Easter Break!

Hello parents!

This week we had a lot of fun! We had the Rainbow Parade at Alpino Chipinque. We loved watching everyone patricipate at the Spring Parade with their incredible cars. We enjoyed looking for eggs during the egg hunting. Thank you for all your effort, everyone was really happy and the decorated cars looked amazing!

In our classroom, we practiced our daily routine, getting to know the colors, shapes, numbers and abc. We loved reading books and playing with soft cubes. During creativity class, we enjoyed coloring and stuffing egg shells.

We hope you and your family enjoy Easter Break. We are off for two weeks and will see you back on Monday, April 9th.

Have a great vacation!

Thank you,

Miss Debbie

Easter Party

What a fun week! Turtles were looking forward to their Easter party and parade, and it was full of fun, games, and excitement. We loved seeing our student’s faces having a blast and enjoying the egg hunt. Thank you all for attending! We really enjoyed the parade and all the amazing decorated cars.

During creativity time the kids experienced painting outside. They were really into it this fun activity!

Also this week, we painted some pasta with red paint all of this in order to make a kite. We learned new techniques such as brushing glue and pasting tissue paper. Our turtles are loving the process of making art.

In Exploration time kids were surprised with an Easter video we used to review this topic as well as spring. They role played what the story was about with plush bunnies, Easter eggs and carrots.

Today was our last day of school before our Easter Break! Classes will resume on Monday April 9th.  We hope you have a super fun time with your little ones! See you in two weeks!


Miss Nadia



Easter Parade!

Our Terrific Tigers had such a fun time getting ready for our Easter Parade! We painted eggshells together, put confetti inside them and pasted paper covers. They were also quite busy making the decorations you saw all around the park. They simply love to see their own work being used to decorate the place! It made the whole park look so pretty!

The Parade was a great success! The kids enjoyed getting together and participating in our planned activities, such as bunny face painting, sifting the eggs out of the water, stuffing carrots  with marshmallows, and tossing the hoop in the carrots. After these activities they participated in the traditional parade, going around the park in their cars, scooters or tricycles. We were impressed to see all of the creativity used into decorating such vehicles! The egg hunt was the main attraction for our little ones and they were having so much fun looking for the egg shells and collecting them in their baskets or bags. Of course, breaking the egg shells on each others´ head was the highlight of the morning! We all got our head full of confetti! It was so nice to see that all of our students were able to attend and were happy to see all of the moms and some dads, as well! We thank you so much for your support!

During the days before the Easter parade took place, we were getting ready for such event, such as explaining to them what would happen on this day, and we even decorated a tricycle together, using colored paper and balloons, and explained to them that they would use something like that on the party. Most of them were able to tell us how their car was decorated! We talked about wind and kites and the kids had the opportunity to feel the air from a hair dryer and see a real kite. We explained to them that a kite needs lots of wind in order to be able to fly!

When we come back from our Easter Holidays, on Monday, April 9th, we will be talking about the farm!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season together with your family and enjoy these special moments with them. We will be looking forward in seeing your little ones back in April. Have a great time!

 Everyday is a Rainbow of Colors!

March is here, and with this month we have a brand new theme: Spring and Easter, There’s a lot to learn about the season, Tiny Turtles are loving it!

We got to introduce this week’s topics with fun activities in our Exploration time, with plush bunnies, baskets and shaky eggs.

In our Creativity department the kids were are super busy making everything for our parade. They made Easter bunny with their finger prints and paint, they enjoy it a lot. Also they made a baby chick with their hand print and yellow paint, turtles now like to feel the paint in their hands! Finally kids made orange stamps with sponges for carrots. Today they play with shaving cream and they loved it!

We would like to remind you of our Easter Party (Wednesday March 21th) at 10:00am.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Nadia








Can’t Wait for Easter!

Easter is around the corner, so we have been enjoying the preparation for our Parade. This week during creativity class, the children painted egg shells using the colors of the rainbow. They were very excited to fill them with confetti. During physical development our students enjoyed doing the “Bunny Hop” wearing their bunny ears. We enjoyed painting an easter bunny during art class. During story time, the class enjoyed the stories “Peter Cottontail”, “Barney’s Easter Basket”, and “Bunny Easter Hunt”.

This week’s vocabulary words were: Easter, Bunny, Egg, Basket, Rainbow, Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Hide, Seek, Find.

