.

Stories read this week are the following: Guess Who Farm Friends, The Little Red Hen, One Sneaky Pig, A Very Funny Farm, Elmo & Abby Visit the Farm, Noisy Farm, and Who Will Help?

Next week we will be talking about planting, and introducing the insects!

Old McDonald

This was the last week with our Farm animals theme! Tiny turtles made the most of it, enjoying all sorts of activities about the farm and animals that live in it. On Friday we had a very special celebration, Regina’s birthday!

This week during exploration time, our Turtles enjoyed playing with barns as well as plastic & plush animals, making farm puzzles and having lots of fun with their farm animals.

During creativity time, children painted a pig with yarn and brown paint. Also, they colored a rooster with crayons and they made a sheep using corks and white paint. The Turtles were super busy in art class!

Video of the week: Baby Einstein “Baby Macdonald”/ “Peppa pig”/ Dora the explorer” Three little piggies”

Next week’s vocabulary words: Planting- Seed & Soil/ Planting- Sun & Water/ Plants, Flowers & Trees/ Introduce Insects: Worm-Bugs-Dirt-Grass/ Beehive-Bees-Fly-Swatter





Farm Animals

Hello parents,

We had an amazing week learning about the farm and their animals. This week during creativity class we made a pig with finger prints, a sheep with cotton balls and a dog with tissue paper.

We love singing about the farm and farm animals, we learned about animal sounds and we are also learning to identify them.

During our gym class, we went to Granpa’s Farm, we danced with our shaky eggs and with the maracas.

Thank you,
Miss Debbie

Old MacDonald Had A Farm!!!

It was a wonderful welcome back week!!!

Busy bees had so much fun learning about the farm including some animals. We worked on vocabulary words such as, barn, fence, pond, hay, tractor, farmer, mud, corn and beans. They have been really interested in learning more and more about these animals.

During Creativity Class, the kids finished a sunflower using materials such as glue, coffee beans, yellow and green paint for the stem. Plates were also needed for the flower. They did a great job!

Physical Education class has been really fun, since they have been dancing to the music of these farm animals: Garndpa´s Farm, Elmo Goes to the Market, etc. They have loved to act like these animals, imitating their movements. We also worked on their balance.

Story Time has been related to this theme as well. Stories read to them: Old MacDonald Had A Farm, At the Farm, The Big Red Barn, The Little Red Hen, The Farm Men and Farmer Grover.

We had Mr. Mike´s Birthday, and everyone had a blast. We sang the happy birthday song, ate cake, broke the Mickey Mouse piñata and gathered some candy.

Next week we will continue to talk about this interesting theme, reviewing more and exciting animals! We hope you have a great weekend!

Miss Roby

Welcome Back to School

Hello Parents,

Welcome Back to School! We are very happy everyone is back! We hope everyone enjoyed their vacation!

This week the children learned about the farm. They had lots of fun associating the farm animal sounds and identifying to which animal it belonged. The children also discovered the environment in which each animal lives. During circle time, the children learned to use gardening tools such as the shovel and hoe to plant seeds. They learned that with water and sun a plant will grow. In creativity the children made a duck. They also enjoyed singing Old McDonald’s farm. During reading, we enjoyed the book “5 Little Ducks”, and the animal puppet glove to tell the story of Old McDonald. During physical development, the children have been using hats and animal masks to role play as farm animals and farmers. They had lots of fun this week.

Thank you,

Miss Debbie