Easter Parade And Party 2018


Dear Parents,

February is over, and this week we made a review of all the topics and vocabulary words of the month. The themes covered: land & water transportation, community helpers, air transportation, and space. The rescue team came to kinder on Wednesday, and kids enjoyed their presentation.

Turtles enjoyed exploration time, playing with community helper’s puppets and transportation toys. Also kidos played with the transportation puzzles.

In our Creativity time, our students made a hand print space ship. Turtles enjoy more and more using paint. We used crayons and paint on craft paper for another activity, too.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Miss Nadia

Vocabulary words: Review Community Helpers/ Review Transportation/ People in your neighborhood: Rescue Team comes to kinder/Space/ Review Space

  1. Our topics for next week will include all about insects.






Welcome March!

This week we had a special visit from the Rescue Team. The Crawling Caterpillars saw different equipment the rescue team uses and had the opportunity to hear the loud siren, wear  helmets and a heavy fire-proof suit. We had alot of fun!

We reviewed community helpers and different transportation vehicles. During art class, we made an amazing hot air balloon using paint and glitter.

Next week we will be learning about worms, bugs, caterpillars, lady bugs and many different insects.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Debbie