Please keep in mind on Monday there will no classes.

Also, we would like to remind you that our Rainbow Parade will be held on next Wednesday March 21, at 10:00 AM, at Alpino Chipinque. Please bring your child in comfortable clothes, and don’t forget your basket and your decorated vehicle! See you there!

Bugs and Bugs Everywhere!!

The Bees learned all about insects this week. Vocabulary words such as: Worms, bugs, dirt, grass, bees, fly, ladybug, grasshopper, cricket, caterpillar, butterfly ants, snail and anthill.

Our exploration activities were so much fun specially the ones that involved touching spaghetti simulating worms. Kids also practice their fine motor kills for an exploration activity were they needed to separate the different plastic bugs into the jars using a scoop. It was not easy, although most of the kids got it!.

We also had a great time in art painting with watercolors and discovering new colors, as well as using green paint for handprints to make a grasshopper. Finally we worked on a beehive using different materials such as bubblewrap, yellow paint, glue a brush and pompoms simulating the bees.

During physical development we had so much fun. We used some butterfly wings and fly, we also play with some bunny ears and hop and hop listening to the Bunny Hop song.

In Story time we read some books: Insect Pop-up Book, The Very Busy Bee, Ten Little Ladybugs, The Very hungry Caterpillar and Little Brown Ants.

We are now getting into Easter and showing the kids how to hold softly an easter egg so we can paint it. Next week we look forward to learn more about easter bunny, finding eggs, roleplay easter bunny, making baskets.

Miss Roby

Introducing Bugs & Spring Season!

This week we have been talking all about bugs!  We have seen new vocabulary words such as worms, bugs, dirt, grass, beehive, bees, fly, swatter, ladybug, grasshopper, caterpillar, butterfly and ants!  We also talked about spring, changing weather, spring time showers and flowers!

During Exploration Time they have been really interested in manipulating bugs and using play-doh to create fossils! In Creativity Class they started working on their bumble bees, painting a plate yellow and using corks to paint the black lines on their backs! They also thoroughly enjoyed our process art activity which simply consisted in exploring painting and mixing colors utilizing balloons!

Story Time has also been interesting for them with stories related to this theme. Books read this week include: The Very Busy Bee, I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, The Very Quiet Cricket and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Next week we will begin to talk about Easter!

Lastly, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience my getting ill this week and having to reschedule our parent teacher conferences may have caused. Today Friday I was finally back at work, healthy and excited to see you next week and share with you how wonderful your kids have been doing, growing and learning in our classroom!

Have great weekend!!

Miss Sofi

Role play: Doctor, Fire fighter, Chef and Hair dresser

On Wednesday, kids enjoyed the community helper centers a lot! We hosted a visit to the doctor in our classroom with tools such as bandage, stethoscope, tongue depressor, tweezers, blood pressure monitor, etc. The kids had fun with the x-ray machine. Some of the other stations our bees enjoyed were making sushi rolls with banana and Nutella in a restaurant. We were stamping and personalizing letters in the mail center. The Tigers hosted a spa, beauty salon and barber shop, where the kids got their hair combed, some of the girls got their nails painted and got foot massages or facials with cucumbers.
Finally, Mr. Mike hosted the fire station. It was so much fun!!

Kids really enjoyed their art projects, we worked on a rocket ship as well as an airplane using materials such as: Cotton, aluminum, paint, handprints, sponges and playdoh.

During story time they were happy to hear some stories: I Like Stars, The Little Engine That Could, The Wheels On The Bus and Five Little Lady Bugs.

Easter Parade And Party 2018


Dear Parents,

February is over, and this week we made a review of all the topics and vocabulary words of the month. The themes covered: land & water transportation, community helpers, air transportation, and space. The rescue team came to kinder on Wednesday, and kids enjoyed their presentation.

Turtles enjoyed exploration time, playing with community helper’s puppets and transportation toys. Also kidos played with the transportation puzzles.

In our Creativity time, our students made a hand print space ship. Turtles enjoy more and more using paint. We used crayons and paint on craft paper for another activity, too.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Miss Nadia

Vocabulary words: Review Community Helpers/ Review Transportation/ People in your neighborhood: Rescue Team comes to kinder/Space/ Review Space

  1. Our topics for next week will include all about insects.